Curves Around the World: Straight Size to Plus size wear


Hello Hello Hello!
Wow this was one doozie of a week.
The kind that comes slap bang! out of nowhere and spins your head 360 degrees. But the storm has abated and it is time to get back to blogging proper.

Do we not ooh and aah at dresses on the runway or in stores but feel dives of disappointment after because we know those outfits don’t come in our size?

As a fashion lover, I work at keeping my style sense fresh and inspired..I check out straight size outfits and cannot help but get that twinge of disappointment. As a plus size blogger however, I work on finding alternatives to what I see in the straight size fashion world and making it work for my silhouette. As a body positive advocate, I work on reminding myself that my job isn’t simply to dress pretty and parade in these clothes – what I do delivers an important message out there.

Is it frustrating? You bet it can be. Is it productive? Very much so.

The world is filled with irony and the fashion world is a prime example. We all eventually grow old, sag in various parts of our body, develop grey hair thus bearing the experiences of a life lived on our faces & bodies. There is no magic elixir to immortality. There is no escape from the human life cycle.

Real bodies on the runway.
It’s not a concept that hard to wrap your head around. Designing And Styling clothing that cater to ALL sizes. Being more inclusive and making a man or woman of any size, height, colour feel deserving of a fine pair of clothing.

Because as a plus size woman today..
when the fashion industry and fashion media refuse to pay attention to women of my size and instead berate makes me feel like a social pariah. It makes feel that I am not deserving of appreciation as a person.
And it makes me Angry.

But do we let this bring us down?
You can if you choose to. I made that choice for quite a while. I kept telling myself “I’ll buy nicer clothing and dress better when I’m slimmer. I am in transition now so my fashion sense has to hang back for a while”.

Yeah well, the transitions lasted too long and I got fed up of waiting to look fabulous. So I decided to feel fabulous in the NOW.

So when I see any straight size outfit now, it’s with the attitude “Hmm I can definitely see that on my body. All it needs is a tweak here and there, then Voila! It’s Fabulosity Central in Aartiland”. So this theme was yet another fitting current element of my evolving style sense and mindset.

In the future, I hope that girls in a size 4 or 6 would look at a plus size fashion lookbook and think to themselves “Where can I get this in my size?” and they will not have to worry because fashion lines will cater to All sizes. Kudos to ModCloth and other fashion names that have begun this approach.

I have always loved peplum so the very similar trumpet skirts/flippy hem style dresses are very appealing to my taste buds. So that is what I worked with for this theme.




The Look




Well you know I love Parisian chic so this dress was Mine from the moment I laid my eyes on it!

scuba Eiffel Tower print flippy hem dress – H&M uk sz 18
bowler hat – Cotton On
necklace – Diva
handbag – gift from mom
heels – DMK (local store)

Personally, I would have preferred a cloche hat with this dress but I couldn’t find one that I liked in time for this shoot so I went with my bowler hat. I still think it works, plus since I do really love bowler hats it’s a nice personal touch πŸ™‚


The dress has a good amount of stretch and it’s so good for this cuckoo humid climate. It’s a first for me, this isn’t a style I have worn previously. I like the feminine, flirty effect of the prints and the flippy hem.

I would have liked to have gone matchy-matchy with the black hat, black dress and a black pair of shoes but I discovered to my amusement that I have shoes in So many colours but I don’t own one in black! Hahahaha! I used to wear nothing but black shoes or sandals so this really tickles me! However I tried to work with my white heels and subtly added a white necklace to go with it.

It felt fun twirling around in this dress so there were plenty of pictures of yours truly going wheeeeee with spins!



Little Details





Here are the links to my fellow CATW fashionistas :

Kate from Australia

Nina from the USA

Thuli from South Africa

Jennifer from Germany

Aislynn from Denmark

Helen from England

Til the next plus size fashion journey,
I hope you stay kind to yourself and know that you deserve to be stylish at Whatever size you’re at.

Cheers to the new week ahead,
xxxo Aarti Olivia



14 thoughts on “Curves Around the World: Straight Size to Plus size wear

  1. Ah, how great would it be to have the straight size world covet our looks! I agree completely with you.
    And guess what? I have the Eiffel Tower leggings from H&M! I didn’t know they made a dress with that print! Looks great!

    1. I didn’t know they made leggings in this print! that’d look adorable! thank you luv and yes I hope we live to see that happen someday πŸ™‚

  2. I love this on you! As an 80’s obsessive I am a HUGE fan of the drop waist and find that even with my xlarge middle its pretty adorable. Great find! Its so true I am a US 22 on top, 24 on bottom and 20-24 dress size depending on styling on fit. Even still in my thrifting adventures, since I am a vintage/thrift fanatic, I always try on straight sizes if it looks like it could work. And when it does, It’s amazing!

    1. thanks Abbi πŸ™‚
      Apologies for the delayed reply with comments, it’s been a tough couple of weeks. Hope you’re well x

  3. Awe you look amazing and I have the top of this pattern. I really love the dress, it’s too cute and looks great on you and I like it with white shoes and the hat. I think it would be such a great thing if brand catered to all sizes, so that whatever you saw you would be able to get it in your size, that is a lovely thought and I hope it happens in the future and I think it’s great some brands are starting to do this.


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