Curves Around the World : Sweet vs Sexy


Hello muppets!
You would think this theme wouldn’t be difficult..oh but it gave me such a headache.

Because I am nowhere within the vicinity of sweet. Now hear me out before you protest. I’ve been cute, funny, a klutz, a total nutter, temperamental, angry, emotional, a worrywart. But sweet? I think not.

Let’s not pussyfoot around this.
I am and always will be a Bitch in the world’s eye because I am far too opinionated, very loud and crass. Yes, I can be the consummate lady if the occasion requires me to be. Even then though, I am Not sweet.

I could be wearing a t shirt dress and wear the sweetest makeup or accessories but my personality is still going to roar through. No sweetness there.

As for sexy, gawd don’t make me laugh. Having sassitude over my Fattitude doesn’t make me sexy. But I have heard people call me that so go figure.

But I did try my best to bring some sweetness to the table this evening for the first portion of the shoot. And then I just posed like I always do for the second portion.




black and white jumpsuit – uk sz 18
earrings – self made
cross printed flats – bought in Bangkok

The best way to transition with one outfit with 2 styles is to rely on makeup, hair and accessories. So for the sweet look, I ponytailed my mad blonde mane, added delicate looking hoops and wore flats. Makeup was flushed with pink on the cheeks and lips. Bright lights, bright eyes and a bright smile help too 🙂




However, being sweet is Not my thing so it got mental pretty quickly…



Don’t Ask.
Hubster took his cue and told me to get ready for portion 2 of the post.




layered gold chain – Lovisa
heels – local store
belt – thrifted
clutch – Cotton On

Lips were given a purple pucker,
pink blush was gone. Hair was tousled and let down (managing my bleached hair is driving me insane btw), and the expressions were less tralala and more “I might have constipation or is it just a fart coming on?” Heh.



I’ve missed doing shoots at night.
I used to do them after sundown all the time last year. There’s a charm to it that I love. Anyway, I digress.

I had a tough time picking an outfit that could be switched up between sweet and sexy. This comfortable, pretty number from boohoo is decidedly more sexy than sweet in my opinion..but I tried my best with bringing the ‘sweetness’ out. It was fun that’s for sure! It’s piqued my interest with transitioning outfits between contrasting moods. I have done it before but this was quite the contrast.

Little Details




I feel a body positive post coming on.
I get that strong churning of thoughts and emotions, that’s when I know it’s time to write one out. We’ll see. In the meantime, there’s the ongoing backlog!

How would you have styled such a theme? I’m curious to hear your ideas.

Have a good midweek,
let’s be kinder to ourselves and our bodies. Your curves become you and that’s a beautiful thing ❤

All my love xxxo
Aarti Olivia



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