Kaylene ootd : one dress, 3 styles

It’s the weekend!
I hope you have a good one 🙂
I love the weekends because that’s when I can meet friends, chill with the hubster or attend events.

I’ve always been really shy about self promotion so You don’t find me knocking on doors and inviting plus size brands to work with me. Firstly, I was a blogger who simply wrote about stuff before Curves Become Her..so it was all really introspective and personal. Secondly, I really didn’t know the ways of getting the attention of these companies or brands, because It’s not something I am familiar with at all. My work ethic is simple – work silently, work hard and let your work do the talking.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email from Kayde Yeo, the designer behind reputed local plus size fashion house Kaylene and The Plus Mannequin. She also is the brains, heart and soul behind Bloggers Unite, an Asian initiative to bring fellow ps bloggers together. I think it was my friend Priscilla Boh – Singapore’s very own plus size model – that alerted Kayde about my existence. I often get the statement – I didn’t know you were local! I thought you were based in the States or abroad.

The local plus size community is very small so it often gets overshadowed by the straight size blogging community. There lies a common misunderstanding about the need for plus size fashion – are we promoting unhealthy living and obesity? Yes it’s something we’ve all heard before. Sigh. So even if local magazines have heard about me or other ps bloggers, fashion brands…we get ignored. It’s the bitter truth.

Having said that, I am so proud of my little community here because we are fighting against the grain to make our mark. We have formed our own magazine, we have plus size clothing companies that have established themselves over the years. It takes a whole lot of dedication, determination and passion to get our message across – that style belongs to all sizes. That we have nothing to be ashamed about and we have as much of a right to look and feel good. We have all been the target of body shaming and know how it feels to want to hide, make drastic alterations to our bodies, feel unpretty.

Kayde is one of the hardest working women I know. She is constantly thinking about how to take it to the next level and dares to take risks. She works hard at networking and building
bridges within the Asian ps community. I am not one for dishing out flattery. In the span of time that I have been introduced to her little ‘friendmily’ (that’s what she calls her awesome family of friends), I have felt welcomed, encouraged and supported. It makes such a difference knowing that I know people in this industry who have my back and don’t just see me as a commodity. They genuinely care.

I was very bashful when I received her email about collaborating over six months ago because I knew about Kaylene well by then..of course I did! As a plus size blogger it is my duty to know about the local places that provide clothing in my size, for myself and my followers. I didn’t quite know how to respond to her email because I was intimidated – oh what a difference a few months has made now – about working with her. But I plucked up the courage a while later and went to her retail store in Far East Plaza to meet her in person. I was still quite nervous and intimidated then. But I quietly followed Kaylene’s blog posts and marvelled at Priscilla’s modelling stints.

In June this year, I made a speech at the Scape youth park about my journey as a plus size person, blogger and body positive advocate. You can watch the video Here. I simply let Kayde know that I’d be giving my speech and if she was in town, she was welcome to attend.

Well that evening, she came in full force with her team and friends. I was so touched by the gesture and so happy that people in my community were watching me talk about my intense personal journey. Because I wouldn’t be here if not for those struggles.

I went over to meet Kayde another evening, feeling less nervous and we spoke about the collaboration in further detail. She picked three dresses from her collection and wanted me to style each dress in three different ways. Sizing is different from the usual us or uk measurements so I
will be sure to give details about it soon. All three dresses were in sizes equivalent to my uk size 18 body.

So let’s gets started on the 3 styles!

Look 1 – Lady About Town

I call it Lady About Town because it’s a look that can be worn for an evening out and about in the city.




choker – Lovisa,
pink halter neck dress with light blue polka dots – Kaylene,
black skinny belt – ASOS Curve
red spiked heels – Pazzion

Little Details





For makeup, I went with coral on the lips and winged eyeliner. Used the blue choker for some contrast but I didn’t want to go too matchy-matchy hence the red heels that you guys love 😀

Look 2 – Casual Chic
– Signature Aarti

Casual chic always has my name written all over it. It's a style I am very comfortable and happy with, it brings together elements of the old tomboy and feminine lass.




spiked hairband – thrifted,
oversized ear studs – Lovisa,
denim gilet with lace back – Forever 21 Plus, sz 1X
pink denim flats with white polka dots – Rubi

I was playing around with ideas and thought about adding rugged denim to the mix, since denim is so my thing.
I did away with a belt and parted the hair sideways (another personal fav style you see me in all the time), went with flats with denim flats to complete the look.

For makeup, I replaced the coral lippie with a bright red – my statement colour and added some rose beige to the upper eyelids.

Little Details





Look 3 – Retro Darling

I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a Rockabilly girl, looking forward to explore that side of my style quotient better.




white cateye shades – ASOS,
dove rhinestone necklace – Betsey Johnson,
cream bolero shrug – Cotton On sz L,
silver skinny belt – ASOS Curve
white heels – local store

Red lips out, pale pink lips in.
I thought a pop of white with accessorising would amp up the retro style. I last wore these shades at the start of the year and I’ve not had the chance to wear them out .. I LOVE this pair. I have a few jewellery pieces by the Amazeballs Betsey Johnson and I was happy to finally wear this pendant! To add to a more Lindy Hop retro look, I added the shrug and belt.

Little Details



I went with a subtle hint of lilac to the eyes, just for fun (even though I was wearing shades…go figure).


The dress is lightweight with a full, flared skirt with lots of pleats so I ironed it out. You could always wear a bandeau underneath if you don’t want your bra strap showing – that’s what I did. Cinching the waist in with a belt is helpful to accentuate your figure in the dress but you don’t Have to belt it up. A pair of heels goes very nicely with this dress as do cardigans or shrugs. It’s definitely something I see myself wearing to outings and events – perhaps someplace outdoorsy, having a picnic 🙂

Ooh and it has pockets!! Yay!
So good for people like me with awkward fidgety hands :p

So this is one of the three dresses from The Plus Mannequin, 2 two go! I will be brainstorming over the next few days for the next dress. Let me know what you think of these styles and how you would have styled them!

Chat soon, Tight hugs!
All my love xxxo
Aarti Olivia



4 thoughts on “Kaylene ootd : one dress, 3 styles

  1. I love you!! I love everything about you!! Just discovered this blog today and read almost every post there is!! Gotta go girl!

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