Kaylene ootd 2 : One dress, Three styles

My outfit of the day look last weekend featured a dress from local plus size clothing store Kaylene
and it was the first part of 3 blog posts, featuring 3 dresses from the store. It kicks off their initiative Bloggers Unite that hopes to garner ps fashion bloggers from different parts of the globe to showcase Kaylene’s collections. So if you’re interested, send me an email at ollievanter29@gmail.com and I will forward you to Kayde Yeo, owner of the store 🙂

So the challenge is to style one dress in three different ways. Sounds easy? NO!! Oh man last week’s seemed like a piece of cake in comparison to this one. But like Barney Stinson (hello fellow HIMYM fans) always says :

“Challenge Accepted”

I really loved last week’s polka dot dress and I thought it was my favourite until I started to work on styling this week’s dress. The fabric is so ‘breezy’ – oh for the want of a better word – and when you see the pictures, you will know what I mean.

The great thing about starting with a blank canvas is you can do Anything. So that’s what got my creative Mumbo Jumbo going.

Look 1 – Casual Sunday




yellow dress with chequered squares – Kaylene, uk sz 18,

brown belt – thrifted,
golden bangles – Lovisa,
embroidered cloth bag – The Island Shop at Tangs
Navy with white polka dot flats – Bata

I am my laziest on a Sunday and usually, my friends are hard done to try getting me out of my apartment to meet them. It’s my day to laze around at home, spruce the place up, spend time with the hubster, cuddle the pets.

When I do step out that day, I keep it very basic and low-key. Stylish fuss-free dressing.

This dress can definitely be worn for a special occasion or a regular day – that’s how versatile it is. So I added golden bangles – I feel naked if I leave the house sans jewellery – and toted along one of my favourites bags to have when I am out for a tres casual day/night. I purchased it 5 years ago from The Island Shop, that store feeds the bohemian soul sister within! The navy flats are part of the comfort range of footwear in Bata – chronic foot injuries demand these shoes. I am not a fan of Bata because I don’t like their style of shoes but this one is cute and more importantly, good for my feet.

It was cloudy yet humid outdoors during the shoot, so my face was beginning to trickle beads of sweat but the fabric of the dress kept my body sweat-free. Major plus points for that!!

I kept my makeup for this look exactly how I would for an actual casual Sunday – nude lip gloss, a smattering of foundation and some sun block (protect your skin!).



Little Details




Onwards to the next style!

Look 2 – wedding guest

Ah the scramble for what to wear when a loved one’s wedding looms near! Getting something that will be semi-formal, classy and event- appropriate that too in plus size can be a hassle.




elastic rhinestone bracelet – gift
crystal earrings – gift
rhinestone necklace – eBay Singapore
box clutch – Charles & Keith
nude pumps – DMK

This is a decidedly more demure style, given the chosen occasion. I have spyed some gorgeous yellow bridesmaid dresses and cocktail dresses so I thought this dress would be Perfect for such an event. This pretty shade of yellow exudes sweetness and emanates joy (funny how colours can conjure up different feelings?). Its easy to see why it is so popular for a wedding.

I decided to fashion an elastic rhinestone bracelet into a cuff for my top knot. Since it was a plain white rhinestone, the rest of my jewellery had the same colour palette. I am not one for gaudy, over the top looks (maybe I shouldn’t speak too soon, you never know eh) so this is pretty identical to how I would present myself for such an event.

Makeup for this look was updated from Look 1 with a swipe of mascara and coral lip gloss.


Little Details





Last but not the least!

Look 3 – Casual Chic – Signature Aarti

I could have tried work wear or something else, but the mind seemed
to hover on Casual chic.




golden hoops – Lovisa
red skinny belt – ASOS Curve
studded flats – Pazzion

With my signature look I fancied a bright vibrant pop of colour to go with the dress..hence the skinny belt and red lippie. I enjoy being footloose and carefree most of the time, I had so much fun twirling about in this dress! 😀 Feels like I’m making up for the tomboy childhood! This dress had that beautiful 7 year Itch Marilyn Monroe twirl to it so I stood around pouting and pretending there was some invisible fan billowing my legs hahaha.

Ironically it got really windy later on and my dress did begin to get rather playful so I kept my hands firmly to each side to avoid controversy! 😉

Hoops are one of my oldest favourites as far as earrings go. I think there was a point in time when I owned nothing but hoops in different colour, shapes and sizes. Gold hoops, like gold bangles are a tasteful addition to any look..that’s what I think anyway.

For this look, I added a touch of bronzer and went with red lippie, since that is the colour I use the most. Its cool how red lippie can brighten a face up, add some volume and bring an instant sexy pucker to the lips.


Little Details





Phew! 2 down, 1 more to go 🙂
It’s been such fun working out the different styles for the dresses. I have really enjoyed doing this with other outfits in the past as well. Trying an outfit in a different style, with a shift of fashion perspective or a novel outlook keeps things fresh and might even change your mind about a look you previously were convinced would not suit you. Like they always say, you never know until your try.

And that’s a wrap!

I don’t normally write up a beauty-related post but I had a crazy spree in Sephora over this week. You will partake in my glee over the loot soon enough 😉

Have a great weekend my loves,
be kinder to your bodies and own those curves – big, extra large or small!

all my love,
xxxo Aarti Olivia



One thought on “Kaylene ootd 2 : One dress, Three styles

  1. I love these posts. They’re such great inspiration for remixing one’s wardrobe. You’re showcasing a really lovely selection of bags here, too. I think my favorite of the looks is your signature Aarti. It’s such a fresh, sunny outfit, and it just seems to radiate your personality. I’m off to check out this Kaylene brand!

    ❤ Liz

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