Treat Yo Self! (Sephora Style)

If you’re a Parks & Recreation fan, you know where that title comes from πŸ˜‰

For the month of October, instead of shopping for clothing, I decided to update my beauty and makeup related collection. My concealers and compact powders were almost finished, my newly bleached hair has been giving me some hair woes.

So I headed to the Sephora outlet at Ion Orchard as well at Watson’s near my place in Hougang and went a little spree-crazy! Somebody say Haul?
Hell Yes! So here is my post on my loot from last week πŸ™‚


My plus size model friend Priscilla Boh had told me about Makeup Forever‘s line that had products suited for most skin tones, so I decided to give it a try. I got myself the High Definition Foundation – that I used for my most recent blog shoot- and Pro-Finish Powder Foundation – for the days I want lighter coverage.



I love both products because they glide easily on the skin and coverage is phenomenal. I stepped out after my blog shoot with the foundation and despite it being a sweltering evening, my makeup did not run and I still looked fresh faced at the end of the night.

Concealers are a very important part of my makeup because I have prominent dark circles and my deep set eyes make them stand out even more. I escaped the perils of acne and acne scars in my teens and young adulthood but after contracting chicken pox at 28, my skin became rather sensitive and irritated. So I have to have concealers to cover this stuff up.

I originally started using a Nyx concealer stick that I still love but for some reason, it is so difficult to find here! It’s the perfect shade with an apricot undertone but I have not been able to find it anywhere aside from that one time I got lucky at a pop-up store.

On occasion, I do watch You Tube makeup tutorials that cater to Indian skin. Quite a few of them who have dark eye circles like I do, recommend the Tarte concealer.

I am a huge Benefit fan. I use their product called the POREfessional, which doubles up as a primer and pore concealer because of how smooth it is. I was curious to try th erase paste, it’s received rave reviews so I gave that a go this time round.

Since I am still experimenting with what works on me, I decided to give two other concealers a try: Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion and Makeup Forever High Definition concealer.

Yeah, I know..I did some serious monetary damage :p

The Nyx Concealer Stick I love


Benefit’s The POREfessional


Tarte Maracuja Creaseless concealer



Benefit’s Erase Paste


So far, I am quite happy with the Tarte concealer and Erase Paste. The Makeup Forever concealer whitens my dark circles a little too much (yes I did get one according to my skin tone) and the Urban Decay primer is a little too dry for my liking.

I am very mindful about taking care of my lips. They’ve always been soft and I want them to stay well moisturised so even if I do wear drugstore lippies, I make sure that they are easy to glide on. If they aren’t, then I make sure that I have a layer of lip balm to protect them. Smith’s Strawberry lip balm is my favourite lip balm and I’ve been buying it for quite a while now. The aroma is delectable and it is smooth on the lips.



I did mention that I am a Benefit fan, right? I was curious to try some of their more popular makeup products but I wanted to sample them first before buying the full size so I got this pack of 6 products called frisky six.


The pack consists of Sugarbomb blush, They’re Real! mascara, Ooh la lift eye ‘thingy’ (I am Not an expert with all makeup), Sun Beam bronzer, Lolli balm and Lolli tint.

The blush has a nice hue to it on my skin. I don’t apply blush very much because my cheeks do have a pinkish tinge to it but it’s helpful to have it around for days I am unwell and look a little too ashen. Mascara on the other hand is something I am constantly on the hunt for because I have short lashes and this one does not disappoint. I will be getting the full sized one in the future! I don’t quite know what the Ooh la lift product is supposed to do, but it certainly is cooling on the under eye area. The bronzer is meh – it barely registers on my skin. Lolli balm is smooth with a pretty shade, but I am not crazy about Lolli tint – lip stains are not something I am familiar with and it just felt weird.

Next up are some hair products and makeup removers.

My mane is wild and easily tangled at the moment. It is difficult to manage and I lose a lot of hair in the process.
I have heard a lot about the benefits of applying Argan oil so I got the Diane hair oil, that according to my girl Chita is pretty good.

I also acquired the L’oreal Extraordinary Oil, which can be applied on both dry and wet hair. Another product I had heard good things about was the John Frieda Full Repair serum.

Diane Hair oil


Ummm..Japanese instructions?
Gee thanks.


L’oreal Extraordinary Oil


John Frieda Full Repair hair serum


The L’oreal oil is a definite winner, I applied it to the ends of my hair before a wash and over my hair before a blow dry and the result was pretty good. It kept my hair protected from the heat during the blow dry and it didn’t let my mane go mental despite the humidity here. Thick hair and Humid weather = BAD combo.

The runner up is the John Frieda serum. I applied a very little amount after the blow dry and it kept my mane tangle-free and added a nice sheen. My hair actually looks healthier now, thank goodness.

I am not bowled over by the Diane hair oil. I have a bottle of Moroccan Argan oil by the brand Organix and that’s much better.

Now even though it seems I have acquired quite the arsenal of makeup with this shopping spree, I don’t apply huge amounts of it and I certainly do not wear makeup everyday. Since I have sensitive, acne prone skin that gets irritable easily…makeup removal is a very important part of the process.

I have been using the Nivea facial cleansing wipes and Maybelline eye and lip makeup remover for a long time..since the wedding back in 2007.
They work well on my skin.



If you’ve noticed, I don’t apply nail polish to my fingernails. Some tomboy habits die hard. Manicures are a total waste because I get my nails chipped within a few hours! But, I do not like bare toe nails and to prevent them from chipping I use the OPI Drip Dry lacquer drying drops. So you don’t have to wait around for ages for the polish to dry and it seals the colour in for at least a week. I stocked up on that during my Sephora spree.


Sephora is famous for throwing in freebies so I came home with a few of those.

Dior Rouge Baume


A nice little sample kit that I have yet to use.


Nails Inc London Bling It On


I chuckled when I got this because those little nail additions with the nail polishes would not last on my fingers longer than a few hours!!

Sephora Tattoo Me! temporary face and body tattoo



I was excited when I realised that the temporary tattoo was in the shape of a star and I have wanted to get tatted for so long but Meh, it looked like one of those stamps we get on our hands when we go clubbing.

Sephora Lip Love lip gloss


It’s a sweet shade. Will I buy the full bottle in the future? Perhaps.

This was my first proper Makeup and Beauty related post and I hope you got a few helpful tips or learnt of new makeup items.

I am a very late bloomer, having only come to love my skin and appreciate my unique beauty in my 30s.
But better late than never I say!

Til my next post,
Have a great week ahead and don’t forget to Treat Yo Self!

You deserve it πŸ˜‰
all my love xxxo
Aarti Olivia



One thought on “Treat Yo Self! (Sephora Style)

  1. Hi hun. You have a wonderful skin time and you will age so beautifully make up just adds to it dear I am a late bloomer too! But I’m just picky at the things I eat so Ofcourse what I buy would be no different !!! Omg I’m a huge parks and reck fan! And your sephora picks are on point. I love and know most of your items posted today!!! I use make up forever I get the number 15 lipstick. I do not wear make up to the sense of concealer and stuff of that nature. I do use ulta or sephoras or now smashbox cosmetics water proof eyeliner and shadow. As far as hair serum does work at times but my hair is a different world sometimes strait some times not so I use idk if you have heard of the brands “mixed chicks ” and “carols daughter ” try it!!!! All natural and I use it along with my Paul Mitchell argan oil spray. ( I do not do my hair I go to the salon once a month) oh and nails I get them done every month and I bite my long nails off ( bad habit) and get fake ones on lol I’m a mess. In all I’m allergic to so much so yes some of the things are pricy but there’s always a sale!!! Xxxxxx oh now I’m courious do you go to lush ?

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