Jungle Boogie

How’s it going at your end?
It’s been alright over at Casa de Olivia.
I am going on a holiday next Monday so got to start packing 🙂

Animal prints are the new neutrals and transcend seasons. It’s a walk on the wild side with a touch of timeless class about it. You will never find me wearing actual fur – that’s a huge no no – but wild prints I wear aplenty.

I’d been on the search for a unique crop top and it ended the day I laid my eyes on this thing of beauty in H&M


The Look:




Animal printed crop top – H&M uk 18,
Plain black leggings – Forever 21 Plus
size 1X
Hoops – Mango
Black wedge heels – Rubi

It’s a really basic look if not for the top.
I didn’t want to draw attention away from it so I kept it simple. The top fits like a glove, feels soft and kinda plushy..it’s hard to describe it!

I used to wear leggings All the time before I started fashion blogging. Not that it was a bad thing! I just lacked variety in the wardrobe. It was nothing but t shirts and leggings. Before that, I had a midi denim skirt phase. I think my friends wanted to burn that skirt lol. I also only owned one pair of footwear; a pair of black sandals which my friends were tired of as well!

I have come a long way 🙂
It’s one month to my 2 year blog anniversary and my goodness the journey has been such fun.

But, I digress!

I’m using the makeup that I purchased recently from Sephora and I cannot wax lyrical enough about how they have shaved off a lot of time and agony during my makeup routine! The biggest problem area is my deep set eyes that have dark circles and dark lids. Its annoying to always get asked if I am tired, unwell, if I have been crying..the undereye area is noticeably much darker than the rest of my face. It’s hereditary so my younger sister has it too and it’s the bane of our beauty regimes! Sigh.


Right so the lighting really washed my face out, so don’t mind it looking super bright!




Little Details



The hubster and I at home after the shoot 🙂


There’s another fashion post coming up over the weekend and it’s print-related as well so stay tuned 😉

If you haven’t tried animal prints,
get yourself some and have fun with it! You don’t have to get a top or pants if it’s that seems much, try earrings, necklaces, shoes..heck there’s even nail polish! Bring some Roar! into your life.

Chat soon loved ones 🙂
xxxo Aarti Olivia


4 thoughts on “Jungle Boogie

  1. Love the top, but sorry, leggings are not pants, top needs to cover the rear end at all time when wearing them, they are too thin and show too much personal stuff…especially if you are plus sized. I am plus sized too, so I know. Really like your blog.

    1. hello Paula, thanks for dropping by my blog and thank you for the vote of xonfidence. I disagree with you regarding leggings. Wearing them is my personal choice and I see no issue with them. Especially as a plus sized girl. Have a great day 🙂

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