packing for a tropical getaway, Aarti style

I’ve been fortunate to to have been able to travel thanks to my dad, who made sure we got to see parts of the world near and far. He liked to consider it as a part of having a well rounded education – going to new places, learning the culture, taking a peek at how people around the world lived. It has been quite an experience travelling to places where the rich and the poor live in disparity. It has been a really good learning experience. Of course it has also been fun filled and relaxing! 🙂

Dad was a very frequent traveller while I was a teen. He travelled every week and during the comings and goings I would observe his meticulous packing in awe. My father is what you may consider dapper, so when he travelled to colder countries, he would pack his stylish trench coats and his executive suits. He always traveled in style no matter where the destination. So I have picked up a tip of two from him.

Like I mentioned in the previous blog post, packing is a little different now as a plus sized lass. I don’t just pack for the climate..I pack for personal comfort as well. But it’s not That big a difference frankly.

One thing I have learnt that helps
me in general is to write up a packing inventory. Its a simple list in categories done a week before I travel so that when its time to pack, I know what needs to go into the bag.

1) Plain cotton tees – for days that you want to wear something very basic, this is ideal. They don’t weigh much and you can fold them neatly or roll them up (that’s your wish) in a small corner of your luggage bag.

2) Comfortable pants – joggers, leggings. I don’t bring the body shapers that I normally wear underneath my clothing. It’s much too hot and I don’t like having the added weight on me, no matter how light it feels. I also don’t pack tight skinny jeans because heck, I am on holiday and I will be enjoying the local fare.


V neck tee – Forever 21 Plus
leopard printed joggers – H&M

3) Tops with cool prints.
Let’s face it..some of us are vain creatures and want to look back at the holiday pictures feeling satisfied that we looked adequately casual for a holidayer with a touch of chic.



lipstick kiss printed top and female vampire lips top – Cotton On

4) Recycle the bottoms.
I don’t want to bring my entire wardrobe on holiday with me. I usually double up on the tops but don’t do the same with bottoms. Depending on how long or short the vacay is, I pack an adequate number of casual pants, my denim skirt (it’s a Must have in my wardrobe), plain black leggings (it goes with anything) and denim shorts/capris (I’d rather wear those than perspire profusely in my jeans). Maxi skirts are a new addition to my packing list.


Unicorn graphic print top – Cotton On

5) Speaking of maxi skirts.
If you have to pack something more formal for an evening out, pack a few maxi dresses or T shirt dresses.

Going for dinner by the beach and walking around in the sunflower tank dress during the night was soooo comfortable.

This was me after dinner one evening.
Yes, I am a repeat offender.
No, I don’t think it’s a crime!


6) Comfortable shoes.
The sand is going to get under your feet, there will be long lazy walks around the vicinity..your poor feet need respite from all that plus the travelling that might bloat your feet like it does mine. Function wins over Fashion here (in my opinion). I normally pack sandals, loafers and flip flops.

7) Sunscreen essentials.
Sunscreen is a MUST.
Applying sunscreen is not for vanity, it’s a necessity! The heat got so overbearing some of the days and I was thankful for my after-sun aloe Vera gel, because my skin gets irritated very the rest of my sensitive, badly behaved body :p

8) Hair care.
If you’re a water baby like me, you’re going to spend a lot of time in the pool or in seawater. It doesn’t matter how soft and fuss free your hair is – it is going to get Mad after all that! Mine became broomstick-like after my first swim so I was glad to have brought the L’oreal oil with UV protection to apply before and after my swim. Apply Generously!

9) Swimming essentials – swimsuits, goggles. I always carry goggles with me because seawater and chlorine water reddens the eyes and make them itch. I don’t own really stylish swimsuits YET..I am planning to get myself a few gorgeous ones soon. Speaking of which, there is a post-holiday swimsuit edition coming up. It will be more body positive than fatshionista fabulista 🙂

10) Skin care and Medication.
I’m going to sound like Mother Hen here but you really never know what will upset your stomach or get you sneezing or make you feverish so bring a strip of anti diarrhoea pills, painkillers/aspirin, cough drops. I have to carry my anti depressants and relaxants as well so if you have these kind of meds too, don’t forget to pack them!

The skin is going to get pretty frazzled under the heat and humidity, so facial wash, lotions and moisturisers are mui importante! I usually carry a small can of facial mist for when I need a cool off. Pack it using scotch tape if you think it might leak and protect it further by wrapping the items in plastic bags or ziplock bags.

11) Makeup – keep it simple.
You don’t want to be lugging your entire personal makeup stash on holiday! I normally do away with mascara so I don’t have to deal with removing that gunk later. As it is, my eye area is going to be affected by salt water, chlorine and the heat. I bring my Australis makeup remover wipes, but I don’t bring my foundations or concealers because it’s going to slide away easily with the weather. Just my Body Shop compact powder, lip balm, lip gloss.

12) Toiletries – if you can, get the small travel versions or travel packs so that you don’t have to lug those big bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I have a few travel pouches that I leave in my bag after unpacking so that I don’t have to hunt for this stuff when it’s time to pack again. I carry small tester perfume vials and small roll-on deodorants. Keep it miniature 🙂

13) Music, Books, Magazines.
I always make sure I have my playlists downloaded before I travel so that I don’t have to worry about the lack of wifi later on. It’s a nifty trick I’ve learnt. It’s become custom for me to travel with a book or two, usually bought at the airport before take off. These were my picks this time round.



I don’t read that many fashion magazines to be honest. These are my usual suspects when I do buy them : Glamour UK, Vogue US, O magazine


And that’s about it methinks!
It’s a very basic list and I’m sure you’re well informed with what to pack but I thought I’d share how and what I pack when I travel.

Ciao for now!
Much love xxxo

P.S : I need this bag in my life!!



5 thoughts on “packing for a tropical getaway, Aarti style

  1. Omg I love your travel guide. Okay as far as shapers I use the ones that are low like the underware not a full one. Acuturally I only use that all the time. Oh and I’m a water baby but I just pose in the water as my bf says I don’t want my hair wet lol but if I do I get braids so the chlorine doesn’t mess with my hair. I also am an overpacker. Idk I panic and pack the world. I do have a prepacked bag with stuff I usually pack. If I need a flat iron I just ask downstairs. I have a set base of hotel brands I stay at. Oh and yes flat shoes or in my case sneakers I have a nice pair of bright color nikes. I had a bad exsperience with flat shoes this year on a trip and now sneakers are the thing. And I’m an internet junkie so I have tech products so many and my magizines are on my tablet and books. Oh and I have the geekiest travel purses lol so I love the suitcase. U can get the game boy one on think Xxxxc

    1. Lol I just love reading uour comments! I can totally relate to needing a flat iron and bringing sneakers, flats can hurt too. Ooh yes thinkgeek is the best! Cheers to us geek gurls! xxx

      1. lol thank hun i tend to type too much lol but i enjoy reading your blogs when i get a chance. yes i was in Miami and we walked so much that the flats i had on made my feet swell and it was the day before my graduation it was a mess!! I have learned my lesson so next year i will pick from my sneaker collection. and power to the geek girls!! xx

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