Diwali 2014

Hello my loves!
Happy Diwali to my fellow Indians ❀

Diwali is the most important Hindu festival of the year. 15 days before the festival, devout Hindus will be busy praying and fasting. Almost each of these 15 days has a little festival leading up to the big day.

On Diwali itself, we visit our elders and come home before sundown to usher in Goddess Lakshmi to grant us luck and prosperity. We welcome her into my homes with a prayer, hymn sung in her name, make offerings of flowers and sweet dishes, burn incense and light diyas (clay candle holders) lit by a cloth wick and ghee.

Indians are very particular about what they wear on that day. The colours white and black are not allowed as they are typically worn when in mourning. It has to be a brand new outfit that you have not worn before. We usually start new habits that we would like to inculcate into our daily living, since it is an auspicious date.
Some of us are vegetarian for the day, out of respect to the Gods. Lots of little rituals and practices with plenty of symbolism.

I have a love-hate affair with Diwali because of how it has been celebrated in my family over the years. I enjoy the feasts but don't enjoy the fat scanning and fat shaming. I enjoy the gatherings but I don't enjoy the overt display of chauvinism.

I'll be penning a post tomorrow about the 'shadow side' to this festive season. So pop by tomorrow to have a read.

Stylish Indian costumes are hard to find in plus sizes. They are either too baggy, in dull shades and colours or are tailored in uncomfortable fabric. It's almost a punishment for us, as if to say "See this is why you shouldn't be Fat".


I found a local store by accident a few years ago that caters to all sizes and has a rather pretty selection of ethnic Indian and semi-ethnic clothing. I usually head to Pure Earth‘s store outlet in Tanglin Mall since it’s just a few steps away from hubster’s workplace.

Pure Earth is owned by designer Rashmi Gogna, who studied tradition Indian textiles and arts in India. Her style sense is a fusion of sorts with her Indian roots and the backdrop of urban jungle Singapore.

This is my 5th purchase from the store since I stumbled upon it back in 2009.
Here’s what I wore for Diwali 2014.

The Look




Rashmi Gogna Cream Raw Silk top sz EU 44
Plain black leggings, Forever 21 Plus
Red pumps with spiked heels – Pazzion
Rustic golden ear studs – Lovisa

I kept it very simple this year because there was a death in the family a few days back. Don’t worry, I am fine. So that’s why I am dressed in a much more low-key style from last year.

What I like about this top is the silver sheen over a creamy shade and the Oriental-styled collar (I really like old school Oriental styled fashion). Some tunic tops can be a tad scratchy but nothing of that sort happened with this one. I have an eye for fine embroidery and the little details so what caught my eye with this top were the rhinestones sewn at the collar, sides and the hemline.

Speaking of which …

Little Details





I added a dash of red with the heels, that was complemented by the lippie.

I enjoy dressing the eyes up a bit for Diwali so I applied a shade of olive (Cargo cosmetics) with some shimmery silver (The Body Shop) and drew the eyes out with some kohl (Yves St Laurent). Red lippie was a matte shade from Revlon.



Well that’s me for now,
feeling lazy on Diwali day and ready to say Hello to the weekend!

Chat soon,
xxxo Aarti Olivia

P.S: here’s a picture of me from Diwali’s eve, after Durga Puja (prayers for Goddess Durga).



4 thoughts on “Diwali 2014

  1. Those shoes are fierce boo! FIERCE. AND seeing there is a need for more plus size garments in the Indian culture, would you ever partner with anyone and create a line? There has to be many women having this issue. Don’t look at me though, I’m an ideas lady! LOL Love your looks though! Muah!!

    1. Thanks boo!
      Of course I’d love to partner with someone and start an ethnic Indian clothing line..its one of my many dreams. But I just dont know who to contact, how to get started and do the logistics. Someday…hopefully πŸ™‚
      Ideas are always very welcome! Thanks Ruby! xx

  2. omi gosh so pretty, girl you are too beautiful!! I am glad I learned something today. We really don’t have things as so im my “cultures”( im mixed up) but we do have this thing in the family that we wear bright colors to funerals idk why but i wore hot pink and purple sparkles to my late aunts funeral. I think we all can relate on how certin colors create moods. Have a happy celebration and I wish you could mail me food, I am instantly hungry now lol . xxxx

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