Meet IV (Indigo Violet)

So I’m Indigo Violet.
The more worldly alternate reality of Curves Become Her. I don’t do lovey dovey greetings, sorry.

The human condition.
My introspection.

My style is dark and gothic.
No I don’t do fashion shoots.

You might know me as the voice in people’s heads that shakes at the state of the world we live in.
Am I sad? Am I mad? Yes. But I love life and its chaotic symphony. And that is why I want my opinion to matter. I’ve been brought back from blogger’s demise. Good to be back!

Right, so.
I’ll be back with textual ammunition.
I hope you’ll enjoy me interrupting CBH’s usual posts.

The artwork posted at the blog title is by Photographer Yoppy Yohanes of the blog One Eyeland.



Aarti sends her love.



3 thoughts on “Meet IV (Indigo Violet)

  1. Hey! So good to have IV back!! You know I love her 😘 I’m in the throes of a blogging demise myself 😦 Just can’t find the will to focus, sit down and write! Also…on a bit of a break from my virtual world…as the real one gets busier. Who knew children take up more time as they grow up and not vice versa?😳😉 Much much love 😘😘😘

    1. Hey H!
      A virtual break is good for the soul!
      I wish I could take more of them but the blog does not allow me to do so. Hope you liked IV’s first post!

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