Did someone say Spa + Party??

*applicable for Singapore residents only

A few weeks ago, I was given an invite by Singapore’s only local plus size magazine Big Is Gorgeous to a SPARTY.

What is a SPARTY, you ask?
It is when relaxation and fun combine to bring a Spa party!


This invite is specially catered to ladies of the plus size community so if you fancy a relaxing foot reflexology session or tension-relieving back massage..send in an email to the address provided on this e-brochure.

I will be going to be to the event as will a few of my fellow ps buddies so if you decide to RSVP, I hope to see you there! Best to send in an email to B.I.G magazine before the 20th of November since it’s only limited to a 100 people.

For my readers abroad..believe me if I could have you here for the event I would!

Check back in tomorrow for this week’s fashion post! Sending you lots of love 😀

P.S: yours truly has been unwell hence the radio silence. recuperating at the moment.


3 thoughts on “Did someone say Spa + Party??

    1. I wish I could ship you over and have you enjoy it luv 🙂 I mean it. Hey maybe I’ll come to your neck of the woods someday and we’ll chill out together 🙂

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