Curves Become Her turns 2 !!

Hello my loves!
So this post is a special one for me since it marks the second year of this journey I have undertaken. A journey of self love, discovery..learning, unlearning and relearning. Of style choices and body positive messages.
Of issues that matter to me.

First off, I would like to give you a Huge THANK YOU for being part of this endeavour! It means so much to me to have you along for this adventure 🙂

2014 has been a year of risk-taking as far as fashion goes. It saw me trying on looks that I normally would have shied away from. This year also saw me delving deeper into dispelling irrational images and beliefs about my body. I have my friend Leah of the blog Just Me Leah to thank for the body positivity workshop. It really opened my eyes to the little details that go overlooked when we critique ourselves. We spend so much time obsessing and stressing but forget about our capabilities and feats. I still return to those posts from time to time when I am in need of a dose of reality.

It has been a challenging year as well.
Emotionally and Physically, I was put to the test from the get-go. What with losing my hearing in the right ear, followed by the diagnosis of Pcos and well as falling out and patching up with loved ones.

My overall look has changed a fair bit as well! The long locks of hair dyed in deep hues of red have given way to a
sleeker bob and blonde hair! Also, it feels as if I am beginning to come into my own with my distinct sense of style.
But it’s a work in progress (as everything always is) so we never know what or when the next evolution will emerge 🙂

For the 2nd anniversary fashion post,
I went for a popular fall shade – Burgundy.

The Look




Sinead frill sleeve off shoulder midi dress (Wine), uk sz 18 –
Betsey Johnson choker necklace
Charles & Keith gold strapped heels
Golden bangles – Lovisa

It was a very rainy and cloudy day so lighting was quite an issue with photography. I did not want to lighten the pictures too much though, so that’s why they seem darker than usual.

I was planning on getting the bright pink or cobalt blue version of the dress but both shades were sold out. Wine is a pretty Fall shade anyway so it worked out well.

The fit of the dress is true to size,
it does not stretch very much. The problem with it being snug? My well-rounded belly becomes quite prominent. But, given that under 10% of the world’s population have flat bellies..I am not inclined to complain. I have a belly and it is going to show.

So What.


The frill on the dress is really pretty and it conceals the short sleeves underneath it. I thought it was sleeveless beneath the frill so that was a pleasant surprise! I must say, I quite like the texture of the fabrics from my purchases. On occasion I am displeased with the quality of a top or dress from Forever 21 or ASOS but I have not had that problem with this brand.

If you feel like the dress doesn’t do much for your body’s silhouette, a skinny belt would work very well with it. If you’re not comfortable with showing your shoulders off, you can stretch them higher up to the arms.

Every fashion blog outfit is like a blank canvas for me to design and embellish over. That’s something I enjoy because it gives the opportunity to find inspiration and keep the creative juices flowing.



Ooh! I almost forgot to post the side profile and the view from the back! I love the way the frill scoops at the back and hangs just right at the arms.



Little Details

For this look, I went with shades of gold for jewellery to lend an air of sophistication.




I opted for a smoky eye look to add some ‘drama’ (the kind of drama I like!) and lined the lips with a nude shade. I think I learnt this cardinal rule from my mom: bright lips are a No-No when you have a strong eyeshadow look, unless it’s for an Indian event!
Go Figure. Im no makeup expert anyway :p



Some days, I sit around in disbelief thinking about the swirl of changes that have taken place since the conception of Curves Become Her. This year may have been confusing and challenging but it hit some major milestones.

Never in a million years would I have even dreamt of having been noticed and that too appreciated by plus size fashion icons that I have idolised. They have been so welcoming. My band of ps blogger girlfriends around the world are a huge support system. I love you ladies so much!

I am grateful to Thulisa of Thick Fit and Fabulous for reaching out and asking me if I’d like to be a part of the Curves Around the World ps blogger group.
I am grateful for Aislynn for inviting me to join her fellow ps blogger friends to do the monthly Sartorial Medley. I am so happy that Michelle of Zaftig Times got me into her posse of 30 plus style bloggers, who each possess a distinctly unique fashion palate. To be able to work with these ladies who live across the globe from me is a privilege.

To be given a slight amount of recognition locally has been a very pleasant surprise. Naturally, the big magazines and blog communities ignore me since being plus sized isn’t something to be proud of..but the little ps community that we do have in Singapore and other parts of this region have been gracious and kind.

I know my posts have been really sporadic this year and I apologise for making you wait longer than you’d like or not getting posts done. Things are settling down now and it will be different.

I value every comment from my blog readers and the various social media site followers. It fuels the fire to strive to do bigger and better. It keeps me in check with where I am at with the blog.

I don’t think I can thank you enough for showing me the love, support and encouragement. My hope is that I have in some way helped you through your own journey of self discovery. If I can touch even one life with the work that I do, that makes me happy. It isn’t about being popular, It isn’t about monetary gains. I have a loud (and sometimes over bearing) conscience that ensures I remember why I started this little web space in the first place.

Cheers to a brand new blogging year, to you guys and to revolutionising the way we view our bodies.

All my Love,
Aarti Olivia xxxo

P.S : I dedicate this post to my one and only. The Hubster ❤ Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are, the unconditional love and strength through the rough patches. Love you bubu.



10 thoughts on “Curves Become Her turns 2 !!

  1. first of all doll I have to say congrats and happy 3rd blog.this dress slays dear! and yes your style has changed well not so much has changed but you are becoming more open minded to everything and you can always go back to the styles that you had in the first year so always remember that is not much of a change is an opening opportunity and be proud of it and be willing to go back and take what you are wearing now in a separate it with what you were wearing 2 years ago also I hope all goes well with your health from here on out and again every day as a new beginning and if you have time blog about it. other thing I have not tried yet but I will and asos i have sizing issues with and well forever 21 is everywhere here in the States but thr same problems I really can’t fit her pants but I do really like their leggings and a few shirts but I’m all about weird and expensive taste and I do shop at other places that do carry my size or a size below but workcus it has stretch because you never know unless you go in a store and try it if not order it online (make sure they have free returns) and try it Hey I’m all for new things and I think we all need yo step out and be ourselves I hope there’s many more blogs to come and stay positive and healthy and happy and thank you for letting me vent about you. ♡♡

  2. Congratulations on your blogversary! I really enjoy your blogs, and you’re one of the few I look forward to reading ( I scroll through images most of the time on other blogs) because you not only talk about fashion, but about your learning process and life in general and I like that about you! The dress from boohoo looks amazing on you and I really like the 2nd to last picture ( of you wearing the dress) and slight turned around the dress is gorgeous on you. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for all of us in 2015. 🙂 hugs.

  3. Congratulations aarti ! My original comment got deleted. All I want to say is I love your blog, because as important as fashion is you have other parts of you and you are not afraid to show that side to the world and your style is so age appropriate and classy and gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for CBH.

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