Untamed Style : the Cosy Sweater edition

It feels like it has been Ages since the last Untamed Style post!

For those unaware or in need of a refresher, Untamed Style is the brain child of my ps blogger friend Veronica of CID Style File. The Untamed Style sisterhood consists of plus size bloggers over 30 displaying their unique, trend-transient style. Each of us take our own spin on the theme of month, reinforcing the motto “Our hearts will not be tamed and our style shall not be shamed!”

I gave the Halloween edition a miss because there was a death in the family around that time and I was not feeling up for the challenge. Now that I am back, I am revving to go!

I was apprehensive about this theme because I was not sure if the local climate would cooperate :p It has been a confusing few months of extreme heat and sudden rain storms. It seems to be cooler this week (Hallelujah!) so I wasn’t drowning in perspiration when shooting for this.

Cosy Sweater.
For me, it elicits the feeling of keeping warm and comfortable, with a mug of hot chocolate and a soft, plush throw to wrap around while watching an old movie.

The Look




oversized cat graphic print sweater – H&M
distressed ΒΎ length jeans – ASOS
printed flats – Rubi

Staying true to my fashion palate while keeping warm πŸ™‚

I ADORE this sweater.
It was an impulse buy from quite a few months ago. I had no idea when the occasion would rise for me to wear it but it was on sale and the prints were just too adorable for me to walk away from. The kitty looks A Lot like my own fur baby Zadie so it made me jump for joy even more!

Don’t believe me? Let’s do a comparison shall we?



It’s not identical but it’s so similar isn’t it?!?

It was a cool Monday and I was too lazy to go the whole she-bang with makeup and hair so I kept it simple πŸ™‚

The sweater is so comfortable!
It’s not too scratchy or wooly (I am allergic to real wool), and it definitely made heads turn to have another look because of the colours and cute graphic.

Adding to the cosy quotient, I wore my super comfortable ΒΎ length jeans. They are surprisingly lightweight for denim and rather soft.

These flats have the funkiest prints and I love them! I enjoy print clashing so this was the ideal pair for the look.

Little Details



I was feeling cheeky after the shoot and decided to take a random pics or two while at the supermarket..


ah Christmas time and the yummy treats that come with it..It’s feeling festive with all these delicious cakes and breads stocked for the season.

Cheers to staying cosy and being silly!


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Michelle of Zaftig Times

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How do you keep cosy in cooler climate? Do you have a favourite shawl or sweater?

Aside from this sweater, I normally keep warm with a plain cream coloured cashmere wrap that I bought a year or two ago. As stinking hot as Singapore can be, the offices and cinemas here are cold igloos! So the wrap has kept me from chattering teeth.

Before I go, I’d like to say Thank You SO much for the sweet comments on my 2nd year blogaversary post! I am so grateful that you have been here for the ride. If I could meet you all in person to extend a hug, I would πŸ™‚

Have a great day / night, wherever you may be!

All my love,
xxxo Aarti Olivia



3 thoughts on “Untamed Style : the Cosy Sweater edition

  1. Super cute look, and I have the exact same sweater – so I can totally attest to how comfy it is!! πŸ™‚

    Kobi xx

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