Curves Around the World : the Bridesmaids edition

It has been a whirlwind week but it’s been productive. I hope you’re having a good weekend. I am going to relish my quiet Sunday with a siesta.

It has been quite a while since I’ve done a Curves Around the World post. This one is really special and what better way to resume my CATW posts than to celebrate one of our bloggers!

Kate of the blog Sparkles and Lace got married very recently and prior to the wedding, the group decided to come up with a Bridesmaids Around the World theme. We may not have been there in person to congratulate the newlyweds but we are so happy for Kate!

The Look





maxi sheer white lace dress with midi skirt underneath – eBay uk,
heels – DMK,
hairband – Lovisa,
bindis – Little India

I have worn this dress before for an ootd post and I always thought it would be ideal for attending a wedding, if accessorised well. It is form fitting but stretchy without being too tight so I went about my day after the shoot with ease in this dress.

The shoes have the most adorable kitten heels that don’t hurt my injured feet. That they have an exotic print lends a nice touch to the overall ‘lace-y’ look.

I could have accessorised with a dainty pair of earrings or an elegant choker but for some reason, I opted to go with adding a bindi to the side of my eyes. Inverting it that way set off the silver hue of my makeup nicely, in my opinion anyway!

Ideally, I would have wrapped myself in an organza shawl but I don’t have one.

The peacock feathered hairband was a purchase from a month ago. I don’t know many people who aren’t besotted with the of the hues and print of this magnificent bird’s feathers. This the farthest I go with real ‘animal wear’.

It is only a few days to my 7th wedding anniversary. So this made me look back at my own wedding festivities with fondness.

Little Details




Makeup for this look was set in silver hues around the eyes and a two-tone lip colour. I used Chanel for my darker shade at the outer part of the lips while adding bright red from Maybelline on the inner. Just playing around with makeup!


My dear Kate,
I wish you and your hubby a lifetime of matrimonial bliss. I wish I could have been there in person to usher in this big milestone but this post is my way of saying – Congratulations!!! Have a lovely year end and tight hugs. I hope to meet you in person someday and celebrate the vibrant, vivacious person that you are!


much love,
Aarti Olivia xxxo


3 thoughts on “Curves Around the World : the Bridesmaids edition

  1. I love this. It could double as a wedding dress or a renewing of vows dress in your case. I bet you looked stunning!!! Happy 7th anniversary Id bring cake if I were close. Also congrats to the blogger newlywed. Many wonderful and not do will await you but that’s the beauty of love and marriage. At least I’m think I’m not married yet lol!! Stay gorgeous. xx

  2. Happy anniversary. What a gorgeous dress. Oddly enough in my culture it is seen as very taboo to wear a cream or white dress to a wedding unless your are the bride so it’s interesting and unusual for me to see a dress of thisd shade for a wedding. I like it!

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