Just checking in

Happy New Year everyone!!
I know I know, I have been MIA with the blog for a month now but listen December was Craaazy busy..and it’s still busy right now because one of my closest friends from Melbourne has been putting up at our place since Boxing Day and we’ve been showing him the sights. So life as I know it and the blog will return in order again from the 12th of Jan, next Monday.

So many updates and So many posts to get done..I am so excited to share them with you next week! I hope you’ve been well and the holiday season treated you good. I have so missed talking to you guys, giving you a tight hug!

So please bear with this radio silence for just a while more..and I’ll be back to usher in the new year posts for Curves Become Her properly next week with you guys!

In the meantime, have an awesome week ahead and be kind to yourself 🙂

Lots and Lots of love,
xxxo Aarti Olivia


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