Well imagine that!
Third post in a week!
To say I am making up for lost time is a massive understatement.

My ladies of #UntamedStyle decided on this post for the new year and well, everyone got theirs done much earlier in the new year but that’s okay…I am grateful that my vision is much better and that I can get back on the proverbial saddle! I have my follow up appointment with the eye specialist tomorrow afternoon, fingers crossed it’s all okay! Wish me luck?

It took me sometime to ponder over how I would like to approach the new year. And when I did get a good idea of what to type, the eye infection came along to slow things down. But that’s okay. The extra time gave me ample opportunity for further reflection and revisions.

They were chucked out of the window about a decade ago. The thing is, it would be great to micromanage every single detail of life but we cannot deny a very simple fact –
Life is Unpredictable.

If the Aarti in her 20s could time travel and have her say, she would be screaming and berating me.

“How did you get so fat??”
“Why are you okay with it?”
“Why don’t you have kids yet?”
“You don’t work full time? And
you earn a pittance? You’re not climbing the corporate ladder?”
“You’re Still living in Singapore?”

Hey but don’t get angry with her. She just didn’t know any better. That’s why I don’t get upset when people ask me these questions today. Of course it is none of their business but my fellow Asians are rather nosy and the concept of personal space is not something they grasp quite well. I mean, my mom didn’t like me closing my bedroom door at night..if she had a chance, I wouldn’t have had the luxury of a door! Lol!!

My point to this roundabout monologue is, I know better now. I know that resolutions are nice to look at on the iPhone’s Notes app or pasted on the vanity mirror, but they are heavy expectations on a year that has barely even begun. Maybe you might have the good fortune of getting everything ticked off the list at the end of the year. Maybe you might get halfway. If that works for you, I am happy for you. But it stopped working for me a very long time ago because my life has a tendency to move full throttle all of a sudden like an adventure ride in an amusement park. Never been a fan of those but I can grit my teeth and survive it.

After losing a few good people over the years to the great cosmos, I have learnt to look at things with a little more perspective.

As far as the blog is concerned..
2013 was when I felt revived again with the conception of Curves Become Her. It was a year dedicated to experimentation and curiosity. 2014 was the year I tested the waters to see if it was safe to wade out and squeak my voice beyond the confines of the blog.


2015 is about gaining strength in that voice and doing something about it. It is time to put myself out there more; actively get involved in activities that matter to me and that will hopefully make a difference. Instead of hiding behind fears and self doubt, but instead focusing on committing to get proactive.


As far as my personal life is concerned,
2015 is about ‘finding that space between rage and serenity’ (movie buffs, do you recall this line?).

I think not enough people get angry with what is going on with the world. They have become apathetic or are comfortable taking the spectator’s role. Sure it’s all very Champagne-Marxist to sit there and talk about foreign affairs and human atrocities over dinner. Real events are good dinner time banter.

Now I am not saying, raise your hands and start shouting or punching the next ignorant you see but I am saying that I am so tired of being told that I am far too angry or upset for my own good. If women in my homeland have acid thrown on their faces, I Will get upset. If a man says that a rape victim had it coming to her because of what she was wearing, I Will get angry. If a woman berates another woman for not fitting into aesthetic norms, I Will take offence.


No I will not Keep Calm and Carry On.
I Will get riled up. But, that is what spurs me on to be a part of something bigger. That is what makes me so passionate about the things I write about and post on social media. That is what has helped me meet so many like-minded souls across the world who like me, do not want to sit silent any longer. I will do my part and work my butt off doing this for as long as I have my health and wits about me.

What drives the fire in the belly is Love. I love life and the world too much not to care. I know humanity can do better and there are so many stellar examples out there. Which is also why I need to find that inner voice within that will allow me to enjoy the lighter side to life. Everything needs to be done in Moderation. Even moderation πŸ™‚


I have been saying this for a few years now : I do not do enough of the activities that make me happy. I have a hard time falling asleep at night. My body is rarely in a state of complete relaxation. My health has taken a real beating. It feels like George Costanza’s dad on some days, screaming “Serenity Now! Serenity Now!” (any tv show buffs in the house?).



Without having to compromise the passions that drive me and the creative process, this is a mission to restore the soul. Finding myself in this world that is hell bent on making people who are square pegs in round holes feel inadequate or alien. We are as human as the next person, perhaps more so. Perhaps that is why we stick out like sore thumbs; the world today may be increasingly transparent thanks to social media but that has also made people very adept at creating illusions, diversions like smoke and mirrors. Image is everything. Conforming is a lot more prevalent than you may think. Life priorities and lifestyle choices are a lot more questionable.

So what about people like us, the empaths with hearts that move to the beat of our own drum? What about the people who see right through materialism and status?

What about authenticity?

If you’re not aware of this simple detail of your blogger, know this now – I am a humanist. I do not believe in a God but I do believe in spirituality, divinity within and around us, compassion and humanity. Which gives a Godless soul like me faith and hope to believe that anything is possible if done with good intention and inspired action. If anything, I know that I can always count on my resilience and voice of reason (though She does disappear on occasion, that nutter).

It is time to find a self-created recipe for life that will inject flavour into the days to come. I don’t know if I am making any sense at all. I haven’t done a post This personal in a very long time.

What are your hopes for 2015? Is there something you would like to take up, give up or be more committed to? I’d love to know!

Check out my fellow Untamed Style bloggers’ 2015 posts, they are such inspiring reads!

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This image was posted for my body positive shero Virgie Tovar on Instagram under her hashtag #newyearnewview


It’s good to be almost done with the backlog! One more post and I will be on track again πŸ™‚ Can you believe it’s February already??

Chat soon!
Be kind to yourself,
all my love xxxo Aarti Olivia


4 thoughts on “2015

  1. “Self-created recipe for Life” – LOVE this O πŸ˜€ Resolutions are so yesterday!! I can’t remember the last decade in which I made one that I kept πŸ˜› I have a few things I hope to do in 2015, but no stress really. As for square pegs – here’s one thing I know for sure – we were born to stand out not fit in!!! Cheers to Us Girl ❀

  2. Have I ever complimented your writing style? I just love it! I also love the feeling of this whole piece. It sounds like you’re fired up to save the world and make yourself happy in the process. Noble, noble goals, my love. ❀

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