Curves Around the World relaunch (part 1)

Hey hey

So us girls are back for the new year with new members and a rejuvenated start. For those of you who may not be in the know, CATW (Curves Around the World) is a collaborative effort with my fellow curvy, plus size bloggers and we approach a variety of fashion-related themes every week. 

I have been working slow due to PCOS and a sudden onset of glandular fever. So, much of my typing for the blog right now happens after work from the comforts of my bed, with medication and warm teas in tow. It sucks a little because this week is really busy but I am pushing on.

For this first post, we decided on an introductory post on why and how we got started fashion blogging..among other things. So here goes.

How would you describe your personal style? 

It is difficult to pin my style down to a specific type or types. But I do know this: 

I have been influenced by fashion from the past decades, dating back to the 1920s. The history of fashion and the numerous styles fascinate me. 

Fashion designers, style icons, artists, photographers and musicians that cannot be pegged into a certain style inspire my senses. Quirky styles, cleverly mismatched clothing, original pieces, hair accessories, chunky jewellery and hats please my eyes. 

I am definitely inspired by curvier celebrities for personal style tips!

I cannot even begin to start on the many plus size bloggers and models that have inspired me to dare to wear the outfits that I do today ❤

The global plus size community – be it the more famous names or fellow plus size girls on social media – inspire my fashion palate Everyday. Including my CATW girls. They’ve all got a distinct sense of style and I love to see how they interpret each week’s theme in their unique way. 

I used to dress in dull, matronly clothing but since the conception of my blog..I have never looked back to those days. Vibrance of colours, statement jewellery pieces and accessories give me life. 

Inspiration for future fashion choices also comes with travelling the globe and people watching. Which is why I am a keen observer of people in everyday life. Streetstyle fashion by photographers is very popular now but it’s become diluted over the years. Having said that, there are some style stars out there that I practically hero-worship. Julia Sarr-Jamois, Nausheen Shah, Preetma Singh, Giovanna Battaglia, Anna Dello Russo, Carine Roitfeld and Emmanuel Alt are some examples that come to mind.

My notable fashion journeys of the past have seen me dabble in grunge, goth, classic, androgynous and bohemian styles. They do seem to pop up in my outfit of the day looks until today, from time to time. 

Given that I live in a country that experiences summer for most of the year, I am limited with trying looks for Autumn or Winter. It just makes no sense to invest in pieces like thick coats or leather gloves that I will not wear in my daily life. 

The words that come to my mind when I think about my fashion sense are Creative, Eclectic, Fierce, Functional (most of the time anyway). 

My South Asian heritage and the mix of different Asian cultures that I grew up with have most definitely had a part to play with how I style myself today. 

How do I want my style to communicate about who I am, what I value and how I approach life? 

After years of hiding and feeling too shy to wear clothes that I actually like, I am now in a place where I am much more comfortable in my skin. I am not any slimmer nor have I undergone any major makeover. I do not need a slimmer body to feel good about how I look. That is what I would like to showcase the most – that Style and Body Positivity is Sizeless. 

I have been skinny, athletic and muscular, round and voluptuous. I know the struggles each of those body types have and that has helped me so much today with the realisation that it isn’t the perfect body that maketh self confidence. So I want my style sense today to show authenticity to this new lease of life I embarked upon since the blog’s conception. 

I consider myself a creative soul and a writer before a fashionista. Some people have an innate sense of style; I am not one of them and that’s okay. Which is why I am constantly challenging my comfort zones with fashion and daring to try new styles that I previously would have shuddered from even considering. 

I approach life with tenacity and positive realism. I am a born and bred urban girl and although fashionably adventurous .. I will never put myself through agony to pull off a look. I will not be wearing thigh high boots in this crazy hot humid country and be crabby all day as a result. I have my limitations with foot injuries so I am careful with footwear. I blog because I am passionate about it and I do not (as yet) earn a dime from I try to be fashionable yet frugal. Especially this year, because I am saving up for a major overseas trip and I have had quite a few medical complications that required a fair bit of my finances to dry out. 

So I won’t be THE most fashionable girl in the room because I have these limitations. I still do appreciate fashion and guzzle down the latest in the fashion world by reading articles, watching fashion week shows and staying in the know. 

I adapt. I make do with what I have and keep myself very sanguine. Life is too short to be complaining about what we cannot have. I know I am capable of bigger, better things but being frustrated is not going to bring those things into my life. I remain passionate and an ever-adoring fashion lover no matter what. 

Tartan red Bodycon dress – Forever 21 Plus. Feather necklace doubled up as a collar – Lovisa. Red pumps – Pazzion. 

I picked this look for the post because gosh I love tartan and this dress has been waiting to be worn since the end of 2014..but my bad health came along and slowed things down. Plaid and tartan are still a very big trend, it was evident in Spring/Summer 2015 collections everywhere. 

Tartan brings me back yet again to the teenage years. The 90s had a huge tartan trend and I wore a lot of oversized tartan button downs with bootcut light denim jeans and black Timberland boots. I think my hairstyle was pretty similar then too! Except for the blonde – we weren’t allowed to dye our hair in secondary school. So this is another 90s revival right here! 

Why did I begin fashion blogging? 

Some of you might have read my reasons before but for the benefit of my new readers and for those not in the know..Here goes! 

There isn’t enough representation for the plus size community in Asia. I flip through magazines and cannot relate to the skinny petite figures. I am tired of looking at slimming advertisements describing fat people in ways that make them seem like worthless slobs. Back when I started CBH, I had yet to  see Indian plus size girls out there who were confident in their skin. They seemed so embarrassed and almost apologetic for existing in those bodies. The constant body shaming I witnessed and experienced sickened me. I needed a voice for girls like me who felt so alone, unrepresented and misunderstood. When I realised there wasn’t one, I decided to be that voice. Be the change that I wanted to see. 

To be Continued in a second part. WordPress does not seem to be saving my post beyond this point and it’s deleted the latter part of this post TWICE (oh the drama). So I will start anew with a second part to this post later today. 

Chat soon! 😉 


3 thoughts on “Curves Around the World relaunch (part 1)

  1. No way am I featured in such an amazing post, in such wonderful company! Thank you thank you thank you! I’m so glad to know you, because you inspire me all the time. You ROCK that tartan. ❤

  2. Loving this intro to Curves Around the World’s Relaunch! Will definitely check out the crew! YES to style, women of color visibility, fat visibility, and being fierce! And by fierce, I am clearly talking about you in that dress.

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