It’s Always Sunny In Singapore

No really. 

Except for 2 rainy months at the end of each year, it is Hot, Humid and drives a lot us indoors. 

But my salvation in this heat is the pool. Since my folks moved 5 minutes away from me in their new condo that has a pool (among other facilities), this is my once or twice weekly zen spot. Plus it always seems to be a lot windier at their place because it’s on a low level and unobstructed by tall buildings. 

So! Everyone knows about blogger Gabi Fresh‘s swim sexy collection for Swimsuits for All. I fell in love with a few pieces and ventured to get a one piece. A two piece is coming up in a month or so. I don’t think I’ll shoot that one at my parents’ condo though..lets just say there were a number of inquisitive onlookers who didn’t look too kindly at my fat body. Because fat bodies shouldn’t be visible, that makes people cringe in Asia! 

Whatever. Who knows, I might get the gumption to do it there again and this time just have my “fuck em” attitude with me. 

So without further delay! Here goes: 



I got the D/DD cup Underwire One Piece in a tropical pattern, size US 16 (UK 18). 

It’s gorgeous isn’t it?!?!! When I got it in the mail I was so nervous about the fit because it was my first time purchasing from swimsuitsforall but once I put it on I was so happy!! 


Naturally I don’t usually wear heels or earrings or makeup when I am about to swim but I wanted to make the effort for the photo shoot 🙂 

My Review

The beautiful tropical print aside, the swimsuit fit me perfectly. I don’t have a long torso and I am a busty girl, plus I have a lot of booty. I was afraid that the suit would be cut too high or the cups would be too tight but I had no such problem. I always prefer underwire bras because my breasts are not perky so the support with this suit made me feel safe. 

The suit is fully line with tummy control and it isn’t a thin fabric, thank goodness. In fact I had to double check that I wasn’t wearing my underwear by mistake under the suit because it’s much thicker than my other swimsuits. The straps are detachable but I’d rather keep them on for safety purposes! :p 

It has a good amount of stretch, which always helps. The padding of the cups is firm. 

Overall, I really really like my Swim Sexy one piece! Previously my swimsuits were functional – for swimming laps basically – but hey I love having fun with fashion now so I am absolutely going to get a stash of gorgeous swimsuits for a jaunt to the jacuzzi. 

By the way, you can definitely swim in this suit without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction – If you are not too chesty. I consider myself moderately chesty so it wasn’t a problem for me. But, I do think suits like these need more TLC when washing them so it won’t be used as often as my more functional swimsuits are. 



Little Details



Serious props to the hubster for the picture above! Not like he minded.. 

Have you bought yourself some swimwear lately? I would love to know the kind of swimsuits you own and what you’d like to buy! This year is Hella Fierce swimsuit season in the plus size world, so many companies coming up with Gorgeous designs! 

I have to give a shoutout to ModCloth for the swimsuit shoot with their own staff. You can read all about it here.It was really nice to see women of all shapes and heights try on the same suits for comparison. All size inclusivity FTW! 

Before I sign off, I’d just like to extend tight hugs and so many thank yous for the sweet, encouraging and heartfelt comments that have come my way since my last post. It was very difficult to write and I was so afraid of putting out there but you guys made me feel at ease and gave me comfort. I love you all so so much. 

Have a lovely weekend my loves, let’s be kind with what we say to ourselves and of others. 


Love, Aarti Olivia xxxo 


One thought on “It’s Always Sunny In Singapore

  1. Hi,
    Aarti. Just today I came across your IG account. This will be my first time writing to a person behind the keyboards of how truly you inspired me. With your pictures and your blog write ups, you made me feel that no matter what size anyone is, they shouldn’t be judged and your work of embracing your curves is just AMAZING. That’s a capslock. It’s just so amazing. I would wish to meet you as an idol or a personality. You’re doing such a great job, it’s just overwhelming for people like me. I used to be a big curvy girl and I’ve lost weight, cause of all those ‘weighty’ issues. I’m still curvy and busty not thin, but theen. And you’ve thought me how to embrace it. I hide myself even after losing those weights with tops which has sleeves and NO sleeveless game and pants, NO skirts, just minding what people see and judge. But now NO MORE.

    Again, you’re beyond GREAT. I just wish to see more of your kind of people around the world. Just keep going and you’re GORGEOUS. (Not for the sake of saying, but you really do) Your fashion sense is super good. A list. Curvy people are beautiful. Well, all are people no matter what kind of body you have, right?! Haha

    Shobna, 21

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