Plaid, Tulle and more Plaid 

Hello my dear ones! 

At the later half of last year, I received an email from Sally McGraw of blog Already Pretty to join her team of blogger contributors. I accepted the offer after some dancing around the hallway (I’ve been following her blog for quite sometime!). I did my first post for AP in mid March. It was a fashion post and I’m sharing that post today. Did another one for AP yesterday so rest assured, that will be up on the blog as well. 
Running along a similar theme to the red tartan dress I wore in March, I try on another tartan style, plaid. 


Plaid blouse – Asos Curve , sz uk 18 

Black Tutu dress with a spaghetti strap top – Asos Curve (from last December’s festive collection), sz uk 18 

chunky necklace – Cotton On

black pumps – Rubi

The dress by itself, is gorgeous as well and yes I will feature it for another post on its own..what I did here was tuck the top portion in before tucking the plaid blouse in. This only works for tops that are not thick and short enough to be tucked underneath! I’ve done something like this before last year when I tried on my first romper

The plaid blouse is so very comfortable and soft..I’ve worn it out on sweltering hot days and I Never wear long sleeved let alone sleeved clothing when it’s crazy warm. It’s not the sort of material that clings for dear life to perspiration and makes you wish you could tear the top off (please fight the urge) or change into another top. 

The skirt is not overly voluminous for a tulle one but I still love it! I think I am officially Obsessed with tutu skirts :p If you follow other plus size fashion blogger you have definitely seen sinew gorgeous styles out there! I am in Love with the tulle skirt posts my friend Margot Meanie has done of late! 

My girlie Rebequita Rose had a very sweet tulle moment in this post ❤ 

Now tulle skirts you might assume make someone of a petite stature like me appear shorter but Nope, not true at all! 

Well here’s a complimentary booty shot 😉  

Close Up of the skirt 

Restyling the Plaid blouse 
I considered making a shirt dress out of this top but I found it a little too short for my liking – I’ll go strapless, sleeveless, backless, plunging neckline but Not short’s a personal preference- so I opted for the look below instead: 


I switched it up from the tulle dress to these PU leggings from Cotton On (sz XL) for a more casual chic look. Belted it up with a black skinny belt, tossed the mane into a bun and there you are .. An entirely different style. 


I got these leggings on impulse on my latest trip back to my home away from home, Melbourne. I think the sizes are a little better in the Aussie stores and this does not make me itch or feel uncomfortable despite being out on a warm day. 

Here’s a cute shot of Schatzi interrupting my shoot  

Signing off for now, 

chat soon!  


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