maxi season


Sharing the latest fashion post I’ve done as contributor on blog Already Pretty

It’s about a dress style that seems to inhabit my wardrobe a lot more of late – the maxi dress. 


Maxi dress in the shade of Rust – Forever 21 Plus

Choker necklace – Lovisa 

Metal cuff bangle – Diva

What I love about the maxi skirt/dress since trying them 2 years ago is that they are surprisingly comfortable and hot climate-friendly (the latter is So important because of where I reside). As someone of a shorter stature, I was hesitant to try on a much longer skirt thinking that it would make me appear shorter but that myth is So Untrue. If anything it lends an air of chic. 


I seem to veer towards outfits in bold colours instead of prints this season and you’ll see that preference in the fashion posts to come. I love All colours but there does seem to be an affinity for deeper hues at the moment. This shade of orange is not a common outfit colour for me and I really, really like how it sets off the natural tan of my skin. Which is why I decided to go semi-formal with the accessories, to lend a Roman/Grecian style with this ensemble. 


I was having a really god awful migraine and it took every ounce of my will to prep my hair and makeup, so it was left relatively simple but still done decently..phew! The unpredictable weather changes here are seriously messing with my allergies. 

I have a few body positive posts coming up – 2 Unconditional Body Beautiful posts, 1 Curves Around the World post. But I will pepper in a fashion post in between 🙂 

What’s your dress style for this season? Are there particular prints that catch your eye right now that you’d like to try? 

I know it’s been a while and I thank you for being patient! I hope you’ve been well, sending you lots and lots of love. 

Remember: Be Kind to yourself. Speak kindly about your body. 

xxxo Aarti Olivia 


2 thoughts on “maxi season”

  1. What a beautiful and inspiring blog! You make me want to go shopping and find beautiful styles that would make me as radiant and beautiful as you are!!!! Your smiling face is like a ray on sunshine on this day that has been saddened by the news in Orlando. Congratulations from Belgium! Ofelia

    1. Oh you are so sweet Ofelia! Heart thanks from Singapore! I hope you shop and have fun with fashion 🙂

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