Sunset is still my favourite Colour..


I have a deep love for sunrises and sunsets, among other beautiful aspects of nature that sometimes we take for granted. 

Languages are my forte and the poetry found in phrases of different languages can take my breath away just as much as sunsets can. 

I heard this line from a Hindi song years ago 

“Sindoori Shaam Ho Gayi” which literally translated in English means It has become a vermillion evening. I am pretty sure I am not doing the translation justice but just think about that image for a moment. 

An evening splashed in shades of vermillion

This vermillion skied evening, I went to spend time with my mom and the fam.  It has become increasingly important, almost urgent to see her a lot more often because losing Maa delivered a huge body blow to my equilibrium. I’ve lost one mother. I plan to hold on to the woman who carried me for 9 months and then spent all my life reminding me of it (ah motherly guilt), close to me. 

It was a simple evening. My cousin’s wife came over with a cake and we wished the mothers among us a Happy Mother’s Day. Bhabhi (sister in law) started singing a Mother’s Day song…Archana (younger sis) and I grimaced at the song, we fed each other slices of cake and I just looked over at my mother from time to time in the evening. Just, reflecting. 

What I wore : 


Told ya I’m big on maxi dresses this season! This tan and white striped dress from Forever 21 Plus is SO comfy. These dresses are officially ordained into my casual Sunday looks. Sunglasses are vintage, I picked them up in a bazaar in a vintage store in Australia. Can’t remember which one. 

 From L-R: Lina (our helper who has become a part of our family), Archana (kooky younger sister), Momma with a Thug Life pose, Kamini bhabhi (who has been a mother figure to me since I was 15. I was the first person to see her firstborn and I practically watched him grow up until age 2, before I flew to Oz) and Me (in my purdy-nerdy glasses). 

As a fur-baby mom, I looked at my brood of 5 this Sunday morning and smiled. Motherhood comes in so many different guises. 

Love you Mommy. 

Love you Maa. 




4 thoughts on “Sunset is still my favourite Colour..

  1. Lovely! I too love Sunsets! For more then a year I would travel to the beach every sunday, camp out on the pier and have a date with myself to watch the sun set. It was a beautiful way to spend my Sunday and a waking meditation. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas in your fam bam! ❤

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