fatkini season – the beginning

Hello my loves!!

Has it been a while! Now I know you might be wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to – all to be talked about in another post.

This fatkini post is a first of many to come 🙂 I’d first seen Gabi Fresh wear the fatkini years ago and was in awe. In awe because I had given up hope on ever wearing a two piece swimsuit.

I had worked hard in my 20s to gain a ‘bikini body’ – I wanted those taut abs, slim legs and toned arms. Having given up on my body and ever wearing swimwear beyond boring black swimsuits, I became bitter and angry at myself.

But of course you know how that changed and I am well on my way to being at peace with myself, in all aspects. However when everyone broke out into fatkinis last year, I still found myself struggling.

Crop tops changed that for me. When crop tops began trending, I loved how my plus size fashionistas around the world were embracing showing off their midsection despite the haters and shamers. All I can see when I see a fatshionista wearing a crop top or a two piece swimsuit is the liberation and glee on their faces!

So when I tried on my first crop top, I was terrified but it felt so exciting. I couldn’t believe how good it looked contrary to my previous belief of hiding the lumps and bumps. Girls were opening up about their fears and facing them. I decided to take that leap too and it was well worth it. There is no turning back now 😉

Speaking of which, the look above was featured in this Buzzfeed article that was published in May this year, whee!

For my ladies who are still debating with showing off their midsection, this post by my fatshionista friend and founder of hashtag Alternative Curves, Margot Meanie will be very helpful.

So..on to the fatkini..Jeepers am I nervous.

The Look

Photo 24-6-15 6 20 16 pm


Photo 24-6-15 6 21 56 pm

peach bikini top and bottom – Forever 21 Plus

headband – Cotton On

pink wedge heels – Rubi 

I got this set in a size 1X a few months ago and when I tried it on, I screamed and jumped for joy because it was the PERFECT first-time bikini set for me. It is so comfortable, the padding and lining was done well and most of all, I just loved how I looked in it. These sets sell so fast on the website, by the time I wanted to purchase a few more in different colours that I liked, it was all sold out!

Of course there was the trepidation with snapping these pictures and of course it had to be a busy day at the poolside of my parents’ condo. I had been stared and pointed at the last time I did the Gabi Fresh swim sexy one piece there, so I did know what to expect and I was not going to let it get my spirits down. I felt cheery and there was nobody that could take that feeling of joy and pride away 🙂

As a first-timer in a bikini, this style is definitely one that I would recommend to you budding summer bathing beauties. It does not have to be a top of the line, pricey brand..start simple and work your way up to more fabulosity – thats how I have navigated my way through fashion since creating the blog.

Photo 24-6-15 6 22 20 pm

I have flappy friendly arms, a tiger striped midsection, dimpled thick thighs – in other words I look NOTHING like the models in plus size swimwear ads. No matter how slim I was, my arms were always fleshier, my tummy had those marks and the thighs remained dimpled.

THIS IS MY BODY, and I will not apologise to be seen in a two piece. I have wished for the day I would splash about in the pool with a bikini. I don’t care for the perfect body. I just want to be at ease with myself after years of disapproval and self-hatred.

Photo 24-6-15 6 23 18 pm

Photo 24-6-15 6 26 13 pm

Photo 24-6-15 6 28 31 pm

Photo 24-6-15 6 29 14 pm

If you’re not comfortable as yet with wearing what I have on here – Don’t be unkind to yourself about that fact. Don’t despair either. Celebrate the little achievements You have made with body positivity, they matter. You don’t need a large sweeping makeover or change to learn to accept yourself. There is so much more to a person than the clothes we wear. As much as I love to dress up, I work hard at the other aspects of me. My passions, train of thoughts, campaigns and initiatives..they matter a whole lot to me. So remember that the next time you feel daunted with improving your wardrobe or style sense.

May your heart be Kind, your mind Fierce and your spirit Brave

All my love, Aarti Olivia xxxo


19 thoughts on “fatkini season – the beginning”

  1. Gorgeous! That color is so perfect on you! It practically screams things like “Summer!” “Tropical Beach!” and “BEAUTIFUL!”

  2. omg ik im late on this but yesss you are so cute! and that color! ah ik people were so envious of you boo. stay beautiful and get ready for the new swimsuits for next year. I am still going to water parks and beaches to make sure I have a picture in all five of my new ones lol

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