Curves Become Her meets Adevi Clothing 

Hey guys! 

It’s the start of the long weekend here in Singapore in celebration of the nation’s independence. Which for me translates to plenty of siestas and plenty of tv shows to catch up on. Unless anyone drags me out, I’m staying cosy at home! 

I cannot seem to remember when it was exactly that I e-met Ratna but I do recall being very excited that a plus size fashionista from Malaysia (neighbouring country) got in touch with me because Asia needs more representation! She owns her very own plus size clothing store and you can check out the available apparel on her Facebook Page. When she asked if me I wanted to review an item from her store Adevi Clothing, I was so excited 😀 

What I love about Ratna’s fashion philosophy is that just like You and I, she is on the road to reclaiming herself from the negativity that comes from being plus sized. In Asia, you Will stand out if you’re beyond a size 10. We share common grievances with shopping in Asia on the whole and we relate to each other’s struggles with trying to make waves in a society that is obsessed with slimming fads and constant body bashing talk. 

But enough about the struggles! We also have a good time oohing and aahing at the plus size fashionistas around the world, the emerging stores and designers. This is a pretty exciting time for the community. 

So let me get to the outfit review. 

The Look


(It just Had to be a ridiculously cloudy day when I decided to shoot for this post). 

sleeveless denim vest – Forever 21 Plus

skirt – Adevi clothing 

crop top – Swimsuits for All bikini top with a mesh front, sz 16 

necklace – Lovisa 

black pumps – Rubi 

I had a plain white crop top in mind with this skirt but I felt it wouldn’t do the look justice so I decided to improvise 😉 

The skirt is soft with a good amount of stretch and it’s so versatile, you could style it in so many different ways. It could be a formal work skirt with the right top, it could be a nod to nautical style, it could be dressed down with a statement tee or a crop top or you could go rockabilly style with it. It’s a gorgeous shade of blue and I absolutely love it! 

I have been meaning to work with a bold shade of blue for the blog so this was perfect. I can see myself wearing this for brunch with the girlfriends or a work meeting with a crisp white blouse and belt. 

I’m glad that the bikini top wasn’t the exact shade of blue or it would have been too matchy-matchy and I am not feeling that at the moment. 

Alternatively, a tank top or camisole would work just fine if a crop top isn’t for you. If you’d like to sleeve it up, that’s a good option too. I went with this bikini top because well, I felt like changing things up a little. I have never been shy about my arms so they are on proud display, my flappy friendly arms. 

It’s really funny when I wear a crop top because most bottoms come up pretty high above my waist since I stand at a petite 5 ft 2 I had to deliberately pull the skirt lower! Thankfully that works well with this skirt so it’s all good. 

Here’s a look from the back..

I think this has got to be my favourite  shot. Very oohlala 😉 

As you can see, I’m Blonde no more! Bye bye blondie! Natural is back and it will stay this way. I realised how much I missed this..I have dyed my hair so often over the years that even though it seems like the cool thing to do by going Manik Panik on my locks, I think I’m staying au naturel. It’s time to give it some tlc and to just express my ‘vibrance’ in different ways. It’s a little Brady Bunch meets Joan Jett right now because I had my hairdresser chop off the damaged bits thanks to the bleach from last year..starting afresh with hair untainted by that stuff. I kinda like it though. 


naturally sleepy eyes that often get mistaken for sultry

so this is the look for the week! I really enjoy collaborations and this was such a pleasure to do. Thank you for the opportunity Ratna! I will finally be meeting you in person next week and I can’t wait *jiggy dancing* 


Folks, I would like to thank you for being such loyal and caring readers. You are my inspiration. 

Chat Soon

xxxo Aarti Olivia 


Selfies for Self Love 😉


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