Ruffle dress in Mint Teal 

Hello loves! 

It’s the end of another week and the year is just whizzing by! I’m trying my best to play catch up with the purchases I made for fashion posts in the Summer. Of course you are aware that it is Summer all the time where I am but the seasons everywhere else (except Aus/NZ) dictate the style of outfits. 

My go-to places for online shopping needs some variety so I decided to shop online at Rue 107 this time round. It’s a pretty rad clothing store based in New York and I love the vibrance of their exudes fun! 

The outfit I am wearing in this post is my second purchase from the store and the first outfit will be worn in the coming week. They’re both adorable! 

The Look


Nicolette off the shoulder ruffle dress in Mint Teal XL/1X (US 14-16)Rue 107 

beaded yellow necklace – thrifted 

light blue ballet flats – thrifted 

Let me start off by saying, 

This dress does Not disappoint when you see it in person. It is the exact shade you see on the website and it is so perfect for summer. It evokes sunny blue skies, a glistening swimming pool and oranges for a Mai Tai! 

The fabric is Polyester and Spandex, which makes it comfortably stretchy and sweat-stain proof. You could get the top version of this print and wear it to the pool, I am not kidding! Swimming in it is an entirely different matter of course..there are proper swimming suits and then there are “gorgeous look at me by the pool and let’s get a tan swimsuits”. 

There is a pink version of this and it is just as cute but my eyes were set on this. The colour combo is perfection. It just makes you…Happy 🙂 

The flutter sleeves are a big hit with me ever since I wore my first flutter sleeve dress from at the end of 2014, that beauty was in maroon. The arms are not constricted in any way. It is a very fitted dress however so size up if you’d is going to cling to your every curve. 


What I see in these pictures is a happy, sassy lass who loves her outfit and enjoys being photographed in it. And that is the same mindset I will bring forth when I take this dress for a spin around town! 

I kept the makeup for this look with a coral, yellow hue in mind to complement the dress. I’ve been trying to figure out if my skin is a warm or cool tone and the jury is still out there! Darker lipsticks, blue eyeshadow look just as nice on me as coral, pink shades. Maybe I’m both? Is that possible? *shrugs* 

The beaded necklace I have on is something I got ages ago and I did not have the heart to get rid of it which thankfully made it handy for this look. 

These flats were an impulse buy last year and it is adorable. 

I am not quite ready to let go of Summer fashion season yet so you will be seeing more outfits like this one in August! 

I hope you have a good start to your week and for those of you who perhaps need a chin up, here is something I say to myself oh so often: 

Those Who Matter Don’t Mind and,

Those Who Mind Don’t Matter

Sending you all my love 

xxxo Aarti Olivia 


13 thoughts on “Ruffle dress in Mint Teal 

    1. I’ve had my eye on that brand for a while and the prints are so much fun! You’ll love the other outfits too. Thank you babe!

  1. I love rue I have two swimsuits and a dress from them. Oh how that dress complements you! Now you have to get the watermelon swimsuit I’ll tell you that you show thighs for days. Well at least I do wearing it lol

    1. Hey babe!! Thank you! That watermelon suit is so pretty and yes it is cut very high! I have bought so many swimsuits this summer my goodness I don’t know if I have space for one more but oh it’s so tempting 😉 Hope you’ve been well!

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