Summer Evenings 

Hello loves! 

I’ve been struggling with intense stomach pain and distension for the past few days – it’s either a gastro or ovarian thing – and I am trying to be a patient pussycat. It’s taking All my patience to bear with the discomfort! Plus it’s eating into my time, I could be doing so much right now but Doctors orders are Stay in bed, hydrate and recuperate UGH. Have quite a few tests to undergo to find out what on earth’s cookin in that belly of mine. 

Thankfully, I did a fashion post before the symptoms got real bad. So here goes! 

I had a bit of a Forever 21 Plus haul in early 2015 but I churned out very few posts in the first half of this year so I’m finally getting these lovelies featured. 

The Look


floral maxi dress – Forever 21 Plus 
white and gold slippers – Rubi 

earrings – Lovisa 

Where do I start with what I love about the dress? The keyhole neckline, the colours with pretty poppy flowers, the front and back slits, the way it sits nicely at the waist, the billowy texture. Perfect for a Sunday evening dinner by the beach. 

 The dress comes with a slip and it’s not one of those tight slips some dresses have on, makes sense to have that layer seeing how light the fabric is.

My only issue was with trying to find the right bra. I Don’t have a strapless bra at the moment because I have yet to find one that actually does its job. So I had to wear them pasties. Didn’t feel very secure with just them on! 

Little Details


I kept with a very natural, understated look for makeup with just some mascara on the eyes for a change. Yes I don’t wear mascara anymore, it is a rarity. 

I own more maxi dresses than I ever have and that’s quite a surprise seeing how I avoided them for a long time being 5 ft 2 and all. They have an elegance to them when worn well. 

Now it’s time for this very grumpy cat to rest and send me Aaaaalll the good vibes so I feel better soon! 

Sending you lots of love 

xxxo Aarti Olivia 


8 thoughts on “Summer Evenings 

  1. Hi Aarti,

    Just a suggestion, but make sure you are not having Diverticulitis attacks. I have them, but am now in the process of healing myself with clean eating and watching the foods I eat AND the foods I combine to eat. I am so tired of taking the strong antibiotics my doctor prescribes to clear it up every time.

    I have had stomach issues every since I was a child. (always the one to get car sick during my childhood vacations in the car) ugh..! it’s been quite a journey with my stomach. I am finally trying to take my health issues in my own hands, and not rely so much on doctor intervention….. unless it is an absolutely serious matter, of course.

    Good luck, and I pray your tests reveals what the issue is so you can start to get better and STAY better!


    1. oh my I am definitely going to get that checked out! I’ve had a troublesome stomach since childhood too and once puberty came along it just got progressively worse. My GP was so unhelpful and I might just have to go the Emergency hospital ward tmrw if it persists. Thank you so much for letting me know! YES to getting better and staying better!

  2. Like I said before I’m sending truckloads of good vibes, hugs, cat pictures and louuu from here. I LOVE the way this dress flows around you. And the earrings remind me of home i.e. Delhi i.e. Janpath where we’d love finding tons of earrings like these.

    1. Thank you so much Bebe!!
      I love Indian earrings so so much so I was really happy to find this pair. They can be pretty pricey in Little India, everything gets hiked up from bangles to bindis to jewellery and Punjabi suits or sarees. You have to spend a little fortune to put an Indian look together, even more so if you are plus sized :/

      and Thank you SO much for the well wishes! You are truly a sweetheart ❤️

  3. I just wanted to drop by and say I’m keeping a good thought for you. 🙂

    About this dress – you could always Carrie Bradshaw it up and wear a cute bra and let it be visible a little. 🙂

    I’m really loving your new hair colour. 🙂

    1. Thank you So much!
      and that is a Lovely idea for the dress! I love my new hair colour too, it’s my actual hair shade and it just feels more Me 😀

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