casual chic Saturday 

Hello loves! 

It’s the weekend and thank goodness for it. I hope you’ve been keeping well and had a decent week. And if you didn’t, then I hope you have yourself a chillaxing weekend 🙂 

So I have started on the tests at the gynae, so far nothing has come up except for a sizeable ovarian cyst. I do however want to get an appt with a gastroenterologist just to see if it’s an intestinal issue, since I do seem to have pain flares and gastritis after eating certain foods. So we’ll see how that pans out over the weeks to come. 

It wasn’t an eventful Saturday, just a jaunt to a nearby cafe and a movie at home. So I wore something I have a lot of in my wardrobe: a summer dress. 

The Look




For casual outings, I tend to have on light maxi dresses or midi summer dresses like this one and accessorise simply with loafers or plimsolls. 

My time of the month decided to grace me with its presence with no warning of course and I really wasn’t in the mood for a night in town. I wasn’t even in the mood to shoot for the blog but I’m trying to get back into the habit of at least once weekly fashion posts. Not a bad habit to have! 

summer dress – Dorothy Perkins 

plimsolls – Rubi 

choker – Lovisa 

When I chanced upon this dress in the store, it brought a wide smile to my face because I had a sleeved chiffon maxi dress just like this one when I was 13. I remember wearing it with clunky boots and a choker so I consider this dress a blast from the 90s 🙂 

Back then, I was escorted shopping with my folks and it was really only after 12 that I was even allowed to pick my own clothing. So I do not take responsibility for my clothes before that age! My mom used to think it was cute to dress my younger sister and I in identical clothing. Oy what a nightmare. You have to remember, my sister was 4 years my junior and we have completely different body shapes so I Haaaaated having to wear what she was wearing. She was so much more feminine. I was the antithesis of feminine. I could have lived through my childhood in a tank top and Bermudas. 

Anyway, I digress! 

I loved my fashion sense after 13 because I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted to be dressed and did not have my folks to stop me anymore. 

This is a pretty simple dress and the fit is good. My only complaint is the weird way the sleeves are cut and that tends to happen a lot here because the majority population is petite. Given that this was created for a plus sized body however, it made no sense that they’d have a weird gap at the sleeve only to draw attention to the armpits. So I tug at the sleeves often when I wear it :p 


Little Details

There’s a cute little bow above the cutout at the back of the dress. You know me, I like the little things 😉

I decided to make this even more of an homage to the 90s by wearing an elastic choker with an interesting pattern. 

You cannot go wrong with denim plimsolls. I’m just saying! 

I was honestly too bloated and cramping badly thanks to the time of the month to apply makeup, so it was just a little dab of concealer under the tired eyes and a Dior lip gloss in coral. 

So that’s me for now! I have a few body positive posts coming up that I just need to fine tune. Also, I did a fashion post for my friend Sally’s blog at Already Pretty that will be out tomorrow. I will be sure to share that soon. 

Sending you all my love, 

xxxo Aarti Olivia 


8 thoughts on “casual chic Saturday 

  1. Hey Hun. I love that dress. Is is comfy? I always thought I couldn’t wear Dorothy Perkins but now I see that I can!!!! And let’s talk about the shoes. What a cute look!!

    1. Hey luv, the dress is So comfy. Those shoes are a staple in my shoe collection! Thank you my love!! Hope you’ve been keeping well 💛

    1. Those highlights are accidental!
      I had gone full platinum blonde and they’re stubborn so while I re-dyes my hair brown, it still shows! But thank you anyway 🙂
      and with summer dresses or any other outfit, to each her own xx

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