the LWD

So this is the extended version of the post I did for Already Pretty over the weekend! 

So this is another variation of the type of summer dress I enjoy wearing. I frankly don’t care for whether the LBD or LWD are ‘in season’ because for me they are classic wardrobe staples. Same goes for anything in animal prints or tan shades. 

I only started wearing white outfits – pants, jeans, dresses – in my 30s because I was under the misconception that white just wasn’t suited for someone of my size. Now, I love wearing all white ensembles or white outfits because well vainly speaking, they bring out my natural tanned hue very nicely 🙂 

The Look


little white dress – 

pink wedge heels – Rubi 

statement necklace – Lovisa 

I love everything about this dress: the texture, the cut, the fit and flare style. It’s comfortable, elegant and easy to transition from workwear to a night about town. 

Little Details


The cool thing about the belt is it’s detachable, and I’ve used it for other looks. You can belt this dress up with another if you wish. 

  This necklace. How do I describe it? It’s stunning! 

Makeup had a pink tinge with some pink glitter on the eyes and matte pink lippie. Hair was inspired by my friend Luanne of Weesha’s World from this post. I cannot carry off the exact style she has because it does Not look good on me at all but yeah I pinned some of the hair back :p 

Is the LWD something that transcends all seasons for you or do you prefer it in the warmer seasons? 

There has been an influx of fashion posts which have been so fun to do! But it’s time to get real with some body positive issues as I mentioned in my previous post. So I’ll be working on those for now. 

Have yourself a great new week ahead! Just a little thought before you start the week proper : So many of us undervalue what we are and overvalue what we are not. So be kinder to yourself when you hit a low note alright? 

Sending you all my love, 

xxxo Aarti Olivia 


5 thoughts on “the LWD

    1. White can be versatile believe it or not. There are just as many shades is it as there are for other basic colours like black, grey, brown. So play around with the shades and see what works for you!

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