Inspired : denim jumpsuit 

I am an admirer of people with a distinct style sense who keep you wondering just what they’ll be wearing next when you see them on social media. 

Helen Lasichanh is such a person. Model, fashion designer, wife of Pharell Williams – this reclusive lady has caught my keen eye many times over the years. There isn’t that much mentioned about her aside from her bring photographed with Pharell or their son at events (which is unfortunate because I am curious to know about her). 

She mixes casual street wear with different prints, handles menswear like a pro, mixes up really feminine clothing items with androgynous clothing. She loves plimsolls and sneakers but can certainly carry off a pretty pair of heels. She is no wallflower and stands on her own fashionable feet beside Pharell. 

Her style sense may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I like it because I enjoy clashing clothing that should not mix. Plus, I am still a tomboy underneath all those dresses and skirts you see me in today. 

I spied this look on Helen a while back and really wanted to give it a try.

I’ve had a denim jumpsuit in my closet for months, waiting to be worn. I have quite a few denim blouses. I have a whole lotta hats. So I thought, why the hell not!! 

Now I am sure some would think: this looks good on her because she is skinny and tall. 

Well let’s see how this translates on my petite plus sized body shall we? 😉 

Denim jumpsuit – Forever 21 Plus

Denim blouse – Cotton On 

Bowler hat – Ebay 

White heels – D&G 

Turquoise bangle – The Island Shop at Tangs 

So. Obviously there are certain things I could not do exactly as Helen did. 

Like buttoning the blouse up right to the top. As a busty lass, that just does not bode well. 

I do not own bracelets so I used a bangle instead 

There was no full sized shot of Helen in this look so I had no idea what her footwear was. I had to improvise! 

Not the exact hat but yeap bowler hats I have in abundance! 

I think it was a pretty decent take on Helen’s jumpsuit look!

The hilarious bit for me when getting this photo shoot done was how it felt to be dressed in denim from top to toe on a particularly warm day. If you see me squinting my eyes or frowning It was thanks to the heat!!! 

I thought I’d try a few shots without the hat. 

Makeup was at a minimum. Just a brown lippie and some eyeliner. 


I am inspired by women from all around the world, of all sizes and styles. It is my belief that fashion should work for you and not the other way round. Less boundaries, more experimentation! 

Who are you inspired by fashion-wise? Is there a certain look by a person that you’d like to try? 

Ponder on that while I send you all my love! Have a good new week ahead.

xxxo Aarti Olivia 


12 thoughts on “Inspired : denim jumpsuit ”

  1. Omg!!! Love love this look!! 😍
    You look amazing!! I love your blog aswell as your IG account you are an inspiration to me!
    Loves and hugs
    Tania x

  2. I have never thought about recreating the look of someone else. My body type seems so different, that I just assume what celebrities are wearing won’t “work” for me. This post makes me think differently. Right on!

    1. Yay!!! This was my first overalls and I was hesitant about it to say the least but in the end after the finished look I really loved it!

  3. You look fabulous! I tend to find that I am often inspired by people I see in the street but that might be because I live in one of the most fashion conscious cities in the world.

    1. I’d be like you too if I lived in a city like yours! I’m not crazy about my local fashion scene, it’s a little boring for me.

  4. hello! two thumbs up you look confident and sassy 🙂 – but i am already sweating thinking of you moving around in this ensemble in the current haze and heat!

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