and baby I’ll rule 

I guess you can call this my prelude to Fall. Summer colours and trends have been fun, now it’s time to enjoy some fall fashion…without covering myself in layers because I can’t! :p 

Are you looking forward to Fall or Fall trends? I know I am. I love the colours and styles that come with each season. I don’t know if I have a favourite fashion season to dress for! 

So I’ve been told countless of times, starting from my late Nani (maternal grandmother) that red is my colour. I would have to agree.

My favourite shade of red is scarlet. The dress I have on for this post is a fire engine red. Look at me getting technical with colours! Why am I boring you? 

Red to me is a fiery feminine Goddess-like colour. My religion definitely plays a part in this because there is the Hindu deity Durga that is always swathed in a red sari. It is a primal, passionate, emotionally intense colour that evokes positive and negative energy and imagery. The colour is considered auspicious in India which is why brides often wear shades of red for the wedding nuptials. 

As a woman, the colour red for me also symbolises rebirth, regeneration and destruction. 

But enough with the monologue on why I love the colour! 

The Look


red maxi dress – Forever 21 Plus

headpiece – Lovisa 

bangles – Lovisa 

sandals – Rubi 

For some reason, I wanted to mix Indian accessories with this dress. It felt royal, like an updated interpretation to that term.  


My only gripe? I should have worn a different bra. The straps for this bra were too thick and kept sticking out of the dress. 

This dress feels luxuriously smooth and it will cling to every curve. There are so many ways I can think of styling the dress. This is is but one way. 

Little Details


I adore this headpiece and it is a statement piece. I had so many people stop just to have a look while I was shooting for this! 

I added bindis from my little assortment. Makeup was focused on the eyes, with gold shimmer and kohl. 

After quite the hiatus from fashion posts, I really enjoy the process of bringing a look together and having fun with it now. It got a little mechanical and boring for me for a while so I took that break. So now I have a different outlook on these posts! 

Whew that is my second fashion post for the week! I have upcoming body positive related posts, I like having a balance of both worlds..or well at least try to 😉 

As a young girl, I didn’t feel pretty for an Indian. I did not identify with my culture. Ironically it took an overseas study stint to really have me appreciate my heritage. Living in a western nation I felt acculturated. It made me realise how rooted I actually am to my culture. So today although you won’t always see me in ethnic wear, I have a profound love for where I come from.

The colour Red is a hue of my skin, the blood that runs through my veins and a celebration of the Indian Goddess in me. 

Sending you all my love, 

Aarti Olivia xxxo 

2 thoughts on “and baby I’ll rule 

  1. They say that you are not suppose to look at a woman in red. Why? I have no clue lol speaking from this side of the globe red has had more of a negative or even sultry way about it this its hard to take it as it should be. Which I love your definition of the Color. Your outfit shows it. It looks not only comfortable but effortlessly well put together. I love it. Simple but chic and graceful. Hey I felt the same way u did as far as feeling pretty for my race. But I will say I have always admired woman of your decent. You are truly beauty and have to put no effort too. Woman of color seem to have those types of features. Embrace and love it I say.

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