The Girl’s Gone Retro 

Hello loves! I hope you’ve been doing well. I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a fashion post and I’m back! 

So a major Fall trend this year is going retro – whether it’s the 50s, 60s or 70s. I decided to tackle 70s style because I was so envious looking at photographs of my mother looking so glorious in her clothing back then. She was a stunner and very fashionable! 

Swing Dresses. They look so good in pictures. But in reality, when I got this dress in the mail I was not convinced I could pull it off. Because swing dresses are so loose and basically I felt like I was wearing a tent. So I asked a few of my body positive friends how on earth I should style this and they were so helpful! I’ll speak about this little group I have sometime in the future. They are awesome. 

I have had this vision of me in a swing dress in my mind for so long and it really felt like a shame not wearing this after spending good money on it. So in Tim Gunn’s words I told myself to “make it work!” and am pretty happy with the outcome. It took me three days to think up of ways to style this, that’s a pretty long time seeing how my ADHD brain conjures up outfit of the day looks within minutes of laying my eyes on an outfit. I styled this in 2 different ways so take your pick with the one you prefer! 

So here goes! *drumroll* 

Style 1 


I call this my Janis Joplin meets Gloria Steinem look. They were two of my idols from that decade and I really wanted to bring that laid back, flower power, feminist power vibe to this ensemble. I had Janis’ songs playing in my head the whole time I did this shoot hahaha! 

Printed retro swing dress – Asos Curve 

Platforms – Rubi 

Margot Meanie sunglasses – Society + (previously known as Cool Gal Blue) 

Necklace and bangle – thrifted 

I saw the prints on this dress and it just screamed out at me! Which is why I took the huge leap of faith by getting this dress. I had No idea if this dress would do my vision justice but I think it did.

I can’t even begin to describe how excited I was shooting for this. I think I have major cos player love when trying on a new look which lends a whole new persona! 


Style 2 
For the times you prefer not to wear a very flared out dress, comes a thick belt to the rescue! 

This belt was a gift from my friend Priscilla Boh, local plus size model and awesome person. Thanks Prissy 🙂 

necklace – gift from Nepal 

belt – gift from Bangkok 

I have loved wearing turquoise stones since my adolescence and to my surprise I discovered they are my birth stone! I feel it lends a little pop of colour to this already vibrant look. 

I was unsure of how belting the dress up would look because I didn’t want it to look awkward but it worked! 

With those big shades (how cool are they??) on I didn’t have to worry about eye makeup haha so it didn’t take me as long as it normally does getting my face on for the shoot. Concealer coverage for the eyes always takes the longest.. 

Little Details


This was one of those shoots where people did a double take while I posed for the camera haha! I love the reactions I get from onlookers and passers by 😉

Getting out of your element to create a vision you have in mind is both daunting and exciting. So this post is an extra special one.

Well that’s me for now! Sending you all my love! Til next time! 

xxxo Aarti Olivia

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