Ready for Fall 

Hello loves, 

Thank you for the comments on the previous fashion was a big risk and fortunately it paid off 🙂 

So today’s fashion post is a short and simple one. Its my first look for Fall. 

Peplum is never going out of style in my books. It’s classy with a hint of cute. It’s still hot balmy weather here so the previous dress will only be worn when the weather cools down..whenever that is! However this post’s look is definitely something I enjoy wearing given the climate here. 

The Look



floral printed peplum top, shiny leggings – Asos Curve

book clutch – Society + (formerly known as Cool Gal Blue) 

watch – Lovisa 

heels – Pazzion (local store, Bishan branch) 

This is something I see myself wearing for dinner with friends, a night out in town or as a more polished day look with a blazer. 

Little Details


I love how the florals just pop and the colours are so pretty. It looks like a painting. 

This shot does not do the leggings justice. It is shiny when you see it in person, if I’m not wrong they were called disco leggings on Asos Curve! Rightly so. 

If you’re familiar with the blog then you know this pair of heels are very loved. Bling and spikes? Hell yes 🙂 

This watch is so cute and I prefer simple ones. 

My favourite accessory for this look! I’ve been keeping an eye out for book clutches because my bibliophile self loves the idea of them. I saw this on Society Plus’ website and I was sold! And now I want to scour the Internet for more book clutches because it’s just so me to have one of these since I always carry a book around wherever I go 😀 

Fun fact: I used to read dictionaries from cover to cover just so I could learn new words to confuse my teachers with in school. Geek Life Represent! 


say hello to the resting bitch face

For makeup, I focused on a slightly heavier amount of eyeliner on the lower lashline and an old earthy-brown lipstick. 

What is your favourite style of tops to wear? Mine are tees, peplum tops and airy blouses. Although I do step out of my comfort zone on occasion and try something completely different! You know I love a good challenge. 

Have a lovely weekend, chat soon 🙂 

xxxo Aarti Olivia


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