Blue Haze 

Hello Hello! 

Now I wish the title  ‘blue haze’ was inspired by misty refreshing air my fellow Singaporeans could benefit from but No..we’re donning them N95 masks to avoid asthma attacks and respiratory trouble. 

But life has to continue despite the dank grimy air so here I am with with my latest post done for Already Pretty where I am guest contributor for fashion posts. 


Split-Front Tunic – Society + (formerly known as Cool Gal Blue)

Kimberley Leggings (sold out) – Rue 107 

Statement necklace – Lovisa Singapore 

Turquoise flats – Thrifted


My blogger friend Natalie Hage of Natalie Means Nice wore this tunic top as part of the collection she curated for Society + and I loved it on her. I got these psychedelic leggings from Rue 107 a while back and wanted to get a chance to wear them for the blog, hence this combo 🙂 

Little Details


 The outfit aside, I absolutely love this liquid lipstick by Jeffree Starr in the shade Blue Velvet. I am not feeling particular fabulous thanks to glandular fever (gah! Not again) so this gorgeous shade certainly perked my mood up a little. 

I have a few updates to fill you up on which I will do in the next post. Meantime, lots of love and I hope you have a great week ahead! 


Aarti Olivia 


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