Click if you DARE – a Halloween special 

I LOVE Halloween. It started with this defiance to want to watch scary movies because of my parents’ adamant refusal to let me watch them. Their warnings only spurred my fantasies on and one fine day at the age of 15, I found myself huddled with my four closest friends while watching my very first movie. It set the bar for what I considered scary pretty high since the movie we picked was The Exorcist. 


Paranormal Activity 1 was so good
There was and still is a morbid fascination with the things that go bump in the dark. It has become an annual tradition with me to revisit the classics and try some newbie horror movies for the month of October. 


Any guesses which movie this is from?
I would have loved to get a proper get-up in celebration but it is Not cheap to invest in a really good look. Also, Halloween always coincides with impending Diwali shopping! The latter being of greater importance of course. With plus size costumes being a tad too costly for me, I’ve not had the pleasure. I hope I get to do so next year, will start saving up early! 

I am constantly Amazed by the looks my friends and acquaintances  come up with! The makeup is on point, the dedication to getting a look done is very very inspiring. 

 There is the annual debate between dressing sexy versus scary for us women and my take on that is: Dress up However you want. There are pun-ny getups, badass female looks, celebrity-inspired looks, gothic and macabre looks. Just have fun! 


The Only thing I turn my nose at are costumes that encourage cultural appropriation. If it involves black\brown\yellow face, accessories like feathered headgear or bindis that belong to a culture’s way of life, poking fun at another race or religion – it’s not right. Get yourself informed first before taking on someone’s culture that they cannot wipe away at the end of the day because they were born into it. Nor is it funny to dress up as Caitlyn Jenner; she may not have an issue with it but it is offensive to the transgender community. 

this is an actual Indian child celebrating his culture , not a costume

My Halloween pics don’t focus on an outfit but on the feel of eeriness. Enjoy 😉 

For all my fellow scary movie fans and Halloween celebrators, cheers to a spooky weekend 😉 

much love 

xxxo Aarti Olivia 


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