Eh-Voh-Lew-Shun fashun 

A look at the fashion evolution for Curves Become Her in 2015. And then the 2016 posts will begin proper! 

 So my first fashion post last year was post-eye surgery and it was one of my favorite looks. A gothic 90’s meets flower power love child. 

followed by a bodycon tartan number   

monochrome plaid and tulle  

A Major first! Wearing this gorgeous Gabi Fresh Swim Sexy one piece suit from Swimsuitsforall. Of course a fat girl can’t wear one without getting memed or shamed so there was some drama but So What!  

This was a more casual evening look with the plaid blouse and leather leggings. Match made in heaven in my opinion.  

This was a very new look on me since maxi dresses have not always been my thing. The colour, texture and the style really brought some freshness to the table.  

I call this, THE dress of 2015.  

I am not forgetting wearing my first two piece from Forever 21 Plus in a hurry!  

Casual evening looks – sundress from and t shirt dress from Asos Curve  

Decked out in hues of black and blue  

The prettiest summertime dress from Rue 107

A delicate floral maxi dress swathed in chiffon  

A few more casual evening looks  

My Matrix inspired look. I loved this so much!  

A very 90’s ensemble  

my first white skater dress with some iridescent bling  

Inspired by Pharrel’s other half Helen Lasichanh  

I call this the Feelin Myself look 

Feminista Fashionista  

My favorite peplum look of the year  

a scenic swimsuit. How about that. 

A maxi dress casual evening look 

bathed in blue and green  

I guess this could be my Bonnie and Clyde outfit? sans beret  

I opted for something non-traditional for Diwali 2015  

How can I forget my sparkly mermaid blogiversary bodycon number  

this was a really nice colour combo in my opinion  

You’re going to see a lot of Olivia in black this 2016 – it’s an ongoing phase – always a basic black chick  

my pretty Christmas t shirt dress  

the birthday look/s  


In 2015 I learnt a great deal more about myself and the world. And the start of 2016 has been enlightening to say the least. 

Cheers to US for making through one year and moving on to a new set of experiences. 

I dedicate this post to the late David Bowie, the master of evolution and one of my music idols. I know there were a few problematic things about him and I do not condone him for them. But he also taught me a great deal and helped me through the years with his music. So here’s to you Ziggy Stardust  



6 thoughts on “Eh-Voh-Lew-Shun fashun 

  1. You are such an inspiration! I wish so much that there had been role models like you when I was younger. Growing up in the ’70’s as a tall fat girl, there were only rules, rules, and more rules for how one should dress. You have taken those rules, turned them on their heads, and you look gorgeous doing it. Brava for being such an incredibly beautiful, stylish and inspiring young woman. I love reading your blog, not only for your style but also for your strong, positive messages. They (and you) are so important and necessary.

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