Slinky in Silver

It’s almost February 2016?? Do the years pass quicker as a 30 something? Because they never passed this quick in my teens or 20s!

I have not had a chance to shop proper for the new year but I have a few un-blogged outfits from late 2016. Since I care less about trends now, that means no clothing gets left behind..hah that’s really corny! 

When I got the chance to shoot for the year’s first fashion post, the Singaporean climate decided to get real cheeky with ominous dark-skies and rain. Gee thanks. El Niรฑo and La Niรฑa messing up the world; and rightly so. 

oh cmon now Im allowed to be corny sometimes!!

The slinky effect that metallic shades have on gowns and dresses is something I really love. I had my eye on a gilded Ashley Stewart jumpsuit – it was one head turning outfit. I recall Alysse Dalessandro – blogger, writer and plus size clothing designer of Ready To Stare wearing it with one of her custom faux fur fanny packs. It looked gawgeous simply gawgeous on her! It’s still available so I just might get that beauty. And yes, Ashley Stewart ships international(woohoo!).

Onwards now to 2016’s first post for the Curves Become Her fashion lookbook! 


Silver T Shirt Dress – Forever 21 Plus 

light denim pumps – Rubi 

double layered silver finishing statement necklace – Lovisa 

Now if you’ve been around my blog then you know that the brands I mentioned here have been picked on repeat for a long time. I am a creature comforts person a lot of the time. I eat what I like A Lot and contrary to what you may think, I’m not very adventurous. I like to stick to what works. Especially since plus size shopping online is always a challenge thanks to constant sizing changes from ps clothing companies. My injured feet don’t cooperate with a lot of the footwear out there. As for accessories well that’s just me being plain lazy to look elsewhere ! 

I don’t see it necessarily as a very terrible habit but I would like to infuse changes into it. Routine can be, well, mundane no matter how much you bling or sugarcoat it. I’m very grateful however to even have the plus size shopping options that I do. 10 years ago it was NOT possible to shop for ps clothing like we do today. 

But I Digress. Anyway! 

Little Details


So I kept with minimal eye makeup and mixed a Jeffree Starr liquid lipstick with a brown Revlon lippie to make it a shade of dark grey. I don’t mind it.

The picture does not do the statement necklace justice – it is absolutely gorgeous in person. I absolutely love the wooden wedge heel detail with the shoes. 

My body has seen a few seasons of change. I started out with the blog as a UK 14-16 but have grown into a UK 20-22. At first I was really upset with the weight gain but I have learnt that my body Will probably buoy up and down between a size 16-22 most of my life. So many factors go into these seasonal changes and I am unashamed about them. The shamers and trolls can be as ascerbic as they want. I’m fine with where I am. Life is good, I cannot complain ๐Ÿ™‚ 


happy belly

hey VBO hey!
these hips dont lie
 I am Unapologetically, Me.

There’s always that one picture in each shoot I deem my “Feelin Myself” piccie and the image below is definitely the one for this shoot ๐Ÿ˜‰ 


feelin myself

The moral of the story here my darlings is that body positivity is not about loving your body when you like how it looks – that might never happen for some of us – it is the way we appreciate our form in all its little imperfections and look at ourselves in the mirror without a wince. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself – the ability to look at your reflection in the mirror and say “Damn. You look good!” 

Until my next update, I hope you have a good end to the month and cheers to the upcoming weekend! 
xxxo Aarti Olivia 


2 thoughts on “Slinky in Silver

  1. Omg! Gorgeous! You look stunning! Love the silver! I’ve never been brave enough to wear something like that, I’ve always wanted to, but lacked the confidence, but you look GORGEOUS!! I can’t wear heels, and ooh I love the shoes!!!

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