Smart Glamour meets The Curve Cult


So I customised two pretty crop tops from Smart Glamour and I will be featuring one of them here, paired with a gorgeous mesh skirt I got from my local body posi friends’ Rani and Ratna’s plus size store The Curve Cult.

Just like my previous outfit, I sent in my measurements for the crop top – sleeve length and colour – and it is perfect! 

What I love about The Curve Cult’s collection (they have an online store & a brick and mortar store at Far East Plaza), is that they have styles catering to different tastes. For the classic chic plus size ladies, contemporary fashion, party dresses, stylish comfortable jeggings and accessories like shoes. I saw this skirt modelled by my friend Rani – yes they model their own clothing – and knew it would pair perfectly with the SG top. 

Photo 30-4-16, 1 48 37 PM

Photo 30-4-16, 1 53 24 PM

Photo 30-4-16, 1 49 56 PM

I had my eye on this lace crop top from Smart Glamour’s previous collection, and plan to get more in different colours just because of how comfortable and versatile it is. This net skirt with a mini lining underneath is very comfortable as well and just like tulle skirts, it makes you feel really feminine and fancy πŸ™‚

Jewel tones are always a big hit with me and this shade of royal purple is just gorgeous. Once I tried it on with this skirt, it seemed almost ethnic! I reckon I can use the top as a sari blouse as well. This skirt is just perfect for a day at the beach, or an evening out – versatility is something I prefer in my wardrobe.

There are so many ways you can style this crop top: leggings or jeans, a flared circle skirt or a denim skirt, palazzo pants.

 Little Details

While a long necklace or a body chain would have looked just as stylish for the look, I opted for simplicity with a pair of layered hoops and bangles from Lovisa. I wasn’t very particular about footwear to be honest.

Photo 30-4-16, 1 55 33 PM

Makeup consisted of lilac eyeshadow lightly lined around the eyes and a Jeffree Starr liquid lipstick. I typically line the lower lash line with a light amount go kohl, add a swipe of Benefit mascara for the upper lashes. I’m working on filling in the brows next!

If you’d like to shop with Smart Glamour, use the code SGCBH that guarantees you a 10% discount πŸ™‚

BTW: I had a post written for Already Pretty last month so I will add that on to the website in a bit. So look out for that upcoming post!

May the 4th Be With You ! (I couldn’t help it)

Much Love!


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