Neon Mermaid Vibes

Which is why, I look for outfits that keep me comfortable through the heat and that are pleasant to my eye!

While I don’t mind jersey or cotton  dresses, I had yet to find a pretty patterned maxi dress for quite a while. So this find of mine has made me quite happy!

SWAK Designs maxi dress (get a similar one Here), size 1X

Lovisa statement necklace

You know how sometimes the prints are just not as vivid in person? Not the case with this dress. It’s definitely not like anything I’ve ever worn before, a refreshing change.

I’m not very good at discerning all types of fabrics but this has an almost Lycra feel to it. It’s got the right amount of stretch and admittedly, it is rather long for my 5’2″ stature but then again, I have that issue with most dresses unless they have been customised!

I really love the array of colours and prints on the dress.

(Yours truly has been fending off a flu infection and I was nursing a rather stubborn high fever during this shoot but not to worry, I had a really good rest after). 

Ideally, I would have loved to shoot for this post at the Botanical Gardens but it was rainy and I’ve gotten caught in the downpour far too many times of late. Bubble Girl needs to take precautions :p

Little Details

I opted for dark green shadow – a forest green mixed with olive – and a deep green liquid lipstick from who else but my fav: Jeffree Starr. I love how the dress and makeup somehow give off a mermaid vibe, I only noticed it after saving the images on the laptop!

My next post will not be a fashion related one; it will cover a few things that have been running through my mind as well as current events.

Chat Soon my loves xo

4 thoughts on “Neon Mermaid Vibes”

    1. Thank you! Oh I am a convert to colourful lipsticks beyond the typical colours..its such fun 😀

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