Halloween 2016


Last year was my ode to the supernatural lurking in spaces familiar to us – I scared a few of you and that made me gleeful haha! This time, it isn’t scary or creepy, its not as carefully crafted as I wanted it to be but I think its a Halloween-worthy look 🙂

I remember when I found out Diwali would happen a mere 2 days away from Halloween (Diwali falls anywhere between the months of October-November). There was a loud Noooooooo echoing from my home! I really wanted to plan out a wonderful Diwali post. I also wanted this to be the year I planned ahead for Halloween. Unfortunately, some thing had to give and I had to sacrifice on my budget for the latter festival. I didn’t want to be surviving on instant noodles for the next month 😛 But I did what I could with how much I had left after shopping for Diwali.

Here goes!



Custom Ouija spirit board-spiderweb party black dress – The Geek Garden (Etsy) in size XXL

choker and hairband – Lovisa


I call this my “Cheeky Witch” costume haha! I have dabbled with Ouija boards before so I loved the top half and the spider web patterned skirt was so cute. The clothing in The Geek Garden are one of a kind, so this was customised with my specific size (I am a UK 20). I actually bought a pretty cool veil from another Etsy store but when I tried it on with the dress, it just didn’t seem to go together. The fullness of the skirt makes it a little cutesy on my petite height (I tower at 5’2) and the veil was Gothic central – it just did not mesh. That upset my plans a little until I found this netted hairband in Lovisa last week and roped in my fav hat for good measure. And any excuse to wear my favourite pair of boots is awesome. A little tip about the dress: the material is stretchy and for bust support I am wearing a bandeau.




Little Details


Makeup as you can tell was focused on my favourite colour, with the exception of some silver glitter on the upper eyelids to break the monotony.

I have spent the past 4 days shooting for the blog and I am TIRED but it is the good kind of tired! Ironically, tomorrow (Nov 1) is my 4th year blog anniversary. This has been a fantastic year professionally even though I worked at 40% of my usual pace and creativity. The blog anniversary post will be the post to start off my 2 month social media hiatus.

What will you be doing this Halloween? Do you have a costume? I’d love to know! Thank you soooo much for your love for the Diwali post!

Chat Soon and Enjoy some Spooks today! Or don’t, have fun either way!




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