Curves Become Her meets Pink Clove


This weekend will feature a double bill of fashion posts that have been delayed due to health. And they will showcase two more new plus size clothing brands I haven’t spoken of on the blog.

Asos Curve is one of my favourite go-to places to shop and I am no stranger to the collections from Pink Clove – worn quite a number of dresses from the brand. This store from the UK definitely has its finger on the pulse of trendy, seasonal plus size fashion.

So when I was offered to collaborate, of course I agreed! I picked a dress quite un-seasonal for Autumn or Winter, instead focusing on colours (I love them vibrant, bold and fun) and comfort. Can this outfit be worn in current season, yes it can! With a slinky pair of tights (pantyhose) and jackets/coats, you’ll add some brightness to the season with this number for sure.


Plus Larita Striped Midi Dress, Pink Clove, size uk 20  

Rose gold plated necklace, Lovisa 

Mary Janes, EU 39, Rubi


Aside from the vivid colours this dress has, it is so comfortable, it fits perfectly and as you can tell, I kind of sort of love it 🙂 Plus, it was a special day – I shot for this on my hubster’s birthday – one of my favourite days of the year.

I’m steering clear of heels for a while due to health; and while I cannot say this pair of Mary Janes would be perfect for long is pretty for a short outing.

And yes, I’ve cut my hair haha! The coming new year needs some good intentions to begin with, being at ease with fuss free hair is the way to go 🙂


Little Details


Makeup was focused on hues of orange to play off the colours on the dress, with orange eyeshadow from Sephora, lippie from LA Splash, with lightly lined lower lash lines.


And that wraps up this fashion post! I have been thinking about my incomplete blog anniversary post for this year and I have decided I will get that done before the year ends..matter of weeks now isn’t it? Not getting that post done has nagged at me, its something I feel I owe to myself and to you.

Reflection after this post: I hope you and I find some beautiful hues and colours in this black and white world. Goddess knows we need it.

Chat Soon lovelies





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