That was 2016 

Now for a much lighter (I think?) post. 

2016 was miserable in most parts for me on the personal front. Professionally however, it was exhilarating! 

2016 was without a doubt a year of many exciting firsts as a plus size fashion blogger. It was THE year of the bikini for me, my makeup skills were less abysmal, I made a concerted effort to shop in small but ethical retail stores. I wore lingerie for the blog *gasp* and live to tell the tale. I curtailed my budget for clothing and accessories for the blog, while still serving up some style. I became a Snapchat filter addict! I was interviewed by so many famous publications, that I am not going to name drop because I got really pissed off at Instagram. That stuff went viral, had me featured in newspapers and televisions across the world. And I made some pretty awesome friends. 

Let’s do this chronologically again. I hope I don’t make this too long winded. My apologies in advance!! 

I met up with the lovely Gwladys – an amazing Parisian plus size blogger – who was on local shores for a vacation. We are so alike and I share her love for travel, though she actually does all the Travelling while I sigh and save up hahaha! It is so amazing isn’t it when you meet people who live across oceans but you essentially have the same habits, point of view. 

Personal issues did spill over to the professional front from time to time but I tried not to let it take my mojo away. Much. 

That’s how I kicked my grimy hair-ed self who had been crying out of bed to get this fab look done. And I concocted a shade of grey for the lips by mixing 2 Jeffree Starr lippies – not bad Aarts, not bad at all.. 

The photo on the left cracks me up because I pointed at the belly to show my VBO (Visible Belly Outline) but the silver sheen of the dress betrayed my good intentions hahahaha! You know I always remind my lovelies out there to be nice to their bodies and perceived flaws (that are really just normal parts of a body). I thought that would be a funny anecdote to share :p 

I was supposed to have these dresses up on the blog as fashion posts but the first dress was destroyed by my cat (yes you read that right). She decided to use it as a scratching post when I was unaware so I wore it only that one time here. Le Sigh. 

The maxi dress I really adore but after an unfortunate curry accident, where the stain just would not budge, it was deemed un-blog worthy. The curry was well worth it though :p 

Some of the things I do when I need to cheer myself up? Slap on some rouge lipstick, hide the exhausted eyes behind cool shades and languish in a swim. This was a cam shot from my iphone and funnily enough, people Raved about it more than my very professionally done swimsuit post from 2015! Sometimes you just have to go back to the basics I Guess?

More importantly, I felt like a sexy siren in this bikini and had a wonderful swim 🙂 

The next two outfits are categorised under What On Earth Were You Thinking Aarti??? 

The one on the left was worn to the American Ambassador’s regal home to meet Margaret Cho in the flesh, thanks to the fantabulous journalist Kristen Han. I didn’t get the memo about wearing something more suited to my surroundings. The wrap dress was worn at Punggol Jetty where the strong winds had me showing off more than I liked of my bum. They’re both decent looks. Just not well thought out for the occasions. 

The next 3 looks I adore! They’re all one of a kind and I really enjoyed styling them up. I was in and out of the hospital during that time because of the horrid asthma attacks so I am quite proud of myself for the amount of effort it took to manage my health and dress up. 

The middle and right looks were custom made from Smart Glamour, except for the white maxi skirt..that was a find from local plus store The Curve Cult

The next three looks were not fashion blog posts but they were quite popular on Instagram. People loved how the earthy florals of the first dress looked on me, they loved the retro one piece swimsuit and the fiery red wrap dress. I was unwell again after the blog posts above and dressing up in these outfits on my off days made me happy 🙂 

I’d not worn jeans in quite a while so this look had me shopping for jeans and jeggings because I’ll always be a t shirt and jeans kinda girl. 

Ah yes. My fuck you post in response to the Instagram saga. This started a whole new chapter for me. Previously I was still really bashful shooting in public wearing swimwear. Not for this one and I’ve not felt embarrassed ever since. 

And next, the image in question. The response from my social media family was so touching, I still cannot thank you enough for sharing the IG post accompanied with this image. For standing up for me in the face of body shamers. For asking after the three of us, for giving us so much more than we could ever have imagined in the form of solidarity. While this eventually did have me free falling into a Long depressive episode, looking back at it now I feel nothing but empowered. 

The feminist dress from Ready to Stare is one of my favorites. I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired by the other dress but I went with it anyway just to push myself despite feeling despondent about stuff. The pink swimsuit is an old one from eBay that I am Super comfy in. 

To be perfectly honest I was not looking forward to the attention I was going to receive in this bikini because of all the negativity from the Instagram Saga. But I loooove this swimsuit and just said “Fuck It” So Glad I kept at it.

These looks were from my mini-SWAK Designs haul. 

Next up: LINGERIE. It’s still something I need to feel comfortable posting on the blog but I am determined to get there, just like I did with swimwear. These 3 gorgeous pieces from Curvy Girl Lingerie are my very first pieces of lingerie. I love them! 

My first of many Zelie for She outfits to come! How fun are these prints? I look forward to shopping there in 2017. 

Next up is Diwali-ween: Diwali and Halloween were one day apart so it was a busy time! And it also marked the beginning of my blog hiatus. 

After that, the hiatus started and the back spasms happened so I was off the radar for quite a while. I did have loose ends to tie on the blog though so I came back for the Nyata Designs and Pink Clove dresses. 

Somewhere in the midst of recovery and these blogs I did post one look for Margot Meanie‘s Rebellious Self Love Instagram challenge and dress up for my nephew’s 1st bday 🙂 

I celebrated my 35th birthday on the 29th of December and decided to dress up for late lunch and dinner that day 🙂 Both dresses are from Rebdolls

Aaand my birthday gift this year was very special – getting inked for the second time. I got a symbol that is very close to my heart. The Venus symbol that shrouds a first – a Feminist symbol. Wow I said symbol three times. I’m not very Creative with my words today lol! 

Finally, my Uber casual look for NYE. I have a Fibromyalgia flare with my upper back and it hurts quite a bit (not fun at all when you’re in the mood to celebrate but oh well), so I was in no mood to dress to the nines. I kept it simple with this Asos Curve raglan sleeve shirt dress. Aaand I had to show my new tattoo off, of course 🙂 

So that was the fashion retrospect for Curves Become Her in 2016. Things are really going to change up in this new year with the blog and I look forward to sharing those changes with you 🙂 2016 was a year full of unpredictable turns, highs and lows. We don’t know what this year has in store for us, let’s see how it goes shall we? 
Happy New Year my lovelies, thank you for staying on. Thank you for the encouragement and understanding. I wish you nothing but the best and send you all my love. Chat soon 🙂 


3 thoughts on “That was 2016 

  1. Happy New Year! I adore that silver bikini on you – with that headband you look like a sci-fi princess enjoying a swim! And that blue and white floral set is my FAVE. ❤ Hope your New Year is grand!

  2. So many cute looks, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone look quite as good in silver as you do! I really need some decent swimwear and I love pretty much all of the swimwear in this post, who knows, maybe there is hope for me and I will actually find something I like xo Happy 2017!

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