Glitter and Glow

Hey Hey!

If you have read my previous blog entries, you’ll know that I had taken quite the blogging break due to health reasons. Back spasms, reconstructing a torn knee ligament..all that yummy stuff.

The plan was to get started on blogging as soon as I was able to walk unaided. What I forgot to factor in was just how much work it would take for the wobbly walking and standing to feel steadier! But I am back after all that hoopla and ready to take on what I can as the knee heals.

The upside to having had so much time on my hands was being able to figure out just what tickled my fancy (fashion wise) for the seasons of Spring and Summer. Alas, my favourite fashion season of Spring has sprung giving way to Summer vibes. Summer 2017, lets have some fun! and stay cool while at it (ooooh this heat).

Read my Body Language

Bodysuits have had a major comeback in the past few years. Be it sleeveless, off shoulder, full sleeved, frills, fun prints, bold colours – you can have a bodysuit in every colour and style! And plus size fashion retailers have given us so many options to choose from, I love it when we no longer need to designate an outfit as ‘strictly for straight sized bodies’.



A bodysuit paired with jeggings has been a personal favourite over the past few months, It is quite wonderful how someone who would have rather cringed and hid under a t shirt than tuck it into her jeans no thanks to the fashion do’s and don’ts doled out by magazines, is no longer afraid of letting her tummy stick out. I actually have the process of recuperation from the injury to thank for certain shifts in my fashion perspective, more of that to come in another post.

I wanted my first fashion post of the year to showcase some of the items in my wardrobe I have come to love in 2017. Its peppered with glitter and glow – you’ll know what I mean when you see the look 😉


HELLO 2017! Better late than never!

Don’t Panic Bodysuit in size 1X – Forever 21 Plus 

Frayed Denim Shorts in 3X – Forever 21 Plus

Keds x Kate Spade sneakers – Lazada Singapore




Bodysuits, shorts and sneakers are my new go-tos for a casual look. My days of wearing heels are over and flats will be in season for years to come..oh but it doesn’t mean that won’t be fun 😉 With the knee in a huge cast and then brace, shorts just made more sense. Now, I have to have shorts as a wardrobe staple.


This brilliantly holographic pink bodysuit, oh does it glisten in the sun! It has a more spandex swimsuit feel to it and has small velcro straps at the bottom to fasten or undo, making it less cumbersome when a toilet break beckons.

These shorts could be a real disaster if not for the easy to unbutton clasps. I typically wear a size 2X but I know that the sizing for denim on F21 Plus tends not to be uniform so I sized up and thank God for that!

I decided to go accessory-free for this look because I felt it wasn’t necessary, plenty of sparkle with the top!


Little Details



The unfortunate thing about online shopping is sizing and this time, I had trouble with this pretty pair of sneakers. I ordered them at my size but lesson learnt: try to do shoe shopping in person when you have prior foot injuries and when one foot is considerably larger than the other. You see me smiling or at least squinting (it was a gloriously sunny day) but I am glad you did not get to see me screaming when I removed the shoes! NOT a good idea when you still have to tend to a recuperating knee..I can do without more pain!


I plan to keep my hair short for a while – while it isn’t easier to style, it is much easier to manage while I heal. Dabbed on some loose glitter eyeshadow powder for extra oomph and what I have learnt is, when in doubt add more glitter! Especially when you’d like the glitter to stand out in photographs, no point in going easy on the amount of glitter. Also, blue lipstick FTW! I want aaalll the colours and shades of lipsticks, I adore having fun with lippies.


Admittedly, I was nervous about getting this blog shoot done because my last proper fashion post here is dated November has been seven months! A lot has changed in that time and I was worried about being rusty. I sure am rusty but the beauty of starting something you enjoy doing even after quite a hiatus is the realisation of the extent of how much you have missed doing it. After the shoot, i had a cool shower and had one of the best naps in a while. Because my mind and heart felt at ease, it felt rejuvenated, it felt good 🙂

The blog. My fat acceptance, body positive, intersectional feminism advocacy. Exploring plus size fashion. These things have never been far from my mind from Day 1 of the knee mishap. Everyday, I checked in to see how everyone else in the community/ies was/were doing. What were they discussing, blogging about today? Whats new on the fashion front? Sure there were days I had a serious case of FOMO and could not muster the energy to give a shit but I missed what i was doing even (Especially) on those days.

Cheers to healing and growth! Sending you all my love,

xxxo Aarti




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