Child of Nature

Hello my lovelies,

I have had this vision for a fashion post for quite a while and this has been the most enjoyable one I have done this year (even though this is only post number 3, oh but it is special to me). I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I have in trying to create this.

When life overwhelms me – which it has done aplenty this year – I turn inwards or towards nature for solace. The sight of flowers, a beach, a lush garden or even a pool surrounded by beautiful palm trees help me forget my troubles for a while. It makes me stop to marvel at the world around us and I feel like a tiny spectator in this wondrous universe, losing myself in the beauty and pace of nature, I have not been able to unfortunately enjoy long strolls or be fancy free in nature for most of this year, with the exception of some short jaunts to the pool. All in good time, as the knee gains strength.

So during one of my daydreaming sessions as I oohed and aahed watching different terrains of our planet on the tele, I decided I was going to bring nature into my urban concrete jungle existence through the means of the blog.

Often times amusing but frustrating, I have not been able to venture beyond my usual safe spots (where I am comfortable walking around, devoid of crowds) or to my favourite places like the lush Singapore Botanic Gardens or the breathtaking Gardens By the Bay. While I really love flowers, they are a rarity in my house thanks to my flower-eating cat Bindi. No spot is too high to keep her away from gnawing contently at them. Again, another highly amusing yet frustrating fact! So I make do with curated collections of floral phone wallpapers, oh goodness that sounds a tad sad doesn’t it? Oh Bindi, you cute flower guzzler.

I have absolutely absolutely LOVED this new trend across fashion runways – face flowers. With a month of planning and patiently waiting for my needed purchases to arrive, I present to you my Child of Nature look:




Forever 21 Floral Mini Dress | 1X 

Pressed flowers on face | Flower Seed Paper on Etsy 


This was my first foray into attempting to place flowers on my face, so I figured pressed flowers would be easier to apply and thankfully Etsy came to the rescue! I fail miserably at DIY even though the intent and effort is genuine lol. I did not want to mess up pressing flowers on my own, that I can practice in my own time.



I did not focus on an elaborate dress for this post; to give the real flowers the spotlight instead. It is a really cute dress that fits awkwardly at the bust, but I love the summery colours and figured it would be a fitting canvas for what I had envisioned.

No footwear, because a child of nature does not need them 🙂


“Let us dance in the sun wearing wildflowers in our hair, and let us huddle together as darkness takes over. We are at home amidst the birds and the trees. For we are children of nature” 

The feel of grass under my feet is honestly the most grounding and soothing experience. Listening to the lap of waves is akin to how music stirs the soul. Being amidst flowers brings a smile that often has been forgotten with age.

When I say the injury took a toll on me, I meant every word. And as I tread each steadier step now, I reclaim the joys and serenity that I habitually have surrounded myself with as a means to survive.



“You are a child of the sun, you come from the sun, and that is something true with the Earth also. . . Your relationship with the Earth is so deep, and the Earth is in you and that is something not very difficult, much less difficult than philosophy”  Thich Nhat Hanh

I hold onto my childlike wonder and joy for the things that I love as a buoy to keep me afloat when it feels like nothing seems to help awaken my senses, when I feel numbed by physical and emotional pain. When I grieve for what can no longer be.



“The grass is not greener on the other side. It is greener where YOU water it” 


And so I tend to my heart and I tend to physical healing. To be the masterpiece and work in progress, simultaneously.




Thank you for being part of my little creative venture here, its a good step towards bringing my daydreams to life. I do not see daydreaming as idle, not when they are our realities in waiting.

I dedicate this post to my husband, Suresh for being my enthusiastic partner-in-crime. I love you so very much

Chat soon dear readers, I hope you find some respite from your everyday life when possible to soothe your senses for a while 🙂

Much Love,




5 thoughts on “Child of Nature

  1. lovely!!!!!! so stunning. I heart your creative side, it is part of one’s healing and realizations. I love how much love you put into your outfit.

    1. Thank you so so much. I was apprehensive to show off my Creative side at first but I am not one to shy away so Voila! Hugs :))

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