The Return

Hello Curves Become Her family!

My apologies for taking such a long break from the blog, life had thrown a few curveballs and my attention was diverted for a good few months. I hope this return signifies being back to blogging on a more permanent basis.

To summarise whats being going on: My knee and back were still hurting a fair bit so I underwent an MRI to determine what was going on and changed physiotherapist. Progress is slow but there definitely has been progress. My lower back has some degeneration that’s been happening since I was 11 and the pain has gotten increasingly difficult to live with.

There was also a full month of dealing with a lot of trolls on Instagram that upped my nerves. Also, if you remember I had a brood of 5 pets – sadly we lost our oldest dog Hershey and its been a month since he passed away. We miss him so very much.

With a sort of blank slate after everything that transpired, I encouraged myself to start posting on the blog again so here we are 🙂

This look was slated for Spring but life was much too hectic then so its a season late but no matter. Here goes :



Dress – ASOS Curve (UK 20), Earrings – ASOS, Sandals – Hush Puppies

This specific style is refreshingly new on me, with ruched sides at the bottom but what really caught my eye were the prints and that beautiful shade of canary yellow. Admittedly I was unsure of how I would feel in this dress because its both long sleeved and ruched at the sides but much to my surprise, I really like it!

The dress come with a slip and you do need that since the fabric is quite sheer. It sits lower almost at the hips which is interesting. But I do not go for what flatters my silhouette – its whether I like it that counts – the feel of the fabric and its quality is what I go for.

This would be the perfect high tea dress, or for attending a Spring wedding even. Its not too dressy and is rather classy. Definitely more of a sunny daytime look.

The fabric has a mesh-like quality to it but it is very comfortable to wear even under the blazing hot sun!


Moving on to the little details!

Starting with the print



These gorgeous earrings that I purchased for a steal from ASOS.


The Makeup


The injuries had me staying home bound more than I fancied but with that came more time to play with makeup and here is a little fruit of my labour hahaha!

I used the Kat Von D 10th anniversary eye shadow palette on the eyes, shame I mucked up with the eyeliner – it was not meant to be that thick! Ah butter fingers.. For lips I have on the Fenty Beauty (can you love that brand any more for revolutionising diversity with its foundation range??) Mattemoiselle lipstick in the shade Freckle Fiesta. Highlighter and blush are from Zoeva.

I hope you enjoy this look as much as I have enjoyed creating it, and we WILL chat real soon xxxo

This post is dedicated to our forever fur baby Hershey


style weapons of choice

Second fashion post of the year, and my goodness does the time pass when you’re nursing an injury!

It takes me more time than usual to post these because I am still working on my mobility and overall quality of life. It has been so much fun getting back into the swing of things even though the road has had speed bumps along the way. Immersing myself in social media again, the routine of preparing for a blog post is still rusty but I am definitely shaking the cobwebs off as the months pass.

So this year has seen my style move organically according to the injury, and there are some pieces that I can always rely on no matter the fashion season. So here is a favourite style of mine with a few updates.

The previous post showcased a similarly simple style that has worked very well for me given my limited mobility, financial resources (you know Im always honest about staying as thrifty as I can) and this sweltering humidity (why use a highlighter when you have perspiration for free hahahaha). I will be upping the ante as the Autumn months roll in. There are 2 looks for this post, but they have the same running theme.

Look 1


Forever 21 Plus Size Floral Mesh Bodysuit | 1X

ASOS CURVE Midi Pencil Skirt in Jersey  | UK 20

Hush Puppies Singapore sandals | Eur 39


Honestly, only after looking at the photos did I notice that this could definitely be mistaken as a dress! I bumped into an acquaintance during the shoot and I remember being confused when she complimented the dress I was wearing.

Let me just say that I was nervous about shooting for this sheer top because as cosmopolitan my country is, I do still reside in Asia and what is considered cool in the West can often be misconstrued as risqué over here. Plus *gasp* a fat chick showing off her body in public, the horror! Cue a hundred eye rolls. Having said that, I was so comfortable in this look that I really did not feel as self conscious as anticipated. Sure I was not shooting for this during lunch hour in the town but I don’t think I would have shivered in fear then. This year, I keep surprising myself in my personal body positive journey in the most wonderful ways.



I really should have used the lint roller before this shoot lol, my cats looooove snuggling in my clothing.

Pencil skirts paired with a bodysuit to me are perfection – they complement one another beautifully and these two clothing items are My style weapons of choice. For any occasion really.



There is a nude version of the bodysuit that is just as pretty but I really liked how the bright floral appliqués contrasted with the sheer black material. I am wearing a black bandeau that I invested in sometime last year during my wrap dress phase.


Little Details




The sandals aren’t the most stylish but they provide my feet with the comfort necessary to keep my knees from buckling. Makeup was a challenge thanks to the heat but when does that stop me, I experimented with a glossy gel-like style for the upper eyelids.


Look 2


Plus Size Henley Bodysuit | 1X

ASOS CURVE graphic print pencil skirt | UK 20

Ballet Flat shoes – thrifted


Henley shirts are just so comfortable for me and I even have a pale pink Henley dress that I wear pretty often for casual outings. I thought it to be a sweet juxtaposition with this mix. I purchased this skirt last year for a post featuring crop tops from SWAK Designs and it is quite the scene stealer.



By this time, my feet and knees were hurting from the full afternoon of moving around and changing looks but my nerves were a lot less pronounced (probably thanks to being giddy in pain lol) so I had more fun with this shoot 🙂 I definitely have warmed up much more to being photographed for the blog with this post. Took me some time to coax me out of my shell thanks to the way this year has panned out.



Little Details


I adore the 80’s vibe these Lovisa earrings are giving off and now that I have way shorter hair, my earrings will not play peekaboo with my tresses. These bright ballet flats are an old favourite that I felt were the perfect pair to transition me back to wearing the shoes I wore before the injury. Sure, I am ruling out my wedge heels for now but mama misses her pretty shoes! Shoes that will not hurt my legs, don’t you worry.



Went with a pop of Aquamarine on the eyes, lined the lower lashes with the same eyeshadow to add some extra oomph. Went with an old favourite Nyx red hippie that never fails to make me fall in love with red lipstick all over again.

So there you are, I paired an older style weapon of choice with bodysuits and I do not plan on looking back, unless its for some style inspo! Still pretty simple looks but I did not even think I was going to jump back into fashion blogging as quickly as I have to be honest.

My next post will be a more personal one and I cannot wait to share that with you. Thank you for reading and sending you so much love!

Til Later,

Aarti xxxo




Ready for Fall 

Hello loves, 

Thank you for the comments on the previous fashion was a big risk and fortunately it paid off 🙂 

So today’s fashion post is a short and simple one. Its my first look for Fall. 

Peplum is never going out of style in my books. It’s classy with a hint of cute. It’s still hot balmy weather here so the previous dress will only be worn when the weather cools down..whenever that is! However this post’s look is definitely something I enjoy wearing given the climate here. 

The Look



floral printed peplum top, shiny leggings – Asos Curve

book clutch – Society + (formerly known as Cool Gal Blue) 

watch – Lovisa 

heels – Pazzion (local store, Bishan branch) 

This is something I see myself wearing for dinner with friends, a night out in town or as a more polished day look with a blazer. 

Little Details


I love how the florals just pop and the colours are so pretty. It looks like a painting. 

This shot does not do the leggings justice. It is shiny when you see it in person, if I’m not wrong they were called disco leggings on Asos Curve! Rightly so. 

If you’re familiar with the blog then you know this pair of heels are very loved. Bling and spikes? Hell yes 🙂 

This watch is so cute and I prefer simple ones. 

My favourite accessory for this look! I’ve been keeping an eye out for book clutches because my bibliophile self loves the idea of them. I saw this on Society Plus’ website and I was sold! And now I want to scour the Internet for more book clutches because it’s just so me to have one of these since I always carry a book around wherever I go 😀 

Fun fact: I used to read dictionaries from cover to cover just so I could learn new words to confuse my teachers with in school. Geek Life Represent! 


say hello to the resting bitch face

For makeup, I focused on a slightly heavier amount of eyeliner on the lower lashline and an old earthy-brown lipstick. 

What is your favourite style of tops to wear? Mine are tees, peplum tops and airy blouses. Although I do step out of my comfort zone on occasion and try something completely different! You know I love a good challenge. 

Have a lovely weekend, chat soon 🙂 

xxxo Aarti Olivia

The Girl’s Gone Retro 

Hello loves! I hope you’ve been doing well. I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a fashion post and I’m back! 

So a major Fall trend this year is going retro – whether it’s the 50s, 60s or 70s. I decided to tackle 70s style because I was so envious looking at photographs of my mother looking so glorious in her clothing back then. She was a stunner and very fashionable! 

Swing Dresses. They look so good in pictures. But in reality, when I got this dress in the mail I was not convinced I could pull it off. Because swing dresses are so loose and basically I felt like I was wearing a tent. So I asked a few of my body positive friends how on earth I should style this and they were so helpful! I’ll speak about this little group I have sometime in the future. They are awesome. 

I have had this vision of me in a swing dress in my mind for so long and it really felt like a shame not wearing this after spending good money on it. So in Tim Gunn’s words I told myself to “make it work!” and am pretty happy with the outcome. It took me three days to think up of ways to style this, that’s a pretty long time seeing how my ADHD brain conjures up outfit of the day looks within minutes of laying my eyes on an outfit. I styled this in 2 different ways so take your pick with the one you prefer! 

So here goes! *drumroll* 

Style 1 


I call this my Janis Joplin meets Gloria Steinem look. They were two of my idols from that decade and I really wanted to bring that laid back, flower power, feminist power vibe to this ensemble. I had Janis’ songs playing in my head the whole time I did this shoot hahaha! 

Printed retro swing dress – Asos Curve 

Platforms – Rubi 

Margot Meanie sunglasses – Society + (previously known as Cool Gal Blue) 

Necklace and bangle – thrifted 

I saw the prints on this dress and it just screamed out at me! Which is why I took the huge leap of faith by getting this dress. I had No idea if this dress would do my vision justice but I think it did.

I can’t even begin to describe how excited I was shooting for this. I think I have major cos player love when trying on a new look which lends a whole new persona! 


Style 2 
For the times you prefer not to wear a very flared out dress, comes a thick belt to the rescue! 

This belt was a gift from my friend Priscilla Boh, local plus size model and awesome person. Thanks Prissy 🙂 

necklace – gift from Nepal 

belt – gift from Bangkok 

I have loved wearing turquoise stones since my adolescence and to my surprise I discovered they are my birth stone! I feel it lends a little pop of colour to this already vibrant look. 

I was unsure of how belting the dress up would look because I didn’t want it to look awkward but it worked! 

With those big shades (how cool are they??) on I didn’t have to worry about eye makeup haha so it didn’t take me as long as it normally does getting my face on for the shoot. Concealer coverage for the eyes always takes the longest.. 

Little Details


This was one of those shoots where people did a double take while I posed for the camera haha! I love the reactions I get from onlookers and passers by 😉

Getting out of your element to create a vision you have in mind is both daunting and exciting. So this post is an extra special one.

Well that’s me for now! Sending you all my love! Til next time! 

xxxo Aarti Olivia

Tangerine Tango

Orange is a handy colour if you know the right shades of it that go with your skin. I’ve always been a fan of tangerine orange, it adds a glow to my naturally sun kissed skin tone.

Tangerine Tango was the official Pantone colour for the year 2012. I hadn’t found a pretty outfit in that shade then and the same goes for last year’s Radiant Orchid. So I was overjoyed when I found this dress! I didn’t even mull over it like I normally do. My heart was set on it, so I got it. I had a feeling it was going to look even better in person.

The Look


Photo 16-5-15 5 54 15 pm

strapless bodycon dress – Asos Curve – uk 18

choker necklace – Lovisa 

strappy sandals – Charles & Keith 

Naturally, I first cringed when I thought – oh god Aarti, your arms and upper back. Right after I did that however, I marvelled at how very pretty this dress was and how it hugged my silhouette. So, out went that niggling voice!

The dress is SO soft and plush. Despite it being strapless, I didn’t worry about having the dress slide down because its got a really good hold at the bust without being stifling. Having said that, I am not As busty so I would advise caution if my busty girlfriends would like to wear this!

I’ve realised that I don’t care for VBO (visible belly outline) anymore. Sure, people will remind you of its existence but the important thing is, I am no longer worried about sucking my tummy in. My once monthly PCOS tummy bloat is bound to happen, I do have a very fussy stomach when it comes to spicy food so it does tend to look like an overdue food baby. SO WHAT. Honestly, I love this dress so is THE nicest one I have gotten myself this year.

Photo 16-5-15 5 55 57 pm

Photo 16-5-15 5 56 26 pm

Photo 16-5-15 5 54 43 pm

Little Details 

Photo 17-5-15 2 14 11 pm

I’ve been having some trouble with my left eye, do you recall that swelling on my right eye that required surgery? Yes well there is a little growth on the left eye so I hardly apply makeup, it took some effort to do it up here because the eye was stinging but not to worry, its getting plenty of TLC.

Chokers are in and I cannot be happier because it means I get to indulge in 90’s styled accessories! In fact, this look is pretty 90s inspired. Dark purple lippie, choker, strapless dress and all..

Photo 16-5-15 6 00 03 pm

How GORGEOUS are the colours and prints on this dress??

Photo 16-5-15 5 59 32 pm

The perfect pair of footwear to go with the dress.

Photo 17-5-15 11 24 41 am

By far, I would deem this my favourite fashion post to shoot. The Gabi Fresh Swim Sexy one piece being a close second.

I have so much to say, so much more to share with you, but that can wait in the upcoming post. I hope you’re having a fantabulous week! My lesson to you for this post: Do not shy away from bright colours, find the right shade for you and it is Your perception of your appearance that matters.

In the words of Bey and Nikki, I’m feeling myself ❤