Glitter and Glow

Hey Hey! If you have read my previous blog entries, you’ll know that I had taken quite the blogging break due to health reasons. Back spasms, reconstructing a torn knee ligament..all that yummy stuff. The plan was to get started on blogging as soon as I was able to walk unaided. What I forgot to… Continue reading Glitter and Glow

Year 4 : a mini post and goodbye, for now 

Nov 1 is a special day – it marks the date I started this chapter with Curves Become Her in 2012.  It is bittersweet that as I celebrate it today, I also begin my social media break. I think I’ve said aplenty with respect to why and when. So I will keep this short and… Continue reading Year 4 : a mini post and goodbye, for now 

Curvy Girl Lingerie

*NSFW – lingerie images*  Here I am a month later, having taken a short blogging break to restore myself. I hope you have been well, please fill me in with what you have been up to and how life has been treating you! This year has seen me indulge in plenty of gorgeous two piece… Continue reading Curvy Girl Lingerie

SWAK Designs: the Belinda Crop Tank

Heya! I took a short break from blogging no thanks to Pcos trouble, but never mind that, I’m back and revving to go! These are my final items from my SWAK Designs mini-haul and as you have seen in those two posts, it was all about trying something new. This time, I had the chance… Continue reading SWAK Designs: the Belinda Crop Tank