Curves Become Her meets Moxi Blu : bikini season all year round in Singapore

Hello folks!

I bring you my first swimsuit post for 2017, which I know is totally not suited for Fall but its still hot as heck out here and I really wanted to catch up on swimsuits this year … given the injury did not allow me to enjoy swimsuit season earlier this year!

I was approached by Moxi Blu – an American swimsuit company that is fairly new, it has garnered rave reviews over this summer. Back when I was approached, I was still working through walking without crutches and I knew it was going to take me time to get a start on these swimsuit posts .. I had no idea it was going to take this long!!

Moxi Blu is not available internationally as yet, but when it is I will be the first to let you know! It is available in The USA and has major discounts on their swimwear right now.

Although it is a given, nothing and no one can really prepare you for the mental, emotional and physical rollercoaster a life-altering injury puts you through. Its safe to say I almost feel like a whole other Aarti now and I kinda like this new Aarti 🙂

Anyhoo! Onwards with the post! I received 2 swimsuits from Moxi Blu and I am featuring one of them in this post, followed by the other in the next few days.




Color Block Bikini – Plus Size High Waisted Bikini Top and Bottom, Moxi Blue size 1X  


Colour blocking will always be a winner in my books, and the mix of hot pink and light blue here really pops. It looks even better in person!

I call this look : Futuristic Mermaid 😉



I did not get a chance to get my tan on this year and I am happy to report I am nicely tanned thanks to the sunny skies yesterday, I love it!!

At first, I felt out of my element getting this shoot done because it honestly feels like it has been Ages since I have done a swimsuit post but luckily this water baby was just so happy to be standing sturdy on her two feet, getting my first proper swim lap since forever – the hubs had a hilariously tough time getting me to focus on the shoot because I submerged myself into the pool any chance I could get !!

….. Which is WHY the glitter on my face swirled away into the pool hehe and I look like this in later pictures lol! Ah well!


My verdict on this swimsuit : It is everything and more. The top is roomy and I recommend it to my more busty friends. The bottom was like second skin and did not roll down. If like me you are a swimmer, fret not – doing laps in this is totally possible. I speak from experience!

Now let’s get to the Little Details !

I like how the layer of pink beneath the blue cups for the top make for a pretty mix of colours when it has contact wit water.



The vibrance of the top lends to the colour blocking of the bottom, which is high waisted and really comfortable.



The clasp at the back is sturdy and I have to say, putting this swimsuit on was hassle free. I really don’t like wrestling with clothing :p Typically, I used to shy away from the back view of swimsuits or outfits that showed off my back but that is a thing of the past from this year!



Alright! On to makeup. This was so much fun! I feel i should have done a test run as to how much glitter I wanted on the side of my face lolol but I do not hate this outcome though. No foundation in this look, I did not see the point since I was going to swim right after (or in my case, during hehe). I decided with an aquamarine glitter look for the upper eyes, from my vegan glitter palette by Etsy store BKR Cosmetics . Part of the reason why this post was delayed was because of my vision for the look. It took some time for the glitter palette from The US and the loose glitter from Germany to arrive. It was not very delayed but it did take a while. No matter, because I love the end product! The loose glitter is from Etsy store Projekt Glitter, biodegradable glitter in adorable plastic tubes in different varieties of colours, depending on the colour palette you’re going for! I really dig all things glitter, luminescent, iridescent, glowing and the past season has really shown us some amazing looks from fashion shows and bloggers involving all of my favourite things. Incorporating glitter with this look was so much fun! For the application of glitter, you can either go with aloe vera gel or get a glitter adhesive that is soft and not toxic to your skin. Mine was from Barry M, found it on the ASOS website. The gorgeous red lipstick is from NYX cosmetics.

And yes, removing loose glitter off your face and body is quite the challenge! I had no trouble at all with the glitter eye palette, a few face wipes was all it needed. I can safely say I am glitter free this morning!




Well I hope this was fun for you to read and view as it was for me to plan and shoot for! Really looking forward to the next swimsuit post, and the subsequent posts to come to celebrate Fall.

Have a lovely day! Take care of yourselves.

Much Love,

Aarti xxxo 

The Luminary White Bikini

I know, I know I was supposed to get a write-up done last week but I was low on spoons and decided to resume it this week or next. In the meantime, here is my Last bikini shoot for 2016! I am happy with the swimsuit stash I have and it is time to gradually ease into the next season. I have saved the best for last! Its simple, classy and it makes me feel like a plus size bond girl haha!


MAYDAY MAYDAY! FAT GIRL IN A WHITE SWIMSUIT!!! Feelin Herself and like a plus size Ursula Andress!

Since I have broken pretty much all rules in my previously bashful fashion rulebook –

I Had to finish off with a bang.


Swim Sexy The Luminary White Bikini in size 18, Swimsuits For All 

Body Chain, Ready to Stare 

Faux septum ring, Lovisa 

Sunglasses, a convenience store in Phuket (yeap)

Luminary IS the right description for this swimsuit. It is light to wear, soft to touch, beautiful to behold against my tanned skin, sophisticated and it is Swim proof – it passed my lap test. While I love all kinds of swimwear, I am partial to the ones I can actually swim in since this is what swimsuits were essentially they were made for. Feel free to disagree, my opinion is not written in stone!

As always, this water baby was in her element once her toes dipped into the soothing waters. How gorgeous is that body chain by the way? My friend Ratna of the blog Sapphire Splendour gave this to me and I am SO happy because I think body chains are so sexy. The South Asians have been wearing body chains or some derivative of it for eons, so having my own is pretty cool.


Little Details


As is obvious from these images, the bikini top has a cute wrap twist and the bottom has ruching at the sides which adds to, as RuPaul says it Eleganza Extravaganza! (I have been on a roll with the show for the past few weeks catching up on missed seasons)

I kept makeup very light, with concealer for the dark eye circles and a nude lipstick from Lakme (Indian makeup brand).

Here’s some extra piccies that are my favourite shots from this evening: 


Pic 1 – Before the swimsuit shoot, in my comfy Forever 21 Plus striped pants

Pic 2 – During the shoot, basking in beautiful crystalline waters

Pic 3 – After the shoot, washing my makeup off (somewhat) and ready to chill in the jacuzzi for a spell.

Aaaaaand Its done! Dunzo! Finit! Khattam! Habis! The swimsuit shoots this year have set a high bar for 2017 and I look forward to doing this next year. For now, Its time to fashion it up with some Autumn trends Minus the clothes meant for sweater weather because, I reside on an island close to the equator so… not unless I travel to places with cooler climate but I have no such plans as yet. Oh yes I am thinking about Paris. and Madrid. and New Zealand, but its all tentative for now.

Until my next post – I wish you love and power xx


SWAK Designs : The Juliet Dress

Heya fam!

I hope you have been keeping well. Today’s post is my first of a mini-SWAK Designs haul I have planned. This look is really different from what I normally wear, its a very girly girl look and sweet. Always open to trying something new!

The Look

SWAK Designs Juliet dress in Peach  in size 1X

Beaded necklace, bought in Bangkok’s infamous Chatuchak market 

Off-white kitten heels, thrifted


What I love the Most about the outfits I have from the store is how amazingly soft their fabrics are! So incredibly soft and like second skin, and it was such a sweltering humid day .. while my face was sweating buckets, the dress kept me so comfortable.

I do wear dresses often but this one is especially ladylike and I can see why its called the Juliet dress because of its ruching at the chest, like the medieval times. I can totally see this jazzed up for a medieval cos play look, don’t you? Its also a lovely dress for occasions like an afternoon wedding, high tea or date night.


Little Details

I opted for a splash of purple to go with the warm peach of the dress, and as you can see, makeup was kept very simple.


For the life of me I cannot recall where these shoes are from, but I thought off white would be a sweet touch.


Aside from light brown on the upper and lower eyelids, I had a hint of coral lipstick and a Benefit blusher to bring a flush to the cheeks.

Thats a wrap for this post! I will be updating the blog real soon with more from the SWAK Designs mini-haul so see you then! Much Love xx

Thats why its called Smart Glamour: the pink crop top


I resume fashion blogging duty today with the last purchase I made from size diverse fashion store Smart Glamour, back in January. It’s pink, it’s cropped and it is cute!


the Noelle Sweetheart Top – Smart Glamour

Asos Curve boyfriend jeans, uk 20 (similar one Here

Lovisa necklace

Rubi wedge heels  (similar one Here)

Just like my other SG outfits, this crop top was customised to fit my petite, shorter torso. And it is SO comfortable! For those of you wondering how to wear a bra beneath this, well since I am not too busty, I get away with a bandeau bra – those are really helpful for strapless outfits or such tops. Smart Glamour and other brands like Sealed With A Kiss do have bandeaus or tube tops available. If you are uncomfortable with the off shoulder bit, you can always layer with a camisole or a tank top – tried and tested, still looks awesome.


Its yet another versatile top that can be paired with skirts, pants, shorts – whichever you prefer – and since it is customisable, you can opt to make it longer if you’d like.

You know I don’t care for showing off my belly, as is evident in the image above! Its my body and there aint no shame in it. Stretch marks and a Big Belly, Don’t Care!


Little Details

As you can already discern, I have this lovely shade of pink on the eyes, from a new eyeshadow palette I purchased last month. I don’t always go matchy-matchy with my looks but I thought this was nice addition to the pop of pink. My lips were a much lighter shade of pink, from an older lip palette. I’ve been having some fun experimenting with makeup, thanks to You Tube!


I loooove this necklace of mine. Its vibrant, with different textures and its just very Me.

And thats a wrap! If you’d like to garner purchases from Smart Glamour don’t forget to use the code SGCBH for a 10% Discount!

Also, I never got around to posting that Already Pretty jumpsuit post did I? sigh. Its been quite the ride since we last spoke lovelies, more of that in upcoming posts!

As always, I send you all my love and good vibes! Be kind to yourself xx

Smart Glamour meets The Curve Cult


So I customised two pretty crop tops from Smart Glamour and I will be featuring one of them here, paired with a gorgeous mesh skirt I got from my local body posi friends’ Rani and Ratna’s plus size store The Curve Cult.

Just like my previous outfit, I sent in my measurements for the crop top – sleeve length and colour – and it is perfect! 

What I love about The Curve Cult’s collection (they have an online store & a brick and mortar store at Far East Plaza), is that they have styles catering to different tastes. For the classic chic plus size ladies, contemporary fashion, party dresses, stylish comfortable jeggings and accessories like shoes. I saw this skirt modelled by my friend Rani – yes they model their own clothing – and knew it would pair perfectly with the SG top. 

Photo 30-4-16, 1 48 37 PM

Photo 30-4-16, 1 53 24 PM

Photo 30-4-16, 1 49 56 PM

I had my eye on this lace crop top from Smart Glamour’s previous collection, and plan to get more in different colours just because of how comfortable and versatile it is. This net skirt with a mini lining underneath is very comfortable as well and just like tulle skirts, it makes you feel really feminine and fancy 🙂

Jewel tones are always a big hit with me and this shade of royal purple is just gorgeous. Once I tried it on with this skirt, it seemed almost ethnic! I reckon I can use the top as a sari blouse as well. This skirt is just perfect for a day at the beach, or an evening out – versatility is something I prefer in my wardrobe.

There are so many ways you can style this crop top: leggings or jeans, a flared circle skirt or a denim skirt, palazzo pants.

 Little Details

While a long necklace or a body chain would have looked just as stylish for the look, I opted for simplicity with a pair of layered hoops and bangles from Lovisa. I wasn’t very particular about footwear to be honest.

Photo 30-4-16, 1 55 33 PM

Makeup consisted of lilac eyeshadow lightly lined around the eyes and a Jeffree Starr liquid lipstick. I typically line the lower lash line with a light amount go kohl, add a swipe of Benefit mascara for the upper lashes. I’m working on filling in the brows next!

If you’d like to shop with Smart Glamour, use the code SGCBH that guarantees you a 10% discount 🙂

BTW: I had a post written for Already Pretty last month so I will add that on to the website in a bit. So look out for that upcoming post!

May the 4th Be With You ! (I couldn’t help it)

Much Love!