leopard prints

Hey fam!

I did an impromptu shoot over the weekend because I have been meaning to try this look.

Since autumn is upon us, I styled this up accordingly but without a sweater because Β it’s still too darn hot here!

It’s a different look for me because I have typically stayed away from shorter skirts but what with being at ease finally in denim shorts and swimwear over the past few years, I figured this was not going to be too difficult to pull off!

Asos Curve denim skirt in leopard print, UK 20

Asos Curve tank top, UK 18

Animal prints are taking over for Fall 2018 and it comes in a variety of colours, textures and prints from zebra, leopard, cheetah and the most popular one this season – snakeskin. I love anything bold and vibrant so this skirt Had to be tried!


I love that medium sized belts are in right now so if you wanted, you could add that to this ensemble.


Clearly, this is not Fall weather *shrug* but I amped it up with darker autumnal shades with makeup. I accessorised this look simply with a pair of gold hoops.

Do you see yourself trying an animal print or two this Fall? Which print is your favourite?

xxxo Aarti

P.S :

Purchased this bikini last year from Forever 21 Plus and will surely be bringing it on holiday in November!



Mixing and matching colour palettes will never be boring. As much as I love wearing colours, going Monochrome is undoubtedly a classic fashion statement that will never phase out.

Black and white monochrome style elicits several images to mind – sleek clothing, minimalist fashion, sophistication.

For this look, I experimented with textures and grayscale monochrome.

The Look :



Striped black and white crop top – River Island uk sz 16

Full leather skirt – Forever 21 Plus, sz 1X
Black beaded necklace – Lovisa
Mid-calf boots – H&M

I seem to be drawn to leather this Fall and this is not the last you will see of me clothed in it. I’ve always been a fan of sophistication with a bit of an edge. One of my favourite looks from my early 20s was a black sleeveless turtleneck top with a black leather pencil skirt.

Personally, owning leather outfits in a variety of colours makes me giddy with joy. But I am feeling some strong monochrome love this season. It was good fun experimenting with colours and prints the second half of last year and for most of this year. Deeper, darker hues seem to beckon now. Oh don’t worry, it will not be droll !



This stylish crop top has the privilege of being the first crop top in my wardrobe. I purchased it last year but it got forgotten in my ever increasing pile of clothing. I like the decreasing gradient of thickness in the stripes, it lends a unique touch to the top.


Leather can be difficult to wear in the climate I live in but thankfully the skirt isn’t bulky so that makes a bit of a difference.


Having a layered beaded black necklace is a staple in my jewellery stash. It’s easy to pair with most colours and can make all the difference with jazzing up a look.


Here’s a photo taken at home that I like, pre-blog shoot..


Yes the hair is crazy messy!
But I liked it for this look.

What leather clothing items do you have in your wardrobe? I’m curious!

that’s a wrap for now,
stay tuned for another post later tonight! Time for my Sunday siesta and dreams in technicolour πŸ™‚

all my love,
xxxo Aarti Olivia

birthday number 32

Hello Hello,
this will be a quick outfit of the day post again because yours truly needs to recover from these annoying swollen glands..gah. It is a pain to be allergy-prone.

But I don’t let it stop me from having a good time, that too on my birthday! After my fabulous 6 course dinner and many glasses of wine, I woke up bleary eyed and walked into my living room. I did a double take when I saw this :


A digital piano!!!
I am pretty vocal about what I want for my birthday – for my 30th, I talked about the iPad2 all the time. for my 31st, I was wistful for a digital camera. and all of 2013, I was talking about playing the piano again. My hubster is just awesome πŸ™‚

After the initial shock and a crazy dance of joy, I had brunch and had myself a good Sunday siesta. I wasn’t told of the venue for my birthday dinner with my closest girlfriends.. my control freak-self is learning to ease up a little..

My look for the evening :




dress : ASOS Curve, uk size 18
necklace : eBay China

Of course, I didn’t walk barefoot or sans clutch! I wore my cross printed ballet flats that you’ve seen me wear, of of the pairs I bought during the Bangkok trip. I carried my eco-friendly white ASOS bag.

With all the good food, wines and rich snacks to be had during the year end, I knew that I had to size up for the bday dress so I had a look-see at the ASOS Curve section and this dress just screamed my name. It has the beautiful shades of autumn, looks classy but fun. This has got to be my favourite purchase this year. I know there have been quite a few snazzy looks, so you might beg to differ but for me this dress is just perfection : I love rich colours and beautiful patterns/prints, I enjoy a flirty swing to a skirt and I like wrap-tops.

I decided to get a necklace off eBay China because well, let’s face it..that’s where a majority of our merchandise is manufactured. So I decided to go to the source, instead of pay the hefty premium that comes with a brand name. You know by now that I am not swayed by big brands, what matters is the quality of the product.

The only downside to this was that I placed my order at the end of November, assuming that the physical proximity between China & Singapore would result in a quicker delivery. WRONG! It arrived 2 days after Christmas! So if you’re in a hurry, I’d suggest you look elsewhere..
Having said that, this is a pretty gorgeous statement piece.


I leave you with a few candid shots taken last night, and will come back with a post later today or tomorrow πŸ™‚

Have a great week ahead!
Just a few days more to 2014, wow time sure has whizzed by..

xxxo Aarti Olivia