Curves Become Her meets Moxi Blu: Intergalactic Indian Mermaid


I am typing this post out on Deepavali so to my friends around the world celebrating, Have a beautiful and illuminating festival of lights!

Thank you for giving so much love for the previous swimsuit post! This swimsuit is another gem from Moxi Blu and I loved creating the concept here as well!

Alright let’s jump right in 🙂 This is what I wore to the pool before getting started on the shoot proper.



Mid-October and it is still hot as heck out here people! But, its a good opportunity to lounge by the pool. I can never complain about extra pool time.



Strappy Halter One Piece in size 1X, Moxi Blu

Erm the wooden floorboards here were way too scorching hot for me to stand beyond this picture so I adjourned to the jacuzzi.



My eyes are always instantaneously attracted to anything vibrant and I knew I had to get this swimsuit – especially for those pretty straps!

Then it was time to cool off for a while ..



Followed by a few pictures at the lush greenery around the condo my folks live in




The pool was substantially more crowded today since tomorrow is a public holiday, there were some pesky judgmental onlookers – you know, those who stare at you from head to toe and regard you with a grimace – but after 2 years of shooting for swimsuits, I really couldn’t care less.

My existence as a fat woman of colour will always ruffle feathers and thats fine! Make a boa feather thingy while you’re at it 😉


I do not have outfits for Diwali this year and I have plenty of catching up to do with other posts so I know its weird to time this with Diwali but what the heck! Let a girl have some pool time.

My verdict for this swimsuit? Once again, this is roomy for my friends who are busty and the straps are not troublesome to wear, again there was no wrestles with this one piece. This is swimming lap approved as well for my water babies out there! Overall, this is a winner. Whether you choose to lounge in it, wade lazily, or get in a few laps.


Onwards to the Little Details


For makeup, I wore my Fenty Beauty foundation in shade 310 for the first time for the blog! I think I found the right match for my skin tone, and coverage is mild-medium. I personally love it, it works well on my combination skin. I didn’t highlight or contour, simply colour corrected and concealed my eye circles and the darkened areas around my face.


I found this bindi set in ASOS, and i chuckled “If the Westerners can wear these for their music festivals, why can’t I wear it for a swimsuit shoot?” I like the mermaid vibe it gives off and with the purple glitter on the eyes, It looked kinda Intergalactic to me for some reason and of course it gave off mermaid vibes hence the title!



Okay folks! My series for Moxi Blu swimwear is done and I hope you enjoy this post! Take care of yourselves and I will see you soon!

Love, Aarti xxxo


style weapons of choice

Second fashion post of the year, and my goodness does the time pass when you’re nursing an injury!

It takes me more time than usual to post these because I am still working on my mobility and overall quality of life. It has been so much fun getting back into the swing of things even though the road has had speed bumps along the way. Immersing myself in social media again, the routine of preparing for a blog post is still rusty but I am definitely shaking the cobwebs off as the months pass.

So this year has seen my style move organically according to the injury, and there are some pieces that I can always rely on no matter the fashion season. So here is a favourite style of mine with a few updates.

The previous post showcased a similarly simple style that has worked very well for me given my limited mobility, financial resources (you know Im always honest about staying as thrifty as I can) and this sweltering humidity (why use a highlighter when you have perspiration for free hahahaha). I will be upping the ante as the Autumn months roll in. There are 2 looks for this post, but they have the same running theme.

Look 1


Forever 21 Plus Size Floral Mesh Bodysuit | 1X

ASOS CURVE Midi Pencil Skirt in Jersey  | UK 20

Hush Puppies Singapore sandals | Eur 39


Honestly, only after looking at the photos did I notice that this could definitely be mistaken as a dress! I bumped into an acquaintance during the shoot and I remember being confused when she complimented the dress I was wearing.

Let me just say that I was nervous about shooting for this sheer top because as cosmopolitan my country is, I do still reside in Asia and what is considered cool in the West can often be misconstrued as risqué over here. Plus *gasp* a fat chick showing off her body in public, the horror! Cue a hundred eye rolls. Having said that, I was so comfortable in this look that I really did not feel as self conscious as anticipated. Sure I was not shooting for this during lunch hour in the town but I don’t think I would have shivered in fear then. This year, I keep surprising myself in my personal body positive journey in the most wonderful ways.



I really should have used the lint roller before this shoot lol, my cats looooove snuggling in my clothing.

Pencil skirts paired with a bodysuit to me are perfection – they complement one another beautifully and these two clothing items are My style weapons of choice. For any occasion really.



There is a nude version of the bodysuit that is just as pretty but I really liked how the bright floral appliqués contrasted with the sheer black material. I am wearing a black bandeau that I invested in sometime last year during my wrap dress phase.


Little Details




The sandals aren’t the most stylish but they provide my feet with the comfort necessary to keep my knees from buckling. Makeup was a challenge thanks to the heat but when does that stop me, I experimented with a glossy gel-like style for the upper eyelids.


Look 2


Plus Size Henley Bodysuit | 1X

ASOS CURVE graphic print pencil skirt | UK 20

Ballet Flat shoes – thrifted


Henley shirts are just so comfortable for me and I even have a pale pink Henley dress that I wear pretty often for casual outings. I thought it to be a sweet juxtaposition with this mix. I purchased this skirt last year for a post featuring crop tops from SWAK Designs and it is quite the scene stealer.



By this time, my feet and knees were hurting from the full afternoon of moving around and changing looks but my nerves were a lot less pronounced (probably thanks to being giddy in pain lol) so I had more fun with this shoot 🙂 I definitely have warmed up much more to being photographed for the blog with this post. Took me some time to coax me out of my shell thanks to the way this year has panned out.



Little Details


I adore the 80’s vibe these Lovisa earrings are giving off and now that I have way shorter hair, my earrings will not play peekaboo with my tresses. These bright ballet flats are an old favourite that I felt were the perfect pair to transition me back to wearing the shoes I wore before the injury. Sure, I am ruling out my wedge heels for now but mama misses her pretty shoes! Shoes that will not hurt my legs, don’t you worry.



Went with a pop of Aquamarine on the eyes, lined the lower lashes with the same eyeshadow to add some extra oomph. Went with an old favourite Nyx red hippie that never fails to make me fall in love with red lipstick all over again.

So there you are, I paired an older style weapon of choice with bodysuits and I do not plan on looking back, unless its for some style inspo! Still pretty simple looks but I did not even think I was going to jump back into fashion blogging as quickly as I have to be honest.

My next post will be a more personal one and I cannot wait to share that with you. Thank you for reading and sending you so much love!

Til Later,

Aarti xxxo




Glitter and Glow

Hey Hey!

If you have read my previous blog entries, you’ll know that I had taken quite the blogging break due to health reasons. Back spasms, reconstructing a torn knee ligament..all that yummy stuff.

The plan was to get started on blogging as soon as I was able to walk unaided. What I forgot to factor in was just how much work it would take for the wobbly walking and standing to feel steadier! But I am back after all that hoopla and ready to take on what I can as the knee heals.

The upside to having had so much time on my hands was being able to figure out just what tickled my fancy (fashion wise) for the seasons of Spring and Summer. Alas, my favourite fashion season of Spring has sprung giving way to Summer vibes. Summer 2017, lets have some fun! and stay cool while at it (ooooh this heat).

Read my Body Language

Bodysuits have had a major comeback in the past few years. Be it sleeveless, off shoulder, full sleeved, frills, fun prints, bold colours – you can have a bodysuit in every colour and style! And plus size fashion retailers have given us so many options to choose from, I love it when we no longer need to designate an outfit as ‘strictly for straight sized bodies’.



A bodysuit paired with jeggings has been a personal favourite over the past few months, It is quite wonderful how someone who would have rather cringed and hid under a t shirt than tuck it into her jeans no thanks to the fashion do’s and don’ts doled out by magazines, is no longer afraid of letting her tummy stick out. I actually have the process of recuperation from the injury to thank for certain shifts in my fashion perspective, more of that to come in another post.

I wanted my first fashion post of the year to showcase some of the items in my wardrobe I have come to love in 2017. Its peppered with glitter and glow – you’ll know what I mean when you see the look 😉


HELLO 2017! Better late than never!

Don’t Panic Bodysuit in size 1X – Forever 21 Plus 

Frayed Denim Shorts in 3X – Forever 21 Plus

Keds x Kate Spade sneakers – Lazada Singapore




Bodysuits, shorts and sneakers are my new go-tos for a casual look. My days of wearing heels are over and flats will be in season for years to come..oh but it doesn’t mean that won’t be fun 😉 With the knee in a huge cast and then brace, shorts just made more sense. Now, I have to have shorts as a wardrobe staple.


This brilliantly holographic pink bodysuit, oh does it glisten in the sun! It has a more spandex swimsuit feel to it and has small velcro straps at the bottom to fasten or undo, making it less cumbersome when a toilet break beckons.

These shorts could be a real disaster if not for the easy to unbutton clasps. I typically wear a size 2X but I know that the sizing for denim on F21 Plus tends not to be uniform so I sized up and thank God for that!

I decided to go accessory-free for this look because I felt it wasn’t necessary, plenty of sparkle with the top!


Little Details



The unfortunate thing about online shopping is sizing and this time, I had trouble with this pretty pair of sneakers. I ordered them at my size but lesson learnt: try to do shoe shopping in person when you have prior foot injuries and when one foot is considerably larger than the other. You see me smiling or at least squinting (it was a gloriously sunny day) but I am glad you did not get to see me screaming when I removed the shoes! NOT a good idea when you still have to tend to a recuperating knee..I can do without more pain!


I plan to keep my hair short for a while – while it isn’t easier to style, it is much easier to manage while I heal. Dabbed on some loose glitter eyeshadow powder for extra oomph and what I have learnt is, when in doubt add more glitter! Especially when you’d like the glitter to stand out in photographs, no point in going easy on the amount of glitter. Also, blue lipstick FTW! I want aaalll the colours and shades of lipsticks, I adore having fun with lippies.


Admittedly, I was nervous about getting this blog shoot done because my last proper fashion post here is dated November has been seven months! A lot has changed in that time and I was worried about being rusty. I sure am rusty but the beauty of starting something you enjoy doing even after quite a hiatus is the realisation of the extent of how much you have missed doing it. After the shoot, i had a cool shower and had one of the best naps in a while. Because my mind and heart felt at ease, it felt rejuvenated, it felt good 🙂

The blog. My fat acceptance, body positive, intersectional feminism advocacy. Exploring plus size fashion. These things have never been far from my mind from Day 1 of the knee mishap. Everyday, I checked in to see how everyone else in the community/ies was/were doing. What were they discussing, blogging about today? Whats new on the fashion front? Sure there were days I had a serious case of FOMO and could not muster the energy to give a shit but I missed what i was doing even (Especially) on those days.

Cheers to healing and growth! Sending you all my love,

xxxo Aarti



SWAK Designs:Crystal Halter Dress

Hey fam!

A feverish old me is reporting in the midst of dinner and copious amount of water consumption. But blogging beckons, and I love blogging so here I am. I hope you’re in much better health than I am this weekend!

This is the second outfit from my mini-haul from SWAK Designs, and just like the previous look it isn’t something You will typically see me wear and its a print I have always  wanted to try!



Crystal Halter Dress, SWAK Designs in size 1X

statement necklace, Lovisa 

As a lover of all things prints, I’d never worn a houndstooth print before. Its a much coveted print for me and I was wondering when the right outfit would come along. Jumped at the chance to nab this wrap dress.

Wrap dresses are a personal favourite. I have a number of sleeved wrap dresses that I wear for casual nights out, really simple and without prints, very comfortable. I don’t wear halter neck tops or dresses much though, I think I’m still self-conscious about how I look in them. But then I thought to myself, really Aarti? you wear swimsuits and bandeau tops. This is just an old insecurity talking. So I made that leap, and I am glad I did.


Since this dress seems a lot like a classy evening number, I glitzed and glamoured it up with some silver eyeshadow and a silver necklace.


For some reason I felt a glossy purple lipstick would complement the look, I’m still discovering makeup so I could be wrong but ah well!


The ruching on this skirt is so pretty! Its a nice touch.


Thats me for now, I will be putting up a post in a day or two to elaborate on the blog carnival (see previous post) I was a part of. For now, I send you my love and remind you that style can be had at any size. So no matter your age, size, height – have fun with fashion! xx

You want a Piece of Us? Intersectional Feminism.

Despite the amount of vitriol targeted at visibly fat people today, the fact is, we have been fighting for the right to not be condemned as yet another obesity statistic for decades. 

Fat Feminism started way before body positivity did. It was on the haunches of the former that body positivity was created. It was not about being fashionable, it was not about being popular or acquiring a big following. It was about an intersection with feminism, an identity that has been derided. 

And for what, for being a size you consider unhealthy? No other size is considered the hallmark of laziness and sloth. No other size is instantly given the stamp of diabetes, heart diseases and an early death. But All sizes have complications, all sizes have hidden addictions and health problems. 

I don’t see the need to justify my body for the backlash that is received. That would be an unending war of words and a waste of my energy. Just like it has been through this Instagram debacle. 

I said what I said to Instagram out of sheer exasperation over how my friends and I are given unfair treatment on social media. We are not the only intersection to be targeted, but in terms of size, we’re the first to get hate. 

While I am immensely grateful for the many publications that have reached out to hear my side of the story…this incident was nothing. NOTHING in comparison to the amount of hate people receive everyday. For being fat, for being vocal, for being LGBT, as a person of colour, for calling out discrimination and privileges..for being angry because their existence has been diminished or disregarded. 

As I type this out, I am coughing my lungs out and recovering from an anxiety attack. The hubs was on leave for 2 weeks and the entire time consisted of answering interview questions, ignoring the backlash and trying to have regular days but failing to do so. 

I feel it is pertinent for my readers to know that despite the strength and compassion with which many of us Fat Feminist exist, the work we do has a downside. We fall into spells of sadness and disillusionment. We pick ourselves back up only to get stones thrown at us for merely existing. There are not that many safe spaces for us. 

When I read about what happened in Orlando, my heart broke. And it constantly breaks because of the atrocities and inhumanity around the world. Syrian refugees. the Dalits of India. Fear mongering and violence across borders. Negativity that sells in the media. Twofaced people and their walking contradictions. The hate towards same sex relationships in Singapore. Capital punishment in Singapore. The mistreatment of women in India and the rest of South Asia. Ridiculous standards of beauty. Unfair double standards. 

While the prime focus of this blog is towards my journey and personal growth as a fashionable plus size woman of colour, there are causes so important to me and matters so close to my heart that I  speak of on mediums like Facebook or Instagram. But even then, what we say is moderated – even if it is said as a plea for positive change..while the unreasonably racist sexist homophobic fat-hating gun toting hate-spreading idiots are still allowed to spread their ignorance. 

I don’t know how to ignore the amount of bs that gets posted or talked about. I don’t know how to remain silent. I don’t know how to be a citizen of the world without caring. No matter how poorly I feel, I will never stop questioning the unreasonable state of the world. Being a Fat Feminist is simply one intersection of my whole identity. Mixed with my intersection of colour, womanhood and lgbt ally, it Demands change. 

Just like people like me cannot and will not be silenced, neither will voices that need to be appreciated and respected for breaking traditions and barriers. For my friends who feel like I do right now about the state of things, please know that I am with you. Standing in solidarity and power. And we will never let them silence us. 

Despite struggling with personal demons, I always have positivity and hope and hold on to resilience. And for what remains of humanity and kindness. And I remind myself of how I have risen after previous stumbles. I hope you remember that for when you feel the way I do at this moment.