Curves Become Her meets Moxi Blu : bikini season all year round in Singapore

Hello folks!

I bring you my first swimsuit post for 2017, which I know is totally not suited for Fall but its still hot as heck out here and I really wanted to catch up on swimsuits this year … given the injury did not allow me to enjoy swimsuit season earlier this year!

I was approached by Moxi Blu – an American swimsuit company that is fairly new, it has garnered rave reviews over this summer. Back when I was approached, I was still working through walking without crutches and I knew it was going to take me time to get a start on these swimsuit posts .. I had no idea it was going to take this long!!

Moxi Blu is not available internationally as yet, but when it is I will be the first to let you know! It is available in The USA and has major discounts on their swimwear right now.

Although it is a given, nothing and no one can really prepare you for the mental, emotional and physical rollercoaster a life-altering injury puts you through. Its safe to say I almost feel like a whole other Aarti now and I kinda like this new Aarti 🙂

Anyhoo! Onwards with the post! I received 2 swimsuits from Moxi Blu and I am featuring one of them in this post, followed by the other in the next few days.




Color Block Bikini – Plus Size High Waisted Bikini Top and Bottom, Moxi Blue size 1X  


Colour blocking will always be a winner in my books, and the mix of hot pink and light blue here really pops. It looks even better in person!

I call this look : Futuristic Mermaid 😉



I did not get a chance to get my tan on this year and I am happy to report I am nicely tanned thanks to the sunny skies yesterday, I love it!!

At first, I felt out of my element getting this shoot done because it honestly feels like it has been Ages since I have done a swimsuit post but luckily this water baby was just so happy to be standing sturdy on her two feet, getting my first proper swim lap since forever – the hubs had a hilariously tough time getting me to focus on the shoot because I submerged myself into the pool any chance I could get !!

….. Which is WHY the glitter on my face swirled away into the pool hehe and I look like this in later pictures lol! Ah well!


My verdict on this swimsuit : It is everything and more. The top is roomy and I recommend it to my more busty friends. The bottom was like second skin and did not roll down. If like me you are a swimmer, fret not – doing laps in this is totally possible. I speak from experience!

Now let’s get to the Little Details !

I like how the layer of pink beneath the blue cups for the top make for a pretty mix of colours when it has contact wit water.



The vibrance of the top lends to the colour blocking of the bottom, which is high waisted and really comfortable.



The clasp at the back is sturdy and I have to say, putting this swimsuit on was hassle free. I really don’t like wrestling with clothing :p Typically, I used to shy away from the back view of swimsuits or outfits that showed off my back but that is a thing of the past from this year!



Alright! On to makeup. This was so much fun! I feel i should have done a test run as to how much glitter I wanted on the side of my face lolol but I do not hate this outcome though. No foundation in this look, I did not see the point since I was going to swim right after (or in my case, during hehe). I decided with an aquamarine glitter look for the upper eyes, from my vegan glitter palette by Etsy store BKR Cosmetics . Part of the reason why this post was delayed was because of my vision for the look. It took some time for the glitter palette from The US and the loose glitter from Germany to arrive. It was not very delayed but it did take a while. No matter, because I love the end product! The loose glitter is from Etsy store Projekt Glitter, biodegradable glitter in adorable plastic tubes in different varieties of colours, depending on the colour palette you’re going for! I really dig all things glitter, luminescent, iridescent, glowing and the past season has really shown us some amazing looks from fashion shows and bloggers involving all of my favourite things. Incorporating glitter with this look was so much fun! For the application of glitter, you can either go with aloe vera gel or get a glitter adhesive that is soft and not toxic to your skin. Mine was from Barry M, found it on the ASOS website. The gorgeous red lipstick is from NYX cosmetics.

And yes, removing loose glitter off your face and body is quite the challenge! I had no trouble at all with the glitter eye palette, a few face wipes was all it needed. I can safely say I am glitter free this morning!




Well I hope this was fun for you to read and view as it was for me to plan and shoot for! Really looking forward to the next swimsuit post, and the subsequent posts to come to celebrate Fall.

Have a lovely day! Take care of yourselves.

Much Love,

Aarti xxxo 

Child of Nature

Hello my lovelies,

I have had this vision for a fashion post for quite a while and this has been the most enjoyable one I have done this year (even though this is only post number 3, oh but it is special to me). I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I have in trying to create this.

When life overwhelms me – which it has done aplenty this year – I turn inwards or towards nature for solace. The sight of flowers, a beach, a lush garden or even a pool surrounded by beautiful palm trees help me forget my troubles for a while. It makes me stop to marvel at the world around us and I feel like a tiny spectator in this wondrous universe, losing myself in the beauty and pace of nature, I have not been able to unfortunately enjoy long strolls or be fancy free in nature for most of this year, with the exception of some short jaunts to the pool. All in good time, as the knee gains strength.

So during one of my daydreaming sessions as I oohed and aahed watching different terrains of our planet on the tele, I decided I was going to bring nature into my urban concrete jungle existence through the means of the blog.

Often times amusing but frustrating, I have not been able to venture beyond my usual safe spots (where I am comfortable walking around, devoid of crowds) or to my favourite places like the lush Singapore Botanic Gardens or the breathtaking Gardens By the Bay. While I really love flowers, they are a rarity in my house thanks to my flower-eating cat Bindi. No spot is too high to keep her away from gnawing contently at them. Again, another highly amusing yet frustrating fact! So I make do with curated collections of floral phone wallpapers, oh goodness that sounds a tad sad doesn’t it? Oh Bindi, you cute flower guzzler.

I have absolutely absolutely LOVED this new trend across fashion runways – face flowers. With a month of planning and patiently waiting for my needed purchases to arrive, I present to you my Child of Nature look:




Forever 21 Floral Mini Dress | 1X 

Pressed flowers on face | Flower Seed Paper on Etsy 


This was my first foray into attempting to place flowers on my face, so I figured pressed flowers would be easier to apply and thankfully Etsy came to the rescue! I fail miserably at DIY even though the intent and effort is genuine lol. I did not want to mess up pressing flowers on my own, that I can practice in my own time.



I did not focus on an elaborate dress for this post; to give the real flowers the spotlight instead. It is a really cute dress that fits awkwardly at the bust, but I love the summery colours and figured it would be a fitting canvas for what I had envisioned.

No footwear, because a child of nature does not need them 🙂


“Let us dance in the sun wearing wildflowers in our hair, and let us huddle together as darkness takes over. We are at home amidst the birds and the trees. For we are children of nature” 

The feel of grass under my feet is honestly the most grounding and soothing experience. Listening to the lap of waves is akin to how music stirs the soul. Being amidst flowers brings a smile that often has been forgotten with age.

When I say the injury took a toll on me, I meant every word. And as I tread each steadier step now, I reclaim the joys and serenity that I habitually have surrounded myself with as a means to survive.



“You are a child of the sun, you come from the sun, and that is something true with the Earth also. . . Your relationship with the Earth is so deep, and the Earth is in you and that is something not very difficult, much less difficult than philosophy”  Thich Nhat Hanh

I hold onto my childlike wonder and joy for the things that I love as a buoy to keep me afloat when it feels like nothing seems to help awaken my senses, when I feel numbed by physical and emotional pain. When I grieve for what can no longer be.



“The grass is not greener on the other side. It is greener where YOU water it” 


And so I tend to my heart and I tend to physical healing. To be the masterpiece and work in progress, simultaneously.




Thank you for being part of my little creative venture here, its a good step towards bringing my daydreams to life. I do not see daydreaming as idle, not when they are our realities in waiting.

I dedicate this post to my husband, Suresh for being my enthusiastic partner-in-crime. I love you so very much

Chat soon dear readers, I hope you find some respite from your everyday life when possible to soothe your senses for a while 🙂

Much Love,



style weapons of choice

Second fashion post of the year, and my goodness does the time pass when you’re nursing an injury!

It takes me more time than usual to post these because I am still working on my mobility and overall quality of life. It has been so much fun getting back into the swing of things even though the road has had speed bumps along the way. Immersing myself in social media again, the routine of preparing for a blog post is still rusty but I am definitely shaking the cobwebs off as the months pass.

So this year has seen my style move organically according to the injury, and there are some pieces that I can always rely on no matter the fashion season. So here is a favourite style of mine with a few updates.

The previous post showcased a similarly simple style that has worked very well for me given my limited mobility, financial resources (you know Im always honest about staying as thrifty as I can) and this sweltering humidity (why use a highlighter when you have perspiration for free hahahaha). I will be upping the ante as the Autumn months roll in. There are 2 looks for this post, but they have the same running theme.

Look 1


Forever 21 Plus Size Floral Mesh Bodysuit | 1X

ASOS CURVE Midi Pencil Skirt in Jersey  | UK 20

Hush Puppies Singapore sandals | Eur 39


Honestly, only after looking at the photos did I notice that this could definitely be mistaken as a dress! I bumped into an acquaintance during the shoot and I remember being confused when she complimented the dress I was wearing.

Let me just say that I was nervous about shooting for this sheer top because as cosmopolitan my country is, I do still reside in Asia and what is considered cool in the West can often be misconstrued as risqué over here. Plus *gasp* a fat chick showing off her body in public, the horror! Cue a hundred eye rolls. Having said that, I was so comfortable in this look that I really did not feel as self conscious as anticipated. Sure I was not shooting for this during lunch hour in the town but I don’t think I would have shivered in fear then. This year, I keep surprising myself in my personal body positive journey in the most wonderful ways.



I really should have used the lint roller before this shoot lol, my cats looooove snuggling in my clothing.

Pencil skirts paired with a bodysuit to me are perfection – they complement one another beautifully and these two clothing items are My style weapons of choice. For any occasion really.



There is a nude version of the bodysuit that is just as pretty but I really liked how the bright floral appliqués contrasted with the sheer black material. I am wearing a black bandeau that I invested in sometime last year during my wrap dress phase.


Little Details




The sandals aren’t the most stylish but they provide my feet with the comfort necessary to keep my knees from buckling. Makeup was a challenge thanks to the heat but when does that stop me, I experimented with a glossy gel-like style for the upper eyelids.


Look 2


Plus Size Henley Bodysuit | 1X

ASOS CURVE graphic print pencil skirt | UK 20

Ballet Flat shoes – thrifted


Henley shirts are just so comfortable for me and I even have a pale pink Henley dress that I wear pretty often for casual outings. I thought it to be a sweet juxtaposition with this mix. I purchased this skirt last year for a post featuring crop tops from SWAK Designs and it is quite the scene stealer.



By this time, my feet and knees were hurting from the full afternoon of moving around and changing looks but my nerves were a lot less pronounced (probably thanks to being giddy in pain lol) so I had more fun with this shoot 🙂 I definitely have warmed up much more to being photographed for the blog with this post. Took me some time to coax me out of my shell thanks to the way this year has panned out.



Little Details


I adore the 80’s vibe these Lovisa earrings are giving off and now that I have way shorter hair, my earrings will not play peekaboo with my tresses. These bright ballet flats are an old favourite that I felt were the perfect pair to transition me back to wearing the shoes I wore before the injury. Sure, I am ruling out my wedge heels for now but mama misses her pretty shoes! Shoes that will not hurt my legs, don’t you worry.



Went with a pop of Aquamarine on the eyes, lined the lower lashes with the same eyeshadow to add some extra oomph. Went with an old favourite Nyx red hippie that never fails to make me fall in love with red lipstick all over again.

So there you are, I paired an older style weapon of choice with bodysuits and I do not plan on looking back, unless its for some style inspo! Still pretty simple looks but I did not even think I was going to jump back into fashion blogging as quickly as I have to be honest.

My next post will be a more personal one and I cannot wait to share that with you. Thank you for reading and sending you so much love!

Til Later,

Aarti xxxo




Glitter and Glow

Hey Hey!

If you have read my previous blog entries, you’ll know that I had taken quite the blogging break due to health reasons. Back spasms, reconstructing a torn knee ligament..all that yummy stuff.

The plan was to get started on blogging as soon as I was able to walk unaided. What I forgot to factor in was just how much work it would take for the wobbly walking and standing to feel steadier! But I am back after all that hoopla and ready to take on what I can as the knee heals.

The upside to having had so much time on my hands was being able to figure out just what tickled my fancy (fashion wise) for the seasons of Spring and Summer. Alas, my favourite fashion season of Spring has sprung giving way to Summer vibes. Summer 2017, lets have some fun! and stay cool while at it (ooooh this heat).

Read my Body Language

Bodysuits have had a major comeback in the past few years. Be it sleeveless, off shoulder, full sleeved, frills, fun prints, bold colours – you can have a bodysuit in every colour and style! And plus size fashion retailers have given us so many options to choose from, I love it when we no longer need to designate an outfit as ‘strictly for straight sized bodies’.



A bodysuit paired with jeggings has been a personal favourite over the past few months, It is quite wonderful how someone who would have rather cringed and hid under a t shirt than tuck it into her jeans no thanks to the fashion do’s and don’ts doled out by magazines, is no longer afraid of letting her tummy stick out. I actually have the process of recuperation from the injury to thank for certain shifts in my fashion perspective, more of that to come in another post.

I wanted my first fashion post of the year to showcase some of the items in my wardrobe I have come to love in 2017. Its peppered with glitter and glow – you’ll know what I mean when you see the look 😉


HELLO 2017! Better late than never!

Don’t Panic Bodysuit in size 1X – Forever 21 Plus 

Frayed Denim Shorts in 3X – Forever 21 Plus

Keds x Kate Spade sneakers – Lazada Singapore




Bodysuits, shorts and sneakers are my new go-tos for a casual look. My days of wearing heels are over and flats will be in season for years to come..oh but it doesn’t mean that won’t be fun 😉 With the knee in a huge cast and then brace, shorts just made more sense. Now, I have to have shorts as a wardrobe staple.


This brilliantly holographic pink bodysuit, oh does it glisten in the sun! It has a more spandex swimsuit feel to it and has small velcro straps at the bottom to fasten or undo, making it less cumbersome when a toilet break beckons.

These shorts could be a real disaster if not for the easy to unbutton clasps. I typically wear a size 2X but I know that the sizing for denim on F21 Plus tends not to be uniform so I sized up and thank God for that!

I decided to go accessory-free for this look because I felt it wasn’t necessary, plenty of sparkle with the top!


Little Details



The unfortunate thing about online shopping is sizing and this time, I had trouble with this pretty pair of sneakers. I ordered them at my size but lesson learnt: try to do shoe shopping in person when you have prior foot injuries and when one foot is considerably larger than the other. You see me smiling or at least squinting (it was a gloriously sunny day) but I am glad you did not get to see me screaming when I removed the shoes! NOT a good idea when you still have to tend to a recuperating knee..I can do without more pain!


I plan to keep my hair short for a while – while it isn’t easier to style, it is much easier to manage while I heal. Dabbed on some loose glitter eyeshadow powder for extra oomph and what I have learnt is, when in doubt add more glitter! Especially when you’d like the glitter to stand out in photographs, no point in going easy on the amount of glitter. Also, blue lipstick FTW! I want aaalll the colours and shades of lipsticks, I adore having fun with lippies.


Admittedly, I was nervous about getting this blog shoot done because my last proper fashion post here is dated November has been seven months! A lot has changed in that time and I was worried about being rusty. I sure am rusty but the beauty of starting something you enjoy doing even after quite a hiatus is the realisation of the extent of how much you have missed doing it. After the shoot, i had a cool shower and had one of the best naps in a while. Because my mind and heart felt at ease, it felt rejuvenated, it felt good 🙂

The blog. My fat acceptance, body positive, intersectional feminism advocacy. Exploring plus size fashion. These things have never been far from my mind from Day 1 of the knee mishap. Everyday, I checked in to see how everyone else in the community/ies was/were doing. What were they discussing, blogging about today? Whats new on the fashion front? Sure there were days I had a serious case of FOMO and could not muster the energy to give a shit but I missed what i was doing even (Especially) on those days.

Cheers to healing and growth! Sending you all my love,

xxxo Aarti



Curves Become Her meets Pink Clove


This weekend will feature a double bill of fashion posts that have been delayed due to health. And they will showcase two more new plus size clothing brands I haven’t spoken of on the blog.

Asos Curve is one of my favourite go-to places to shop and I am no stranger to the collections from Pink Clove – worn quite a number of dresses from the brand. This store from the UK definitely has its finger on the pulse of trendy, seasonal plus size fashion.

So when I was offered to collaborate, of course I agreed! I picked a dress quite un-seasonal for Autumn or Winter, instead focusing on colours (I love them vibrant, bold and fun) and comfort. Can this outfit be worn in current season, yes it can! With a slinky pair of tights (pantyhose) and jackets/coats, you’ll add some brightness to the season with this number for sure.


Plus Larita Striped Midi Dress, Pink Clove, size uk 20  

Rose gold plated necklace, Lovisa 

Mary Janes, EU 39, Rubi


Aside from the vivid colours this dress has, it is so comfortable, it fits perfectly and as you can tell, I kind of sort of love it 🙂 Plus, it was a special day – I shot for this on my hubster’s birthday – one of my favourite days of the year.

I’m steering clear of heels for a while due to health; and while I cannot say this pair of Mary Janes would be perfect for long is pretty for a short outing.

And yes, I’ve cut my hair haha! The coming new year needs some good intentions to begin with, being at ease with fuss free hair is the way to go 🙂


Little Details


Makeup was focused on hues of orange to play off the colours on the dress, with orange eyeshadow from Sephora, lippie from LA Splash, with lightly lined lower lash lines.


And that wraps up this fashion post! I have been thinking about my incomplete blog anniversary post for this year and I have decided I will get that done before the year ends..matter of weeks now isn’t it? Not getting that post done has nagged at me, its something I feel I owe to myself and to you.

Reflection after this post: I hope you and I find some beautiful hues and colours in this black and white world. Goddess knows we need it.

Chat Soon lovelies