Ready for Fall 

Hello loves, 

Thank you for the comments on the previous fashion was a big risk and fortunately it paid off 🙂 

So today’s fashion post is a short and simple one. Its my first look for Fall. 

Peplum is never going out of style in my books. It’s classy with a hint of cute. It’s still hot balmy weather here so the previous dress will only be worn when the weather cools down..whenever that is! However this post’s look is definitely something I enjoy wearing given the climate here. 

The Look



floral printed peplum top, shiny leggings – Asos Curve

book clutch – Society + (formerly known as Cool Gal Blue) 

watch – Lovisa 

heels – Pazzion (local store, Bishan branch) 

This is something I see myself wearing for dinner with friends, a night out in town or as a more polished day look with a blazer. 

Little Details


I love how the florals just pop and the colours are so pretty. It looks like a painting. 

This shot does not do the leggings justice. It is shiny when you see it in person, if I’m not wrong they were called disco leggings on Asos Curve! Rightly so. 

If you’re familiar with the blog then you know this pair of heels are very loved. Bling and spikes? Hell yes 🙂 

This watch is so cute and I prefer simple ones. 

My favourite accessory for this look! I’ve been keeping an eye out for book clutches because my bibliophile self loves the idea of them. I saw this on Society Plus’ website and I was sold! And now I want to scour the Internet for more book clutches because it’s just so me to have one of these since I always carry a book around wherever I go 😀 

Fun fact: I used to read dictionaries from cover to cover just so I could learn new words to confuse my teachers with in school. Geek Life Represent! 


say hello to the resting bitch face

For makeup, I focused on a slightly heavier amount of eyeliner on the lower lashline and an old earthy-brown lipstick. 

What is your favourite style of tops to wear? Mine are tees, peplum tops and airy blouses. Although I do step out of my comfort zone on occasion and try something completely different! You know I love a good challenge. 

Have a lovely weekend, chat soon 🙂 

xxxo Aarti Olivia

and baby I’ll rule 

I guess you can call this my prelude to Fall. Summer colours and trends have been fun, now it’s time to enjoy some fall fashion…without covering myself in layers because I can’t! :p 

Are you looking forward to Fall or Fall trends? I know I am. I love the colours and styles that come with each season. I don’t know if I have a favourite fashion season to dress for! 

So I’ve been told countless of times, starting from my late Nani (maternal grandmother) that red is my colour. I would have to agree.

My favourite shade of red is scarlet. The dress I have on for this post is a fire engine red. Look at me getting technical with colours! Why am I boring you? 

Red to me is a fiery feminine Goddess-like colour. My religion definitely plays a part in this because there is the Hindu deity Durga that is always swathed in a red sari. It is a primal, passionate, emotionally intense colour that evokes positive and negative energy and imagery. The colour is considered auspicious in India which is why brides often wear shades of red for the wedding nuptials. 

As a woman, the colour red for me also symbolises rebirth, regeneration and destruction. 

But enough with the monologue on why I love the colour! 

The Look


red maxi dress – Forever 21 Plus

headpiece – Lovisa 

bangles – Lovisa 

sandals – Rubi 

For some reason, I wanted to mix Indian accessories with this dress. It felt royal, like an updated interpretation to that term.  


My only gripe? I should have worn a different bra. The straps for this bra were too thick and kept sticking out of the dress. 

This dress feels luxuriously smooth and it will cling to every curve. There are so many ways I can think of styling the dress. This is is but one way. 

Little Details


I adore this headpiece and it is a statement piece. I had so many people stop just to have a look while I was shooting for this! 

I added bindis from my little assortment. Makeup was focused on the eyes, with gold shimmer and kohl. 

After quite the hiatus from fashion posts, I really enjoy the process of bringing a look together and having fun with it now. It got a little mechanical and boring for me for a while so I took that break. So now I have a different outlook on these posts! 

Whew that is my second fashion post for the week! I have upcoming body positive related posts, I like having a balance of both worlds..or well at least try to 😉 

As a young girl, I didn’t feel pretty for an Indian. I did not identify with my culture. Ironically it took an overseas study stint to really have me appreciate my heritage. Living in a western nation I felt acculturated. It made me realise how rooted I actually am to my culture. So today although you won’t always see me in ethnic wear, I have a profound love for where I come from.

The colour Red is a hue of my skin, the blood that runs through my veins and a celebration of the Indian Goddess in me. 

Sending you all my love, 

Aarti Olivia xxxo 

fatkini season – the beginning

Hello my loves!!

Has it been a while! Now I know you might be wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to – all to be talked about in another post.

This fatkini post is a first of many to come 🙂 I’d first seen Gabi Fresh wear the fatkini years ago and was in awe. In awe because I had given up hope on ever wearing a two piece swimsuit.

I had worked hard in my 20s to gain a ‘bikini body’ – I wanted those taut abs, slim legs and toned arms. Having given up on my body and ever wearing swimwear beyond boring black swimsuits, I became bitter and angry at myself.

But of course you know how that changed and I am well on my way to being at peace with myself, in all aspects. However when everyone broke out into fatkinis last year, I still found myself struggling.

Crop tops changed that for me. When crop tops began trending, I loved how my plus size fashionistas around the world were embracing showing off their midsection despite the haters and shamers. All I can see when I see a fatshionista wearing a crop top or a two piece swimsuit is the liberation and glee on their faces!

So when I tried on my first crop top, I was terrified but it felt so exciting. I couldn’t believe how good it looked contrary to my previous belief of hiding the lumps and bumps. Girls were opening up about their fears and facing them. I decided to take that leap too and it was well worth it. There is no turning back now 😉

Speaking of which, the look above was featured in this Buzzfeed article that was published in May this year, whee!

For my ladies who are still debating with showing off their midsection, this post by my fatshionista friend and founder of hashtag Alternative Curves, Margot Meanie will be very helpful.

So..on to the fatkini..Jeepers am I nervous.

The Look

Photo 24-6-15 6 20 16 pm


Photo 24-6-15 6 21 56 pm

peach bikini top and bottom – Forever 21 Plus

headband – Cotton On

pink wedge heels – Rubi 

I got this set in a size 1X a few months ago and when I tried it on, I screamed and jumped for joy because it was the PERFECT first-time bikini set for me. It is so comfortable, the padding and lining was done well and most of all, I just loved how I looked in it. These sets sell so fast on the website, by the time I wanted to purchase a few more in different colours that I liked, it was all sold out!

Of course there was the trepidation with snapping these pictures and of course it had to be a busy day at the poolside of my parents’ condo. I had been stared and pointed at the last time I did the Gabi Fresh swim sexy one piece there, so I did know what to expect and I was not going to let it get my spirits down. I felt cheery and there was nobody that could take that feeling of joy and pride away 🙂

As a first-timer in a bikini, this style is definitely one that I would recommend to you budding summer bathing beauties. It does not have to be a top of the line, pricey brand..start simple and work your way up to more fabulosity – thats how I have navigated my way through fashion since creating the blog.

Photo 24-6-15 6 22 20 pm

I have flappy friendly arms, a tiger striped midsection, dimpled thick thighs – in other words I look NOTHING like the models in plus size swimwear ads. No matter how slim I was, my arms were always fleshier, my tummy had those marks and the thighs remained dimpled.

THIS IS MY BODY, and I will not apologise to be seen in a two piece. I have wished for the day I would splash about in the pool with a bikini. I don’t care for the perfect body. I just want to be at ease with myself after years of disapproval and self-hatred.

Photo 24-6-15 6 23 18 pm

Photo 24-6-15 6 26 13 pm

Photo 24-6-15 6 28 31 pm

Photo 24-6-15 6 29 14 pm

If you’re not comfortable as yet with wearing what I have on here – Don’t be unkind to yourself about that fact. Don’t despair either. Celebrate the little achievements You have made with body positivity, they matter. You don’t need a large sweeping makeover or change to learn to accept yourself. There is so much more to a person than the clothes we wear. As much as I love to dress up, I work hard at the other aspects of me. My passions, train of thoughts, campaigns and initiatives..they matter a whole lot to me. So remember that the next time you feel daunted with improving your wardrobe or style sense.

May your heart be Kind, your mind Fierce and your spirit Brave

All my love, Aarti Olivia xxxo


Tangerine Tango

Orange is a handy colour if you know the right shades of it that go with your skin. I’ve always been a fan of tangerine orange, it adds a glow to my naturally sun kissed skin tone.

Tangerine Tango was the official Pantone colour for the year 2012. I hadn’t found a pretty outfit in that shade then and the same goes for last year’s Radiant Orchid. So I was overjoyed when I found this dress! I didn’t even mull over it like I normally do. My heart was set on it, so I got it. I had a feeling it was going to look even better in person.

The Look


Photo 16-5-15 5 54 15 pm

strapless bodycon dress – Asos Curve – uk 18

choker necklace – Lovisa 

strappy sandals – Charles & Keith 

Naturally, I first cringed when I thought – oh god Aarti, your arms and upper back. Right after I did that however, I marvelled at how very pretty this dress was and how it hugged my silhouette. So, out went that niggling voice!

The dress is SO soft and plush. Despite it being strapless, I didn’t worry about having the dress slide down because its got a really good hold at the bust without being stifling. Having said that, I am not As busty so I would advise caution if my busty girlfriends would like to wear this!

I’ve realised that I don’t care for VBO (visible belly outline) anymore. Sure, people will remind you of its existence but the important thing is, I am no longer worried about sucking my tummy in. My once monthly PCOS tummy bloat is bound to happen, I do have a very fussy stomach when it comes to spicy food so it does tend to look like an overdue food baby. SO WHAT. Honestly, I love this dress so is THE nicest one I have gotten myself this year.

Photo 16-5-15 5 55 57 pm

Photo 16-5-15 5 56 26 pm

Photo 16-5-15 5 54 43 pm

Little Details 

Photo 17-5-15 2 14 11 pm

I’ve been having some trouble with my left eye, do you recall that swelling on my right eye that required surgery? Yes well there is a little growth on the left eye so I hardly apply makeup, it took some effort to do it up here because the eye was stinging but not to worry, its getting plenty of TLC.

Chokers are in and I cannot be happier because it means I get to indulge in 90’s styled accessories! In fact, this look is pretty 90s inspired. Dark purple lippie, choker, strapless dress and all..

Photo 16-5-15 6 00 03 pm

How GORGEOUS are the colours and prints on this dress??

Photo 16-5-15 5 59 32 pm

The perfect pair of footwear to go with the dress.

Photo 17-5-15 11 24 41 am

By far, I would deem this my favourite fashion post to shoot. The Gabi Fresh Swim Sexy one piece being a close second.

I have so much to say, so much more to share with you, but that can wait in the upcoming post. I hope you’re having a fantabulous week! My lesson to you for this post: Do not shy away from bright colours, find the right shade for you and it is Your perception of your appearance that matters.

In the words of Bey and Nikki, I’m feeling myself ❤

Curves Around the World relaunch (part 2)

Note to Reader: My apologies for the delay with part 2. Health woes came in the way and I will be seeing a specialist to work through the PCOS and Endometriosis issues.

Righto, so where were we? 

Why did I begin fashion blogging? (Cont’d)

A vast majority of women speak badly of their bodies quite a number of times in a day. Why? Because we have been conditioned to view ourselves as inadequate in the eyes of the masses. In order to be accepted, there is a constant strive for physical perfection. More women today go under the knife to live up to societal expectations than ever before. This, happens in a world that ‘supposedly’ celebrates originality.  

I will never tire of this line – If everybody looked the same, we would get tired of looking at each other. (I quoted musical group Groove Armada on this!). 

We weren’t churned out of factories with people assembling us identically. This need to look perfect does nothing for your self worth. Am I purpoting that you do not lose weight? No. Am I suggesting that you should not take care of your body? Certainly not. 

There is a big difference between Wellness and Obsession. 

As a plus sized woman, I have my fair share of body shamers and haters. Especially because I have the audacity to parade myself across social media platforms without being profusely apologetic for it or without explaining myself. Among my plus size Asian counterparts, almost 80% of them would rather be slimmer than be comfortable in their current silhouette. 

Why? Because we get shamed everywhere we go. People do not know how to engage in body positive dialogue, let alone know what that even means. The first thing a person says after meeting you in a long while is “Oh my, you’ve lost weight/put on weight yah?”. I have noticed that there is a hostility that gets served up when someone like me refuses to acknowledge such conversations or (gasp!) not explain away that I am in the midst of a weight loss regime to put their minds at ease. Walking into a clothing store will guarantee that I will be ‘fat scanned’. That comes with the guarantee that I will either have a sales assistant squinting her eyes at me while she says “Sorry, nothing in Your size here. Maybe you can try another place.” (If I am lucky, that they apologise, that is) OR I will be referred to the section of extremely ill-fitting, matronly-looking clothing. 

People are very vocal with their opinions about my body. They are compelled to dish out nuggets of nutrition or fitness advice. Because obviously I have NEVER seen the inside of a gym and obviously my idea of relaxing involves copious amounts of second helpings during mealtime. As a woman, I object to this. As a feminist, I abhor this. Female bodies are considered public property. Everyone feels the need to get in on critiquing a woman’s appearance from head to toe. 

Which is why I publicly post fashion shoots of me in my big body. Look at these flappy arms, this double chin, that VBO (visible belly outline), those thick dimpled thighs. Look at it in all its glory and Learn. Learn that some of us are part of a simple but revolutionary movement: Loving our bodies. 

Before a fashion fiend and body positive activist, I am a feminist. If there truly is to be equality across genders, women of ALL forms need to be respected and loved. My fashion posts are not just about trying the latest trend or showing off a snazzy purchase. I am taking a stand. 

What is my mission as a blogger moving forward?

My mission is to harness and create a safe space for people of All sizes to pick away at the moulds they have been told to fit into. Curves Become Her is a body positive habitat. I hope to encourage open communication between my readers and I, to be a confidante when they feel poorly about themselves, to reframe the internal/external dialogue and body politics we engage in. 

Naturally, this is without a doubt also a place for me to grow and learn from. To share my introspective explorations, to share my evolving style journey and work through my insecurities/hang-ups. 

What has blogging taught me? 

Oh gosh where do I even start. Blogging has taught me to feed my mind with an inspiring curriculum in order to harvest creativity. 

It has taught me that being passionate about this constantly drives me to take my posts to the next level. It challenges my style quotient, helps me gain new perspectives, inspires me to type draft after draft and do the necessary research. It makes me want to keep myself informed with the goings-on in the body positive, plus size and fashion worlds. 

It has taught me to look for inspiration in everything that I do and experience. I have learnt to prioritise my time better. I plan my posts in advance and and take better care of myself (health wise) so that I can stay sharp. Downtime is so important – there is nothing like switching your mind’s jibber jabber for a while to just soak in a tub or watch a funny show. 

Blogging has taught me to appreciate critique but not take nonsense from insensitive shamers or haters. 

It has taught me to have fun with fashion again 🙂 

I have met so many amazing people since starting this little webspace and formed a sisterhood of sorts. I have definitely learnt to overcome my shyness (yes I am Very shy, believe it or not) and reach out to fellow bloggers and other folks. 

This wraps up my relaunch post for Curves Around the World. Be sure to check out my fellow CATW lovelies’ relaunch posts in the links below: 

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Chat soon dearies, Be kind to yourself! 

xxxo Aarti Olivia