leopard prints

Hey fam!

I did an impromptu shoot over the weekend because I have been meaning to try this look.

Since autumn is upon us, I styled this up accordingly but without a sweater because Β it’s still too darn hot here!

It’s a different look for me because I have typically stayed away from shorter skirts but what with being at ease finally in denim shorts and swimwear over the past few years, I figured this was not going to be too difficult to pull off!

Asos Curve denim skirt in leopard print, UK 20

Asos Curve tank top, UK 18

Animal prints are taking over for Fall 2018 and it comes in a variety of colours, textures and prints from zebra, leopard, cheetah and the most popular one this season – snakeskin. I love anything bold and vibrant so this skirt Had to be tried!


I love that medium sized belts are in right now so if you wanted, you could add that to this ensemble.


Clearly, this is not Fall weather *shrug* but I amped it up with darker autumnal shades with makeup. I accessorised this look simply with a pair of gold hoops.

Do you see yourself trying an animal print or two this Fall? Which print is your favourite?

xxxo Aarti

P.S :

Purchased this bikini last year from Forever 21 Plus and will surely be bringing it on holiday in November!


Untamed Style! Style Icon : Diane Von Furstenberg


A few blogger friends and I are collaborating as a group of sassy, zaftig chicas under the name Untamed Style – fitting for the kind of lasses we are πŸ˜‰ This is our first collab and I am so excited!! Got to give props to Veronica of CID Style File for this catchy name and Michelle of Zaftig Times for this gorgeous badge!

The theme for this post is Style Icon.
Now that’s a tough one because I had a lot of style icons old in mind.
But, my heart kept going back to one person. So here I am, introducing Diane Von Furstenberg.


Why did I pick DVF?
The picture above says it all.
She is a vivacious, ambitious, forward thinking fashion designer who keeps me glued to her runway shows, season after season.

Her fashion journey began after her marriage to Prince Eduard Egon Von Furstenberg, heir to Fiat Automobile.
She worked as an an apprentice for Italian textile manufacturer Angelo Ferretti. She moved to the States to try her luck with the fashion industry.

What I love about her background is that she didn’t allow her royal duties and high profile marriage come in the way of her passion. She took risks, worked very hard with trying to gain the interest of garment manufacturers with her designs.

Of course, everyone knows her greatest creation – the wrap dress.
She introduced it in the ’70s and it has been an icon ever since. Before creating this dress, she had a popular sweater dress named “Angela” after black activist Angela Davis.

Diane sought inspiration in many places and people. She was inspired by the likes of infamous fashion editor Diana Vreeland, who possessed a distinct sense of style. I can see why she inspired her!


Diane’s personal style has always been one of my favorites. When the wrap dress was gaining popularity, she wore it to events and on magazine covers in order to get it noticed.


For me, the outfit that stands out is her leopard printed wrap dress. Diane loves animal prints and has worn this style pretty often over the years.



Diane is extremely photogenic and I love to watch her striding across the runway after a show. The charisma she exudes and the joy she has when presenting her collection is palpable. It makes me wonder how she keeps herself so young at heart and constantly innovative!


I love the colors, prints, textures, jewellery, accessories she picks for her own outfits.

Here’s a cute pic of her surrounded by girls in her wrap dresses πŸ™‚



What I love about DVF’s wrap dress (even though it isn’t available in plus size..sob!) is that the style looks good on ANY body. I mean it! I have seen wrap dresses by plus size brands like Kiyonna looking amazing on fellow bloggers. You don’t have to worry about your belly, arms or thighs looking ‘awkward’. We all know how it feels when we’re wrapped in an outfit that does no justice to our silhouette.


It looks as amazing on smaller frames too.


My style icon created a style icon with the wrap dress. How fabulous is that!

Here are some images of Diane that I love. Ever the style chameleon πŸ™‚





In ode to my Style Icon, I wore a dress that unfortunately is not DVF (too pricey and no plus sizes, sigh) but it resembles her current personal style – feminine, bold, classy.

The Look



Leopard printed chiffon dress – ASOS Curve, uk sz 18
gold hoops & bangles – Lovisa
purple clutch – Aldo
olive flats – Charles & Keith

I’d seen a 2013 ad campaign of hers with a similar colour combo and was inspired!


My blog shoots are normally taken in the evenings after the hubster gets home from work and I just love how the gorgeous sunset hues get captured πŸ™‚



I really don’t know if I am doing my icon any justice but I went with what I had in the wardrobe! :p

Red lips and leopard prints are a match made in heaven so I had to add that to the mix.



Details of the look:




I live by DVF’s words “Personal style is accepting who you are”. Our quirks, traits and habits, body image definitely come into play with our dress sense.

In my eyes, Diane Von Furstenberg is definitely not the kind of person who will allow her personality, sense of style and opinions to be muted. She is my kind of Wonder Woman πŸ™‚



Hokay so that’s a wrap!
Here are the links to my lovely blogger friends’ Style Icon posts. I have read some of them and let me say that I am in Awe of being in the company of such talented women!

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Chat soon loveys!
xxxo Aarti Olivia