Curves Become Her meets Moxi Blu: Intergalactic Indian Mermaid


I am typing this post out on Deepavali so to my friends around the world celebrating, Have a beautiful and illuminating festival of lights!

Thank you for giving so much love for the previous swimsuit post! This swimsuit is another gem from Moxi Blu and I loved creating the concept here as well!

Alright let’s jump right in ๐Ÿ™‚ This is what I wore to the pool before getting started on the shoot proper.



Mid-October and it is still hot as heck out here people! But, its a good opportunity to lounge by the pool. I can never complain about extra pool time.



Strappy Halter One Piece in size 1X, Moxi Blu

Erm the wooden floorboards here were way too scorching hot for me to stand beyond this picture so I adjourned to the jacuzzi.



My eyes are always instantaneously attracted to anything vibrant and I knew I had to get this swimsuit – especially for those pretty straps!

Then it was time to cool off for a while ..



Followed by a few pictures at the lush greenery around the condo my folks live in




The pool was substantially more crowded today since tomorrow is a public holiday, there were some pesky judgmental onlookers – you know, those who stare at you from head to toe and regard you with a grimace – but after 2 years of shooting for swimsuits, I really couldn’t care less.

My existence as a fat woman of colour will always ruffle feathers and thats fine! Make a boa feather thingy while you’re at it ๐Ÿ˜‰


I do not have outfits for Diwali this year and I have plenty of catching up to do with other posts so I know its weird to time this with Diwali but what the heck! Let a girl have some pool time.

My verdict for this swimsuit? Once again, this is roomy for my friends who are busty and the straps are not troublesome to wear, again there was no wrestles with this one piece. This is swimming lap approved as well for my water babies out there! Overall, this is a winner. Whether you choose to lounge in it, wade lazily, or get in a few laps.


Onwards to the Little Details


For makeup, I wore my Fenty Beauty foundation in shade 310 for the first time for the blog! I think I found the right match for my skin tone, and coverage is mild-medium. I personally love it, it works well on my combination skin. I didn’t highlight or contour, simply colour corrected and concealed my eye circles and the darkened areas around my face.


I found this bindi set in ASOS, and i chuckled “If the Westerners can wear these for their music festivals, why can’t I wear it for a swimsuit shoot?” I like the mermaid vibe it gives off and with the purple glitter on the eyes, It looked kinda Intergalactic to me for some reason and of course it gave off mermaid vibes hence the title!



Okay folks! My series for Moxi Blu swimwear is done and I hope you enjoy this post! Take care of yourselves and I will see you soon!

Love, Aarti xxxo


Curves Become Her meets Moxi Blu : bikini season all year round in Singapore

Hello folks!

I bring you my first swimsuit post for 2017, which I know is totally not suited for Fall but its still hot as heck out here and I really wanted to catch up on swimsuits this year … given the injury did not allow me to enjoy swimsuit season earlier this year!

I was approached by Moxi Blu – an American swimsuit company that is fairly new, it has garnered rave reviews over this summer. Back when I was approached, I was still working through walking without crutches and I knew it was going to take me time to get a start on these swimsuit posts .. I had no idea it was going to take this long!!

Moxi Blu is not available internationally as yet, but when it is I will be the first to let you know! It is available in The USA and has major discounts on their swimwear right now.

Although it is a given, nothing and no one can really prepare you for the mental, emotional and physical rollercoaster a life-altering injury puts you through. Its safe to say I almost feel like a whole other Aarti now and I kinda like this new Aarti ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyhoo! Onwards with the post! I received 2 swimsuits from Moxi Blu and I am featuring one of them in this post, followed by the other in the next few days.




Color Block Bikini – Plus Size High Waisted Bikini Top and Bottom, Moxi Blue size 1X ย 


Colour blocking will always be a winner in my books, and the mix of hot pink and light blue here really pops. It looks even better in person!

I call this look : Futuristic Mermaid ๐Ÿ˜‰



I did not get a chance to get my tan on this year and I am happy to report I am nicely tanned thanks to the sunny skies yesterday, I love it!!

At first, I felt out of my element getting this shoot done because it honestly feels like it has been Ages since I have done a swimsuit post but luckily this water baby was just so happy to be standing sturdy on her two feet, getting my first proper swim lap since forever – the hubs had a hilariously tough time getting me to focus on the shoot because I submerged myself into the pool any chance I could get !!

….. Which is WHY the glitter on my face swirled away into the pool hehe and I look like this in later pictures lol! Ah well!


My verdict on this swimsuit : It is everything and more. The top is roomy and I recommend it to my more busty friends. The bottom was like second skin and did not roll down. If like me you are a swimmer, fret not – doing laps in this is totally possible. I speak from experience!

Now let’s get to the Little Details !

I like how the layer of pink beneath the blue cups for the top make for a pretty mix of colours when it has contact wit water.



The vibrance of the top lends to the colour blocking of the bottom, which is high waisted and really comfortable.



The clasp at the back is sturdy and I have to say, putting this swimsuit on was hassle free. I really don’t like wrestling with clothing :p Typically, I used to shy away from the back view of swimsuits or outfits that showed off my back but that is a thing of the past from this year!



Alright! On to makeup. This was so much fun! I feel i should have done a test run as to how much glitter I wanted on the side of my face lolol but I do not hate this outcome though. No foundation in this look, I did not see the point since I was going to swim right after (or in my case, during hehe). I decided with an aquamarine glitter look for the upper eyes, from my vegan glitter palette by Etsy store BKR Cosmeticsย . Part of the reason why this post was delayed was because of my vision for the look. It took some time for the glitter palette from The US and the loose glitter from Germany to arrive. It was not very delayed but it did take a while. No matter, because I love the end product! The loose glitter is from Etsy store Projekt Glitter, biodegradable glitter in adorable plastic tubes in different varieties of colours, depending on the colour palette you’re going for! I really dig all things glitter, luminescent, iridescent, glowing and the past season has really shown us some amazing looks from fashion shows and bloggers involving all of my favourite things. Incorporating glitter with this look was so much fun! For the application of glitter, you can either go with aloe vera gel or get a glitter adhesive that is soft and not toxic to your skin. Mine was from Barry M, found it on the ASOS website. The gorgeous red lipstick is from NYX cosmetics.

And yes, removing loose glitter off your face and body is quite the challenge! I had no trouble at all with the glitter eye palette, a few face wipes was all it needed. I can safely say I am glitter free this morning!




Well I hope this was fun for you to read and view as it was for me to plan and shoot for! Really looking forward to the next swimsuit post, and the subsequent posts to come to celebrate Fall.

Have a lovely day! Take care of yourselves.

Much Love,

Aarti xxxoย 

Swimsuit Season 2016!ย 

Hello Hello! 
This is going to be a fun fashion post detailing All the swimsuits I’ve worn thus far along with the one I shot for this blog. 

First off, I’ll start with the ones I didn’t shoot for the blog but that I’ve worn to the pool! First off is this beauty from Swimsuits For All – it’s stylish And comfy to swim in. 

Then comes this bohemian number from Love the playful knot at the top and the prints. 

I then acquired this pretty retro one piece from Forever 21 Plus! Super comfy to swim in as well. 

This pink number is The most comfy swimsuit. It doesn’t have a brand but who cares? I love it. 

Then comes the controversial swimsuit of course, the one that garnered so much attention Instagram removed it ‘accidentally’ .. this beauty is from Swimsuits For All

And now, we come to probably the most daring I have gone with a bikini…

*drumroll* …. 

Tadaa! A metallic shade swimsuit from Forever 21 Plus. You can obtain the top and bottom from the stores, it’s still in stocks last time I checked. 

This makes me feel like some female Superhero for some reason hahaha. I really like metallic shades and was instantly drawn to it although I was self conscious about the top being a halter neck. They’re not very forgiving on us folks with flabby arms but then again, I dislike the term flattering..this isn’t worn to please anyone but myself so what the hell right? ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I must say…I absolutely love how the photos turned out. It’s been an unseasonably rainy year in sunny Singapore and this was one of those lucky days the sun was shining for a blog shoot! I remember the previous one I shot while it drizzled, of course I still enjoyed myself but brrrr I caught a chill after! 

I look at these images and think about how it was only a year ago that I dared to venture into scary territory with a two piece. Before that I was too shy to even be out and about in a one piece suit! So I feel really proud of how far I have come. I don’t have as many bad fashion blogging days as I used in the beginning – the irony being I was a size 14/16 then and now I’m a size 20. It goes to show that it is Not the size that dictates how you carry an outfit and appraise yourself. Because I’m a whole lot more confident and at ease with my body than I used to be. 

If I’m not wrong, I purchased that hair thingie (for the want of a better descriptor) at Lovisa. Oh you know, that store you only ever read I buy accessories from! ;p 

Truth be told, I was apprehensive about this shoot. I’ve had so much on my plate of late and I didn’t know if I could carry this suit off. But once I got into my posing and smize-ing, my shoulders relaxed and it felt less unnerving. And taking a look at the finished product with these images made me really happy. 

This swimsuit is a lounge suit more than a functional “Swimming laps” suit but that’s okay, it’s definitely going to be packed for when I go for my annual holiday! 

I traced some neon lime eye shadow over the upper lash line and finished with my Benefit mascara and LA Splash matte liquid lipstick. Speaking of lipsticks, I am SO in the mood for metallic lipsticks so watch this space for a makeup haul! 

Here’s some selfie silliness after the shoot : 

I’m pretty exhausted from being hard at work this week, which I will tell you more about in another post. There is Nothing like starting and ending a week by doing  something you enjoy – It’s a good habit I hope to always hold on to. 

In light of the darkness and tragedies around the world, I hope my post added some sparkle and a smile to your face. And please do remember to be kind to yourself ๐Ÿ’› 

Chat Soon

fatkini seasonย – the beginning

Hello my loves!!

Has it been a while! Now I know you might be wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to – all to be talked about in another post.

This fatkini post is a first of many to come ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d first seen Gabi Fresh wear the fatkini years ago and was in awe. In awe because I had given up hope on ever wearing a two piece swimsuit.

I had worked hard in my 20s to gain a ‘bikini body’ – I wanted those taut abs, slim legs and toned arms. Having given up on my body and ever wearing swimwear beyond boring black swimsuits, I became bitter and angry at myself.

But of course you know how that changed and I am well on my way to being at peace with myself, in all aspects. However when everyone broke out into fatkinis last year, I still found myself struggling.

Crop tops changed that for me. When crop tops began trending, I loved how my plus size fashionistas around the world were embracing showing off their midsection despite the haters and shamers. All I can see when I see a fatshionista wearing a crop top or a two piece swimsuit is the liberation and glee on their faces!

So when I tried on my first crop top, I was terrified but it felt so exciting. I couldn’t believe how good it looked contrary to my previous belief of hiding the lumps and bumps. Girls were opening up about their fears and facing them. I decided to take that leap too and it was well worth it. There is no turning back now ๐Ÿ˜‰

Speaking of which, the look above was featured in this Buzzfeed articleย that was published in May this year, whee!

For my ladies who are still debating with showing off their midsection, this post by my fatshionista friend and founder of hashtag Alternative Curves, Margot Meanie will be very helpful.

So..on to the fatkini..Jeepers am I nervous.

The Look

Photo 24-6-15 6 20 16 pm


Photo 24-6-15 6 21 56 pm

peach bikini top and bottom – Forever 21 Plus

headband – Cotton On

pink wedge heels – Rubiย 

I got this set in a size 1X a few months ago and when I tried it on, I screamed and jumped for joy because it was the PERFECT first-time bikini set for me. It is so comfortable, the padding and lining was done well and most of all, I just loved how I looked in it. These sets sell so fast on the website, by the time I wanted to purchase a few more in different colours that I liked, it was all sold out!

Of course there was the trepidation with snapping these pictures and of course it had to be a busy day at the poolside of my parents’ condo. I had been stared and pointed at the last time I did the Gabi Fresh swim sexy one piece there, so I did know what to expect and I was not going to let it get my spirits down. I felt cheery and there was nobody that could take that feeling of joy and pride away ๐Ÿ™‚

As a first-timer in a bikini, this style is definitely one that I would recommend to you budding summer bathing beauties. It does not have to be a top of the line, pricey brand..start simple and work your way up to more fabulosity – thats how I have navigated my way through fashion since creating the blog.

Photo 24-6-15 6 22 20 pm

I have flappy friendly arms, a tiger striped midsection, dimpled thick thighs – in other words I look NOTHING like the models in plus size swimwear ads. No matter how slim I was, my arms were always fleshier, my tummy had those marks and the thighs remained dimpled.

THIS IS MY BODY, and I will not apologise to be seen in a two piece. I have wished for the day I would splash about in the pool with a bikini. I don’t care for the perfect body. I just want to be at ease with myself after years of disapproval and self-hatred.

Photo 24-6-15 6 23 18 pm

Photo 24-6-15 6 26 13 pm

Photo 24-6-15 6 28 31 pm

Photo 24-6-15 6 29 14 pm

If you’re not comfortable as yet with wearing what I have on here – Don’t be unkind to yourself about that fact. Don’t despair either. Celebrate the little achievements You have made with body positivity, they matter. You don’t need a large sweeping makeover or change to learn to accept yourself. There is so much more to a person than the clothes we wear. As much as I love to dress up, I work hard at the other aspects of me. My passions, train of thoughts, campaigns and initiatives..they matter a whole lot to me. So remember that the next time you feel daunted with improving your wardrobe or style sense.

May your heart be Kind, your mind Fierce and your spirit Brave

All my love, Aarti Olivia xxxo


It’s Always Sunny In Singapore

No really. 

Except for 2 rainy months at the end of each year, it is Hot, Humid and drives a lot us indoors. 

But my salvation in this heat is the pool. Since my folks moved 5 minutes away from me in their new condo that has a pool (among other facilities), this is my once or twice weekly zen spot. Plus it always seems to be a lot windier at their place because it’s on a low level and unobstructed by tall buildings. 

So! Everyone knows about blogger Gabi Fresh‘s swim sexy collection for Swimsuits for All. I fell in love with a few pieces and ventured to get a one piece. A two piece is coming up in a month or so. I don’t think I’ll shoot that one at my parents’ condo though..lets just say there were a number of inquisitive onlookers who didn’t look too kindly at my fat body. Because fat bodies shouldn’t be visible, that makes people cringe in Asia! 

Whatever. Who knows, I might get the gumption to do it there again and this time just have my “fuck em” attitude with me. 

So without further delay! Here goes: 



I got the D/DD cup Underwire One Piece in a tropical pattern, size US 16 (UK 18). 

It’s gorgeous isn’t it?!?!! When I got it in the mail I was so nervous about the fit because it was my first time purchasing from swimsuitsforall but once I put it on I was so happy!! 


Naturally I don’t usually wear heels or earrings or makeup when I am about to swim but I wanted to make the effort for the photo shoot ๐Ÿ™‚ 

My Review

The beautiful tropical print aside, the swimsuit fit me perfectly. I don’t have a long torso and I am a busty girl, plus I have a lot of booty. I was afraid that the suit would be cut too high or the cups would be too tight but I had no such problem. I always prefer underwire bras because my breasts are not perky so the support with this suit made me feel safe. 

The suit is fully line with tummy control and it isn’t a thin fabric, thank goodness. In fact I had to double check that I wasn’t wearing my underwear by mistake under the suit because it’s much thicker than my other swimsuits. The straps are detachable but I’d rather keep them on for safety purposes! :p 

It has a good amount of stretch, which always helps. The padding of the cups is firm. 

Overall, I really really like my Swim Sexy one piece! Previously my swimsuits were functional – for swimming laps basically – but hey I love having fun with fashion now so I am absolutely going to get a stash of gorgeous swimsuits for a jaunt to the jacuzzi. 

By the way, you can definitely swim in this suit without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction – If you are not too chesty. I consider myself moderately chesty so it wasn’t a problem for me. But, I do think suits like these need more TLC when washing them so it won’t be used as often as my more functional swimsuits are. 



Little Details



Serious props to the hubster for the picture above! Not like he minded.. 

Have you bought yourself some swimwear lately? I would love to know the kind of swimsuits you own and what you’d like to buy! This year is Hella Fierce swimsuit season in the plus size world, so many companies coming up with Gorgeous designs! 

I have to give a shoutout to ModCloth for the swimsuit shoot with their own staff. You can read all about it here.It was really nice to see women of all shapes and heights try on the same suits for comparison. All size inclusivity FTW! 

Before I sign off, I’d just like to extend tight hugs and so many thank yous for the sweet, encouraging and heartfelt comments that have come my way since my last post. It was very difficult to write and I was so afraid of putting out there but you guys made me feel at ease and gave me comfort. I love you all so so much. 

Have a lovely weekend my loves, let’s be kind with what we say to ourselves and of others. 


Love, Aarti Olivia xxxo